1. 幼儿动物流行

    1077人安装 17.75MB
    • Designed for children ages 18 months and up
    • 30 animals and over 100 pop objects
    • Bubbles, ducks, cats, worms, stars, and more!
    Designed for ages 18-months and up, your toddlers and kids will have a blast interacting with 30 animals and popping all sorts of objects: bubbles, fruit, worms, cats, dogs, and more! Perfect for kids who love animals and popping things. Great for toddlers still learning their animals.
    Designed for Kids
    This game was designed to be easy for toddlers and young children to play, and will only require you showing them how to play one or two rounds. This game will help teach your children animal names and noises, as well as help in developing their fine motor skills.
    How to Play
    First, your child selects an animal, and then your child pops the falling objects as fast as possible! The objects start off large and slow, but as your child completes more animals, the objects get smaller and faster. Completed animals are put in a zoo where they can be played with.
    30 Animals
    Your little ones will love all 30 animals, including: alligator, bear, bee, cat, dog, kangaroo, ladybug, lion, monkey, penguin, rabbit, snake, turtle, zebra, and more. Each animal features real animal sounds and name pronunciation to help your toddlers learn.
    100 Pop Objects
    A wide variety of objects to keep your kids entertained, including: bubbles, fruit, smiley faces, worms, stars, cats, and more. This game is multitouch-enabled so your kids can pop as fast as their little fingers can move!
    Questions or comments? Email support@toddlertap.com or visit http://toddlertap.com
  2. 喵来了

    789人安装 27.48MB
  3. 新加坡旅游

    629人安装 6.33MB
    覆盖当地景点+海量自由行产品,当地游、景点门票、邮轮、接送机、境外WIFI、电话卡等自由行产品。 【热门行程】 东南亚环球影城主题公园,新加坡不可错过的精彩好去处!拥有古埃及、失落的世界和好莱坞大道等七个主题区,24处景点中更有18处是专为新加坡而设,让您置身于梦幻的电影世界里. S.E.A.海洋馆,在这里,你可以透过全球超大的海洋之窗寻幽探秘,在奥妙多姿的海洋奇境中自由徜徉。新加坡日间动物园是世界十大动物园之一,豢养着300多个品种约3050只动物。还有全世界最巨型的新加坡摩天观景轮,在夜幕时分欣赏灯火辉煌、漫天星光。 新加坡自由行的大门已经开启,怎能不让人蠢蠢欲动呢? 我们助你与世界肌肤相亲功能亮点: - 精选:专家精选当地“吃喝玩乐购”服务 - 低价:购买价高于门市价,双倍差额赔付 - 快捷:两步完成快捷预订,多款产品预订后可即时确认出行时间 - 优惠:帮你节省30%以上当地费用 - 保障:行程透明:活动线路透明清晰,明明白白消费 保障: - 兑换保证:因海玩原因未能兑换服务,可获全额退款及差价双倍赔偿  - 退订保障:不可抗力退订保障,提前退订保障
  4. 猫狗迷宫

    405人安装 23.18MB
  5. Sweet Baby Girl Beauty Salon

    390人安装 34.11MB
    Sweet Baby Girl and her friends want to change their looks! Play in the best baby beauty salon and take care of all 4 girls – Alice, Yukiko, Emma and Laila. Cut, style and color hair, create the perfect makeup, do nails, and more!Once beauty and spa time is over, dress up every girl with new fashion clothes and accessories! WHAT’S INSIDE 4 baby beauty salon mini gamesDifferent fashion wardrobe for every girlProfessional hair cutting, coloring and styling toolsCamera to take pictures after girly makeoverColorful game graphics and beautiful soundsDiscover more fun with TutoTOONS!Play our games: http://tutotoons.com/appsFollow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/TutoTOONSLike us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tutotoonsGet our newsletter: http://ow.ly/HlYbn 更新内容: 更稳定、更优质,邀您一起体验。
  6. 哆唻咪 ABC

    390人安装 4.06MB
    Kids learn alphabets, uppercase and lowercase, word formation, numbers, counting, elementary arithmetic (addition and subtraction), colors, shapes, music, and the sounds of musical instruments, animals, and vehicles. "ABC 123 Doremi" is the best all-in-one kids educational game for your toddler/preschooler.

    ✔ Demo edition (no ads) has limited features. Get the full edition to unlock all games:
    ★★ http://bit.ly/P2uABM ★★

    The games (full edition):
    ★ "The Piano" (Easy): Learn to enjoy and explore music through the minimalistic and colorful 8 key piano. Learn to play (freestyle-mode or guided-mode) popular nursery rhymes like "London Bridge Is Falling Down", "Mary Had a Little Lamb", "Row, Row, Row Your Boat", "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star", "Jingle Bells", "Old MacDonald Had a Farm", and "For He's a Jolly Good Fellow".
    ★ "The Alphabets" (Easy): Learn the shapes and sounds of letters A-Z.
    ★ "A for Apple, B for ..." (Easy): Learn the formation and sounds of simple words illustrated with drawings.
    ★ "Upper & lower cases" (Medium): Learn to distinguish A-Z letter cases.
    ★ "Starts with the letter" (Medium): Learn to distinguish the first letters of simple words illustrated with drawings.
    ★ "ABC's Match the pairs" (Hard): Improve memory and stimulate brain cell growth by matching words illustrated with drawings.
    ★ "Colors & Shapes" (Hard): Learn to distinguish colors and shapes.
    ★ "The Numbers" (Easy): Learn the shapes and sounds of numbers 0-20.
    ★ "123's Match the pairs" (Hard): Improve memory and stimulate brain cell growth by matching identical numbers.
    ★ "Learn to count" (Easy): Learn the concept of quantity.
    ★ "Practise counting" (Medium): Practise counting from 1-20.
    ★ "Addition" (Hard): Learn the mathematical operation of addition.
    ★ "Subtraction" (Hard): Learn the mathematical operation of subtraction.
    ★ "Animal Sounds" (Easy): Learn the sounds of animals - dog, cat, horse, donkey, cow, bird, chicken and more.
    ★ "Instrument Sounds" (Easy): Learn the sounds of musical instruments - guitar, piano, harp, violin, drums, saxophone and more.
    ★ "Vehicle Sounds" (Easy): Learn the sounds of vehicles - ambulance, police car, truck, helicopter, airplane, ship and more.

    ✔ Hand pointers are provided to guide the young learner.
    ✔ Collect colorful badges at the end of each "ABC" and "123" games.
    ✔ Parents may track the children's learning progress through the badges they collect.
    ✔ The amount and randomness of the badges increases replay value and encourages more practice.
    ✔ The sailing boat in all "ABC" and "123" games indicates the game progress and motivates the player.
    ✔ Clean, simple and intuitive user interface optimized for kids.

    Privacy Policy:
    We do not collect, store, or share any personal or location information.

    Download Issues:
    If you have problems downloading ABC 123 Doremi, here are some user recommended solutions:
    - Go to Settings > Applications > Manage applications > Google Play Store/Market's > Clear cache. Re-download the app.
    - Go to Settings > Applications > Manage applications > Download Manager > Clear data. Re-download the app.
    - Go to Settings > Applications > Manage applications > Google Talk Service > Clear data. Re-download the app.
    - Go to Settings > Applications > Manage applications > Checkin Service > Clear data. Re-download the app.
    - Restart your device. Make sure you have internet connectivity. Re-download the app.

  7. 泡泡脸儿

    404人安装 342.77KB
    “乍一看,还以为自己有新的消息呢~” 让你的QQ头像多出一个小气泡,伪装成新消息,这样,你的小伙伴就会被你迷惑,一直点开和你的聊天咯~~ 免费好玩,值得拥有~
  8. 海洋生命点点

    362人安装 8.37MB
    ★孩子们喜欢它! ★连接点,发现有趣的海洋动物是为孩子和幼儿非常有趣。 播放音乐时,他们结识了数字1-13开玩笑。 一样你小子拍了拍所有的点表示不久,出现了可爱的海洋动物之一 - 即时奖励和激励继续玩! 如果点到点,游戏的界面是孩子友好,不会有太多的刺激超载的孩子。 这种点到点(连接点),游戏有助于识别不同的海洋动物(水母,章鱼,海星)的形状和改善你的孩子的精细动作技能。 通过点击小点一前一后,数字的顺序是可以学习和认可一步一步来。 特征 *标记已接连被连接在一个数字点 *随机出场顺序 - 一个图像可以播放一次以上! *可挖下一个点在另一种颜色被突出显示(在几秒钟后) *你小子将与可爱的海洋动物就是一个成功的比赛后透露奖励(小丑鱼尼莫,章鱼,鱼,鲨鱼,纵行) *在一款成功的游戏末尾的气球是一个很好的和有趣的噱头​​(弹出气球小游戏) *孩子友好的声音和图形 自由点到点(连接点)版本包括3只动物的,更可容易地在游戏中购买。 海洋生物/海洋生物:鱼,章鱼,鱿鱼,锤头,小丑鱼,海星,黄貂鱼,甲鱼,经线 我们非常感谢您的反馈 - 如果你喜欢玩我们的应用程序,请花一分钟率和审查。 如果您有任何疑问或需要我们的帮助,请向我们发送电子邮件至support+android@coragames.com或使用给予支持链接与我们联系。 谢谢! 关键词:连接点,儿童,儿童,教育,幼儿园,学校,幼儿园,计数,数字学习,蹒跚学步,有趣,儿童,教育,尼莫,海洋,海,连接点,点到点,点,益智, 拼图,孩子,教育,游戏,学龄前儿童,加盟点,发现,小丑鱼,谜语,为人父母,教练,训练,逻辑,海上生活,画
  9. 猫猫城

    360人安装 3.13MB
  10. 童话世界-梦象动态壁纸

    965人安装 7.93MB
  11. 蜜恋

    574人安装 44.76MB
  12. 可爱的美甲设计

    768人安装 2.64MB
  13. 嘉实英雄:农场游戏比赛

    690人安装 46.91MB
  14. 快餐3D赛车

    345人安装 43.22MB
    你有想象过你可以跟你喜爱的食物进行比赛?怎么样?从Fast Food游戏里可以实现!
    *无止尽的 3D立体赛程
  15. 气球砰砰砰

    692人安装 541.99KB
  16. Scene Switch

    624人安装 1.45MB
    'Scene Switch' can change some settings of your Android device at once according to selected scene.
    You can make 10 scenes as a pack of settings like home, office, etc. And you can change it to tap the scene on popup menu.
    If you set a timer schedule to switch the scene, the settings will be changed automatically at the designated time by the timer schedule.
    [Controllable settings]
    APN on/off, Wi-Fi on/off, Bluetooth on/off, GPS on/off(See Notes), Silent mode on/off, Vibrate mode, Airplane mode on/off, Auto-Sync on/off, Brightness, Screen out time, Auto rotate on/off, Audible touch tones on/off, Screen lock sounds on/off, Haptic feedback on/off, Stay awake on charging on/off, Screen lock security on/off(See Notes), Visible lock pattern on/off(See Notes), Skip slide lock on/off(See Notes), Wi-Fi tethering, and Volume controls.
    [Launching the App widget]
    This app is controlled by the widget basically. You can add this app widget to your desktop by -
    (1) Long-touch on your desktop.
    (2) Then select [Widgets].
    (3) And then select [Scene Switch].
    If it is the first launch, five default initial scenes will be created. Please modify the scene name and the settings with [Scene Edit] function.
    [Scene Select Operations]
    If you tap the widget, scene pop-up menu is displayed. You can tap and select a scene name in the pop-up menu to change the scene. The settings will be changed according to the scene you selected. You can tap [Scene Switch] in the notification bar if it is shown.
    [Edit Scene Settings]
    Tap the widget once or select this app from notification bar, and then push menu button on your device. Then option menu is displayed. Select [Scene Edit] on the option menu. And tap a scene in the pop-up menu. Then scene editor is displayed. You can edit the settings of the scene.
    [Scene switch by Timer schedule]
    Scene can be switched automatically by timer schedule.
    Select [Timer schedule] on the option menu. Timer schedule list will be displayed. And tap a row in the schedule list. You can set timer schedule for scene switching.
    [Flick Switch]
    You can also use flick switch to change scenes.
    The flick switch is icon size overlay type view displayed over other app screen. You can set each scene for each flick direction of eight. If you flick on the flick switch, the scene is changed. The flick switch can be displayed only a specified time when the screen is turned on or the device is shaken.
    (1) On Android 2.3 or later, GPS setting is not allowed to change by apps for security reasons.
    (2) Do not use other APN control apps if you want to use APN setting in this app.
    (3) Brightness setting may not be reflected immediately.
    (4) On Android 2.2 or later, 'screen lock security' setting and 'visible lock pattern' are not allowed to change by apps for security reasons.
    (5) If 'screen lock security' is set on, you cannot skip the slide lock on most devices. Or home key on the device does not work.
    (6) On some devices or some Android OS versions, some settings might not be set well.
    (7) This app should be installed to internal memory of the device, not external media like SD card. Android OS does not show the widgets that are placed in the external media, so you cannot use the app widget.
    (8) From version 3.x, you can move the app into external media like SD card (Only if OS has the function). But using of this app in external media is not recommended for the following reasons except unavoidable case as insufficient internal memory.
    - The scene switch service must be restarted after the app moved to/from external media.
    - The widget of app on external media is not available. You should use the notification bar or the flick switch.
    - The service on external media is not started automatically when the device starts up. You need to start the service of Scene Switch manually.
    - When the external media is unmounted, the service stops or does not start.
    - Because of the external media access, the battery consumption tends to higher.
    APN开启/关闭,无线网络开/关,开启/关闭蓝牙,GPS ON / OFF(见注)的开/关,静音模式,振动模式,飞行模式开/关,开/关自动同步,亮度,筛选出时间,自动旋转开/关,开/关按键操作音,屏幕锁的声音,ON / OFF,触觉反馈的ON / OFF,充电ON / OFF,ON / OFF(见注)屏幕锁的安全性,保持清醒可见锁定模式ON / OFF(见注),跳过滑锁开/关(见注),Wi-Fi绑定,和音量控制。
    这个应用程序的部件基本上控制。您可以添加此应用程序小部件添加到您的桌面上 -
    (1)在Android 2.3或更高版本,GPS设置不允许改变应用程序出于安全原因。
    (4)在Android 2.2或更高版本中,看到“屏幕锁的安全设置,并”锁定模式“不允许更改,应用程序安全性的原因。
    (7)本应安装的应用程序到内部存储器的设备,而不是外部媒体,如SD卡。 Android操作系统不小部件被放置在外部媒体,所以你不能使用的应用程序部件。
    - 场景切换后必须重新启动应用程序移动到/从外部媒体服务。
    - 在外部介质上的窗口小部件的应用程序不可用。您应该使用的通知栏或轻弹开关。
    - 外部介质上的服务没有启动设备时自动启动。您需要手动启动该服务的场景切换。
    - 当外部媒体被卸载,该服务停止或无法启动。
    - 由于外部介质访问,电池的消耗趋于更高。