1. Pacific Coast Dream Machines

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    There’s nothing quite like the Pacific Coast Dream Machines Show, a uniquely spectacular showcase of motorized mechanical marvels from throughout the 20th and 21st centuries coming up on Sunday, April 24 from 10am to 4pm at Half Moon Bay Airport. “The Coolest Show On Earth” celebrates its 26th year with a mesmerizing array of more than 2,000 ultra cool antique, vintage, classic, custom and exotic machines of all kinds on display for public viewing. Automobiles ranging from hot rods, dragsters, customs, low riders, imports, street machines and muscle cars to fanciful touring, luxury, and sports cars; also exceptional vintage warbirds, classics from the 40’s and 50’s and homebuilt aircraft, tricked out trucks and motorcycles, military and SWAT vehicles, a special display of vintage police cars, world-record streamliners, model-T fire engines, antique engines and tractors, helicopter and plane rides, custom bicycles, kinetic art, rolling sculptures, extreme toys, mega-modified machines, advanced “green” technology vehicles, jaw-dropping flyovers by historic military aircraft, high-flying freestyle motorcycle stunt shows, expert skydiving performances, monster truck rides, unimotorcycle drag races, a super-thrilling zip-line, bungee jump and tons of kid’s amusements, fabulous food and drink, and stellar live music featuring headliner East Bay Mudd, the Chris Cain Band and the Andy Santana Band with surprise guests –– to benefit the Coastside Adult Day Health Center.
    Headline attractions scheduled to appear include:
    - The west coast's biggest, baddest gathering of the world's coolest cars, trucks, motorcycles and aircraft.
    - Spectacular skydiving performances from the C-47 Skytrain with military style jumps by the experts at Precision Skydiving.
    - Three (3) 20-minute electrifying, high-flying 4-rider freestyle motocross stunt shows.
    - Shane Skull Krusher, the world’s youngest mini monster truck driver.
    - Inspiring flyovers by some of our nation’s most storied military aircraft.
    - Magnificent military aircraft including B-25 Bomber, C-47 Skytrain, P-51 Mustangs, YAK Russian fighters and an impressive array of T-6 and T-28 military fighters and trainers.
    - Super sleek speed machines and streamliners in “World Record Wonderland”.
    - A special display and parade of vintage police cars.
    - An array of nostalgia dragsters to honor the former Half Moon Bay Drag Strip.
    - “Mustang Madness”, a spectacular display of America’s Premier World War II Fighter.
    - Ultra thrilling rides in helicopters and bi-planes and heart-pounding monster truck rides.
    - Refurbished fly-wheel engines from the Early Days Gas Engine & Tractor Association.
    - Uniquely wild and crazy, side-by-side, single-wheel unimotorcycle drag racing.
    - Half Moon Bay Pilots Association Saturday Hangar Dinner at the Andreini Family Hangar (April 23, 5:30 pm) at Half Moon Bay Airport.
    - Stellar lineup of all-day live music featuring headliners East Bay Mudd, the Chris Cobb Band, and the Andy Santana Band with surprise guests.
    - Listen to KHMB Radio while at the Festival*
    - Spectator admission is $25 for adults (age 18-69), $15 for ages 11-17 and 70+, Free for kids age 10 and under. Tickets are available at the gate only.
    * Continued use of KHMB Radio Player running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life
    有什么能比得上太平洋海岸梦幻机显示,从整个20电动机械的奇迹和21世纪在半月湾机场上午10点至下午4点上来了上周日,4月24日的一个独特壮观的展示。 “最酷的展示人间”庆祝其26年拥有超过2000个超酷的古董,葡萄酒,经典,自定义和异国情调的各种机器上显示一个迷人的阵列,供市民浏览。汽车从热棒,改装汽车,海关,低骑手,进口,街道机器和肌肉车,以奇特的旅游,豪华和运动车;同样出色的复古战鸟,从40年代和50年代和自制飞机经典,欺骗了卡车和摩托车,军事,特警车,老爷警车特别展示,世界纪录streamliners,型号-T消防车,古董发动机和拖拉机,直升机和飞机游,定制自行车,动态艺术,滚动雕塑,极端的玩具,大型改装机,先进的“绿色”技术的车辆,令人瞠目结舌按历史军用飞机天桥,高飞扬自由式摩托车特技表演,专家跳伞表演,怪物卡车的游乐设施,unimotorcycle短程赛车,超级惊险拉链线,蹦极和成吨的孩子的娱乐活动,神话般的食品和饮料,以及恒星的现场音乐为特色的顶篷东湾马德,克里斯该隐带和安迪·桑塔纳乐队有惊喜嘉宾 - 受益Coastside成人日间保健中心。
    - 西海岸最大的,世界上最酷的汽车,卡车,摩托车和飞机的最不好的聚会。
    - 壮观的高空跳伞从C-47空中列车表演军事风格由精密跳伞专家跳跃。
    - 三(3)20分钟通电,高空飞行的4骑手自由式越野特技表演。
    - 巴蒂尔骷髅Krusher,是世界上最年轻的小怪物卡车司机。
    - 一些我们国家的最有名的军用飞机鼓舞人心的天桥。
    - 宏伟的军用飞机,包括B-25轰炸机,C-47空中列车,P-51野马战斗机,牦牛俄罗斯战机和T-6的一系列令人印象深刻和T-28战机的军事和培训。
    - 超流线型速机和streamliners在“世界纪录仙境”。
    - 复古警车一种特殊的显示和游行。
    - 怀旧改装汽车的数组兑现前半月湾拖线板。
    - “野马疯狂”,美国首屈一指的二战战斗机壮观的显示。
    - 在直升机和双平面和心脏,冲击怪物卡车乘坐超惊险游乐设施。
    - 从成立之初燃气发动机和拖拉机协会翻新飞轮发动机。
    - 独特的野性和疯狂,并排侧,单轮unimotorcycle飙车。
    - 在在半月湾机场Andreini家庭机库(4月23日,下午5:30)半月湾飞行员协会周六机库晚餐。
    - 全天候的现场音乐为特色的顶棚东湾马德,克里斯·科布乐队,和安迪·桑塔纳乐队与神秘嘉宾的恒星阵容。
    - 听收音机KHMB而在音乐节*
    - 观众入场是$ 25为成人(18-69岁),年龄为11-17和70 + $ 15,免费为孩子们10岁及以下。门票只在门口。
  2. 株トレンド

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    This application shows trends of Stock/Index rates, and their transitions.
    To trade Stocks, it is very important to know that current trend. It doesn't matter that the trade is day-trade, or a couple days/weeks swing trade. And it could be more important to know their transitions. The aim of this application is, trying to show them simple way.
    The trends are drawn using least squares method, and by showing older lines, it is easily understand their transitions. Because this application is using unique method of showing transition of trends, please bear to read the whole contents of this document(sorry about some broken English).
    * Support many stocks/indexes
    * Download rates from internet (only daily)
    * Changing the duration of display
    * Changing the duration of trend computation
    * Changing next trend start duration
    * show/hide of price rate
    * show/hide of trend lines
    * show/hide of trend transition
    There are two ways to select stock/index to display.
    * Choose one from 'World Indexes/Stocks' of 'Settings' menu.
    o USA Major Indexes
    o NASDAQ
    o USA Sector
    o USA Bonds
    o Japan Indexes
    o Japan Stocks
    o Oceanian Indexes
    o European Indexes
    o Other American Indexes except USA
    After choosing one of them, you can enable/disalbe each index/stock. Some are enabled as default.
    * Also, you can add ones by giving the ticker symbol. 'Add' from menu will display a dialog box. OK to add the new tick symbol. If you are not sure about the ticker, tap 'Search' to jump to Yahoo's searching page for ticker symbol.
    Please remember that ticker symbol, in Japan, is 4 or 6 digit number. If you input numeric, it will try to connect Yahoo Japan.
    'Update All' or 'Update Rate' will download rates from the internet.
    'Swipe' to change charts.
    The closed prices are used to draw price line, except the last one is not close price but the latest price(Please remember that there should be a delay, or sometimes it cannot obtain the latest rate).
    The colorfull straight lines will be drawn to show the transition of the trends.
    Red/Right-side down, is down-trend. Green/Right-side up, is up-trend. And transition of trends can be easily seen.
    In the documentation of the application, some artificial charts are given to show how trend trainsition look like at different situations.
    'Trend' is calculated by N days price point and a straight line, if the total of distances of the pionts and the line become smallest. These lines can be shown from the menu. These straight lines on the price rate chart, are the these trends, but thier transition is not easily seen. Since the key point of the transition of the trends, is thier angles. Just put them of the certains point of Y-axis, is the 'transition of trends' above.
    We carefully designed this application for accurate computation but we cannot grantee it and you should understand it.
    Directly or indirectly, No responsibility is assumed for the use of this document and applicaiton, and NO express or implied warranties or guarantees are made. This document and application are intended for educational and informational purposes only
    Any live trading you do, you are doing at your own risk. You should be aware of all the risks associated with stocks/indexes trading. And if you do, you should not invest money you cannot afford to lose.
    选择其中之一后,您可以启用/ disalbe每个索引/股。一些被启用为默认值。
        *此外,您还可以通过给股票代码添加的。从菜单中选择“添加”,将显示一个对话框。 OK添加新打勾符号。如果你不能确定的股票,点击“搜索”跳转到雅虎的搜索页面,股票代码。
  3. 女朋友(枯竭) 中文版

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  4. 言语接球 中文版

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    游戏模拟了,在夕阳之下,和女孩在河岸边一起玩catch ball的场景
  5. 萌萌猪

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  6. 特技战斗喵

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  7. 无敌忍者猫

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  8. 新神曲

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  9. 何塞跳豆

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    何塞跳豆安卓版是一款非常好玩的2.5D跑酷游戏,何塞跳豆安卓版中的主角是一颗豆子,他一直在厨房的柜台角落生活的很安逸,但是有一天它发现自己小命不保了,因为它发现有人正准备吃掉它。它赶紧拔腿就跑,为了保命小豆子必须不停地跑,一刻也不能放松。此外,游戏玩法非常简单,通过屏幕上的三个虚拟按键来控制何塞下滑,跳跃翻爬,逃跑的一路上还可以收集完美,玩惯了2D、3D,何不试下这款2.5D呢?喜欢跑酷游戏的朋友不要错过咯。 更新记录: 何塞跳豆安卓版2013-12-17上线 v1.0
  10. BubbleDream

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    This is a game break the bubble b
  11. 奔跑吧木桶

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  12. Gizmo: Cute Pet Bunny Free

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    If you like pet games or rabbits,
  13. 暴走小鱼

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    角色鱼 吃金币
  14. 海宝消消乐

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  15. 拇指西游必备神器

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  16. 口袋甜心

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