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  1. 白雪公主和七个小矮人

    Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs is a beautiful interactive & magical production of one of the most famous fairy tales by the Grim Bothers. Take a stroll through the beautiful forest, meet many different animals and discover the little home of the seven adorable dwarfs.
    See this remarkable story come to life like never before!!! Enjoy amazing interactive activities, superb animation and brilliant sound effects your children are sure to enjoy.
    What’s Inside Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs - An Interactive Children's Storybook for Kids & Parents:
    ★ Join Snow White in a forest stroll & meet all her new animal friends- interactive activity
    ★ Help Snow White & the animals clean the home of the Seven Dwarfs - interactive activity
    ★ Watch how the Queen sells an enchanted apple to Snow White - animated characters
    ★ Watch how the prince awakes Snow White from her magical sleep - pure magic
    ★ Watch how the prince & Snow White live happily ever after - A joyous celebration
    This interactive storybook provides endless hours of pleasure, through its beautiful storyline, fascinating animated scenes, as well as its vivid and colorful animations and engaging interactions.
    Exciting and educational games on each page of The Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs - An Interactive Children's Storybook for Kids & Parents!
    ★ Jigsaw puzzles - Awesome puzzles enhance the story and promote critical thinking skills
    ★ Paint-a-Picture - Dozens of coloring pages and paints
    ★ Get crafty with your kids and show their masterpieces to friends!
    ★ Counting - 1 to 10 counting game is cool and fun
    ★ Memory Match - Fire up your child’s memory skills with this smart activity!
    ★ Placement Puzzle - Place a character in their puzzle piece
    ★ Find the Item - Critical thinking skills and memory come together in this fun activity
    ★ Memorize and Place - A great memory game that relates to the story and sharpens retention
    Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs - An Interactive Children's Storybook for Kids & Parents Features:
    ★ Beautiful HD illustrations joined with a rich narrative on every page
    ★ Enjoy numerous engaging and fun animations on every page
    ★ “Read to Me” - automatically reads each page of the story to you
    ★ “Read it Myself” - allows you to control the reading yourself
    ★ “Auto Play” - automatically reads the entire storybook to you
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    里面有什么白雪公主和七个小矮人 - 互动的儿童故事书为孩子和家长:
    ★帮助白雪公主与动物清洁七个小矮人的故乡 - 互动活动
    ★观看女王如何卖一个魔法苹果白雪公主 - 动画人物
    ★观看如何王子从她的神奇的睡眠中醒来白雪公主 - 纯魔法
    ★观看王子与​​白雪公主后如何生活幸福快乐的日子 - 一个欢乐的庆典
    令人兴奋的教育游戏的白雪公主和七个小矮人的每一页上 - 互动的儿童故事书为孩子和家长!
    ★拼图 - 真棒拼图加强故事,促进批判性思维能力
    ★油漆工的一个画面 - 着色页和油漆的数十
    ★计数 - 1到10的计数的比赛是冷静和乐趣
    ★记忆匹配 - 火起来你的孩子的记忆能力与这个聪明的活动!
    ★安置难题 - 将一个角色在他们的一块拼图
    ★查找物品 - 批判性思维能力和记忆力在这个有趣的活动走到一起
    ★记忆和地点 - 一个伟大的记忆游戏,涉及到的故事,并保留锐化
    白雪公主和七个小矮人 - 互动的儿童故事书为孩子和家长特点:
    ★“读给我听” - 自动读取这个故事的每一页你
    ★“读自己” - 可以让你控制自己读书
    ★“自动播放” - 自动读取整个故事书给你
    一个谷歌Play热门开发,其在Android上推出的高品质和创新应用的承诺的认可,TabTale精心生产游戏,互动电子书,和教育经验。拥有超过8.5亿的下载和增长,TabTale已成为孩子们和父母的爱开拓虚拟冒险的创造者。 TabTale的应用激发孩子们的想象力,激发他们的创造性思维,而有乐趣!在谷歌搜索“TabTale”播放,发现更多令人难以置信的应用程序。

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  2. 疯狂小矮人

    Defend your garden from a barrage of psychotic garden gnomes.
    They're going to cause all sorts of damage, because they don't care about you or your garden, so using two strategically placed slingshots, you must prevent the psycho gnomes from destroying your epic fruits and vegetables. Take aim and fire a variety of projectiles at these relentless creatures as they wreak utter havoc from all angles. Watch out though, they're unpredicable and unhinged to say the least, so you never know where they'll spring from, what they'll be planning or how they're going to react. You'll need your wits about you, quick reactions and a calm nerve to handle these little garden nightmares. We call them Psycho Gnomes for a reason... You've been warned!
    * 80 garden levels for the Psycho Gnomes to terrorise
    * 4 different kinds of ammunition for fire
    * 2 modes: Campaign and Survival
    * 6 different types of Psycho Gnomes to defend against
    * Numerous projectile combinations and strategies
    * Innovative control system! Aim carefully or just bash away at the screen and drown the gnomes in projectiles!
    * Multiplayer - play with a friend, manning one slingshot each
    * Check options for the control system best suited to you!
    * 80园水平的心理恐吓侏儒
    * 4种不同的弹药火
    * 2种模式:运动和生存
    * 6种不同类型的心理侏儒,以抵御
    *多人游戏 - 与朋友玩,每个人手一个弹弓

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  3. 七个小矮人:皇后归来


    5007 人安装 · 2014年3月8日更新
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  4. 纸飞机大战小矮人

    Prepare for battle! War has been declared in Gnome man’s land! Paper Glider must rid the world of all vulgar (and extremely rude) Gnomes.
    Can you flick, fly ‘n’ bomb to victory? You’ll need to be fearless, ruthless and not totally brainless to blast your way through all 63 levels of Gnome smashing mayhem.
    Outwit those grumpy gnomes with bombs, TNT rockets, hammer-mills, boulders, skateboards, footballs, vortexes and loads more...
    It’s not always obvious, but it IS always fun!
    Get more Paper Glider!
    You should check out Paper Glider Bomber and Crazy Copter 3D. They’re all FREE awesome games too!

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  1. 小矮人酒馆

    1.2 万人安装 32.08MB
  2. 七个小矮人

    4551 人安装 58.71MB
    如果有一天你成为白雪公主,是会选择优雅高傲的王子,还是各具特色却神秘色彩十足的小矮人? 丰富的剧情选择,自由的感情走向,萌系的精致画面,多达13种不同结局,8个不同性格的美少年、萌系小正太等你来攻略!