1. 西游酷跑

    21.2万人安装 43.4MB
    3D跑酷 西游降魔!!!
  2. 捉妖记

    19.2万人安装 13.06MB
  3. 雷神索尔

    18.2万人安装 51.84MB
  4. 文明战争

    15.6万人安装 65.46MB
  5. 水浒神兽

    14.5万人安装 1.3MB
    宋朝哲宗时期,宣和二年,唐朝封印的108个神兽从回人间,宋朝的人发现了驾驭神兽的方法,百姓的生活方向逐渐变质,到了高球以强劲的驾驭神兽的实力而成为皇帝眼前的红人之后情况更加的严重,百官不再是依能选职,而是以操纵神兽的能力来决定,虽然从外边看起来宋朝国力强盛,内政却是相当的腐败,因此人民的生活也非常艰苦,百姓的怨恨竟传到了仙界,引起一场很大的风波,玉帝派曾经封印过108神兽的北斗星君处理此事,而北斗星君又派遣两位弟子前往人间……途中玩家可以收复很多神兽替你战斗,和英雄无敌系列游戏不同,怪兽的能力不受英雄的影响,怪兽们有自己的能力,属性和经验。 按“-”查看状态,A键确定和开始游戏、B键取消,按“菜单”键保存、加载、设置游戏。
  6. 封神英杰传

    12.8万人安装 156.47MB
  7. 天魔幻想

    11.1万人安装 297.29MB
  8. 英雄国度Online

    10.7万人安装 17.11MB
  9. 如来神掌

    6.5万人安装 2.72MB
    如来神掌是江苏省海安县的地方性互动APP。由美传天下电子商务有限公司全程技术支持。如来神掌APP致力于第一时间向客户传递最全面 快捷 可信的海安名优商家信息!提高获取信息的速度!轻松一点,海安生活购物尽在如来神掌!
  10. 泰坦黎明

    6.4万人安装 43.96MB
  11. 中世纪战争:战略与战术 Strategy And Tactics: Medieval Wars

    6.1万人安装 51.51MB
    一款策略类游戏。 中世纪欧洲的历史,充满着血腥的战争和冲突。
  12. 西游记之大圣归来动态壁纸

    6万人安装 3.37MB
  13. 全垒打2

    4.6万人安装 49.99MB
  14. 战争王国

    3.1万人安装 79.95MB
    Kingdoms at War(战争王国)是一款从iOS平台上移植过来的多人在线角色扮演类的游戏(MMORPG),这是一款带有奇幻色彩的游戏,里面你需要命令你的军队来征服世界。 在这款游戏中,你能够和其他国家结盟,探索新的土地和建设巨大的建筑,将自己的王国打造成最强大的王国。 游戏特色: - 大型多人在线幻想游戏与其他玩家进行大规模对战; - 培养新的士兵和建立一个强大的陆军,以及各种建筑物。 - 购买和出售的盟友,以提高效率和利润。 - 使用间谍侦察,暗杀和偷窃对手。 - 华丽的画面和丰富的故事情节。 - 购买和使用法术和物品。 - 一定几率的掉落物品和战利品系统。 - 与其他种族联合形成强大的力量。 提示 :
  15. 亚瑟英雄传HD

    2.4万人安装 42.87MB
    Reclaim Camelot from the Black Knight. Join thousands of players in this RPG Multiplayer Battle Card Game that will transport you into a world dominated by Dragons and Medieval mythological figures! The Black Knight and his undead warriors have invaded Camelot. King Arthur and Merlin have summoned all of Britain for a Hero to rise. Will you be this Hero? Battle for survival and reclaim your land's power by assembling, evolving, and enhancing hundreds of powerful heroes. Each hero represents a card endowed with distinct abilities and powers. Progress through ten Arthurian lands discover the rarest cards in Camelot. Form teams of rare cards to unleash strategic combos and dominate your opponents. Compete with thousands of players around the world in a live PvP Arena, and form Guilds in the world of Camelot. UNIQUE TEAM-BASED ASSAULTS - Follow a Quest system through 10 Arthurian Britain cities and over 80 stages - Strategically form up to three teams to simultaneously battle against Demons and Dragons - Each team creates unique combos and skills. Your army must be the most powerful of all Camelot's Territories! THE STRENGTH IN NUMBERS - Form a guild, create your team’s unique crest and recruit fellow heroes - Test the might of your party within your guild in friendly Scrimmage combat - Band together and enter Boss raids in Camelot's 3D dungeon. Select frontal, side, back or sneak attack positions to test the Boss’ strength CULTIVATE YOUR ARMY OF HEROS - Enhance the abilities of each Hero and Evolve them into powerful and stunning cards - Discover the rarest cards to uncover the most unique and visceral abilities PvP BATTLES IN CAMELOT'S ARENA - Showcase your deck's power in the Camelot's Arena by competing with thousands of players around the world in live PvP combat events. Only the mightiest victors will relish rewards and the admiration of your peers. STRATEGIZE IN LIVE CHAT - Join a community of fellow Knights and Druids through live chat to find the Holy Grail! ASCEND TO NEW LEVELS OF COMBAT IN THE CHAMPIONS TOWER - Unlock the Caerleon Champions Tower and take on Camelot’s toughest challenge yet - Explore a unique dungeon on each level and unearth valuable rewards or hidden boss threats - Prepare yourself! Only the mightiest heroes will ascend to the highest floors. Will you make it to the top? The Story King Arthur had long been revered as Britain's champion, providing the fair land full of life, wealth and peace. Knights and Druids alike found serenity with one another. Jealous of Arthur's adoration from all, the evil Queen Morgana vied to destroy everything the King protected. Upon discovering a dark relic, Morgana and the Black Knight invaded Britain, casting a spell and consuming all life before them. The great Merlin tells a story of a hero in search of the Holy Grail - Britain's only hope. For Britain to be what it once was, a call to arms is desperately needed. King Arthur has summoned all Knights and Druid allies on a quest for a hero to rise. But who can avenge Britain and find the Holy Grail? Follow @HeroesofCamelot for the latest news! Like us on Facebook: facebook.com/HeroesofCamelot ******************************** By downloading this game, you agree to the Terms of Service, Privacy Policy and the License Agreement. http://www.gaea.com/en/privacy http://www.gaea.com/en/termsofuse ********************************
  16. 乱斗西游2

    2.2万人安装 618.17MB
    同步MOBA对战 即时真人对线