1. 建立一个王国

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    From the creators of the blockbuster simulation hit The Tribez, the Build a Kingdom simulator propels you into a magical world in which you must fulfill your destiny by creating the land of your dreams and becoming a true kingdom-builder. Each home, farm, workshop and bakery you build will help transform your humble village into a mighty kingdom. You’ll soon feel like a true king ruling over his wonderful realm and coming to love his royal duties! Harvest crops, bake tasty muffins, forge great swords in this city-builder that also turns to be a charming love story game.
    Say hello to an incredibly colorful cast of characters including the enchanting princess, the ever-hungry bard and the hopelessly romantic/self-loving knight as they join you on an incredible adventure that’s like nothing you’ve ever experienced before.
    ✔ See the amazing fairytale world brought to life with incredible graphics and animations
    ✔Meet a cast of unforgettable characters, each with their distinct personalities
    ✔Lose yourself in an adventure story filled with amour, magic and humor
    ✔Fulfil the prophecy about the princess and learn the secrets of the fairytale creatures inhabiting this mysterious land
    ✔Build your kingdom with 25+ richly detailed, animated buildings and factories that include an apiary, ✔blacksmith, bakery and magic castle
    ✔Defend your territory from unwelcome yet comical visitors including wolves, spiders and ghosts
    ✔You’ll soon develop a real fondness for this charming little kingdom and its nice and funny inhabitants!
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  2. 结月缘与螺旋楼梯

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  3. Black & Silver Kika Keyboard

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    ★ Notice ★
    The theme supports Kika Keyboard only.
    here to download
    Kika Keyboard for
    ★ About Kika Keyboard ★
    Kika Keyboard is a smart keyboard app for Android that makes typing fast, easy, and fun.
    ★Kika Keyboard Features★
    •800+ Emoji & Emoticons
    •Colorful Themes
    •Search & Send Animated GIFs
    •Word Predictions & Suggestions
    •Smart Auto-correct
    •Support 60+ Languages/Dictionaries
    •Customized Fonts
    •Voice Input
    •Keyboard Click Sounds
    •Customized layouts including one-hand mode & split screen
    ★ Contact Us ★
    here to download Kika Keyboard for
    •800 +绘文字和表情
  4. 奥兹国的魔法师与不可思议国家

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    《奥兹国的魔法师与不可思议国家 オズの魔法使いと不思議の国》是一款十分经典的魔幻元素的放置类养成游戏。在游戏中,随着时间流逝,玩家们只要点击画面上的魔女与使魔,就可以得到经验值与金钱,一旦经验值全满,女主角桃乐丝就会变身成新的外型模样,玩家们也可以利用赚来的金钱来交换购买各种道具,让桃乐丝的升级养成更加快速!至于在故事进行方面,玩家们只要点击画面上出现的魔女伙伴,故事就会开始推进,玩家们将可以在包括狮子、稻草人与铁人等伙伴们的帮助下,与桃乐丝一起以翡翠国王都为目标前进,寻找回家的归途;而且由于本作采取放置型玩法,因此玩家平常只要放着不管即可,等有空的时候再回到游戏中来收获这些经验值与金钱享受故事乐趣,对于没太多时间玩游戏的小伙伴们来说可说是非常方便的!
  5. 传奇骑士

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  6. 童话迷宫

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    童话迷宫是一款考验眼力的迷宫游戏,游戏画面卡通,需要在地图上划出每一关的路线,方可过关。 关卡到后面会越来越复杂,需要小朋友们有耐心,找出最终的答案。 第一页是谜题,下一页是答案。 游戏特色: - 游戏画面清新可爱 - 操作简单,耐玩益智
  7. Grow Organic Herbs FREE

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    A preview of our forthcoming full-sized app "Grow Your Own Organic Fruit & Herbs".
    This FREE Grow Your Own Organic Herbs app from Garden Organic is a handy, quick-reference tool, providing all the information you need to start growing your own herbs. It’s a must for organic gardeners everywhere.
    This is the companion app to our other apps, “Grow Your Own Vegetables”, “Everything You Want to Know About Composting” and “Organic Gardening Guidelines”.
    Organic gardeners focus their energy into increasing the natural health of their soil, choosing appropriate plant varieties, and working with nature to produce a healthy and productive garden.
    FREE Grow Organic Herbs is divided into two main sections: Get Started & Grow Herbs.
    Get Started
    Tips for growing organic including:
    - composting
    - use of organically grown seeds
    - encouraging wildlife that feed on pests
    - mulching
    - conservation of water
    - things to avoid
    Grow Herbs
    An illustrated A-Z growing guide for popular herb varieties, each with useful facts on:
    - suggested species
    - how and when to plant
    - growing tips
    - average growing period
    - equipment needed
    - germination time
    - average plant size
    - family group to grow with
    - seed information
    - when to harvest
    - key nutritional content
    - PLUS a handy calendar to help you plan your gardening year
    The organic approach to growing recognises that all living things depend on one another, from pests and soil to flowers and wildlife, all are inter-related - even us. We are all responsible for how we treat the soil and the environment, to safeguard it for future generations.
    By using organic methods for your kitchen garden, allotment, or community garden, you can 'grow your own' free from pesticides in healthy soil maintained with compost from recycled materials.
    FREE Grow Organic Herbs is for use by all levels of gardener, from raw novice to experienced professional. The methods are also relevant for use by children, the gardeners of the future.
    About Garden Organic
    Garden Organic is the UK national charity dedicated to researching and promoting sustainable growing, and has been at the forefront of organic horticulture for over 50 years. Garden Organic has aimed to ensure this app will be of real practical use and cover every aspect of vegetable growing using organic methods.
    Organic gardening methods harness the natural cycles and processes that promote plant growth. The app will help users care for the environment and to cut their ‘carbon footprint’ by ‘reducing, reusing and recycling’ resources, while creating a flourishing growing space.
    Why organic gardening matters
    Gardening and growing offers great benefits for us all - benefits for the environment, for people’s health and wellbeing, for food security and for building stronger communities. Our outdoor growing space, be it the private garden, community garden, allotment, school garden, or just a small space nearby, is a place where we relax and recharge both spiritually and physically. It is also a place where we can learn and reconnect with nature and the food we eat and where we can take practical action to adopt sustainable lifestyles.
    Using the organic approach to gardening and growing, which Garden Organic has been promoting for over 50 years, will ensure that these benefits can be achieved and enjoyed to their full potential.
    Content rating: Everyone
  8. UFO迷踪

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  9. 肥龙

    665人安装 21.66MB
    产品特点 ★一个可爱的龙宝宝打电话给你 ★高清3D图形 ★神奇的,童话般的背景 ★手指'水龙头'的兴奋控制 ★使它成为一个良性的竞争
  10. Radios Colombia

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    Radios Colombia, aquí podrás escuchar las radios más populares de Colombia, escucharlas desde cualquier parte del mundo, disfruta de las radios musicales, deportivas y noticiosas.
    * Antena 2
    * La Mega
    * Caracol Radio
    * W Radio 99.9
    * BLU Radio 96.9
    * Radio Acktiva 97.9
    * Vibra FM 104.9
    * Los 40 Principales
    * La X 103.9
    * RCN Radio
    * Bésame Radio
    * La X Electrónica 103.9
    * La FM
    * Oxígeno 100.4
    * Colombia Crossover
    * Rumba
    * Z Urbana 91.9
    * Radio Munera 790
    * El Sol
    * La Z Cali 101.5
    * Tropicana
    * El Sol
    * Candela Estereo 101.9
    * Salsa Para Dos
    * Radio Dance90´s
    * Radio Energia 102.5
    * La FM
    * Emissora Estrella Estéreo 104.3
    * Colombia Romántica
    * Colombia Salsa Rosa
    * Fantástica
    * Latina Stereo 100.9
    * Radio La Voz de Jesucristo 1530
    * Radio Uno
    * Emisora Minuto de Dios
    * Romantica Baladas del amor
    * Paisa Estereo
    * Oxigeno FM
    * Amor
    * El Corrillo de Mao
    * EnergiaFmOnline
    * La Farra
    * Radio Uno
    * Radio IPUC
    * Tropicana
    * La X 96.5
    * Colombia Bohemia
    * Fantástica
    * Radio Maria 1220
    * Radio Siempre Cristo
    * Radio Autentica
    * Radio Ondas de la Montaña 1350
    * Emisora Minuto de Dios
    * 92.9 FM Bogotá |
    * Capital del Reggaeton
    * Radio Cristal 89.9
    * La Vallenata 97.4
    * Coca-Cola FM
    * Radio Red 970
    * La Pachanguera FM 95.7
    * Bogotá Beer Company Radio
    * Son Vallenato
    * Tropicana
    * Radio Uno
    * La FM
    * Electronic Music Space
    * Todelar Cadena Básica 890
    * VirtualMusik Radio
    * Amor
    * Salsa de la mata
    * Radio Planeta Cali 96.9
    * Cheche 80´S & 90´S Rock Hits
    * Radio Alabanza Digital
    * 123Vallenato
    * Colombia Vallenata
    * Romantica Total Stereo
    * Rock Latino Radio
    * Radio Red
    * Radio Nuevo Continente 1460
    * Amor con Salsa
    * Rey de Corazones
    * Caminando En Santidad
    * La Roca
    * La Clasica Colombia
    * Salsamor
    * Radio Calidad 1230
    * Salsa Sabor y Bembé
    * Radio Paisa 1140
    * Radio Uno
    * La Cheverísima
    * G12 Radio 1550
    * La Eje 101.1
    * Radio Uno
    * Ochentera Radio
    * El Café del Mundo
    * Urbano Stereo
    * La Hora de la Verdad
    * la superestacion medellin 92.9
    * SAMlisten - Romántica
    * radio arjona medellin
    * Radio Uno
    * Radio Vida 870
    * Radio Fundingue.com
    * EMLJ Music Popayán
    * Ábaco Libros y Café Radio
    * Amor Stereo 96.3
    * Santa María de la Paz Radio 1560
    * Estrella Internacional Radio
    * Aviva2 - Avivamiento 1310
    * Tropicana
    * Amén Comunicaciones Radio
    * La FM Musica
    * Radio Red
    * Romance On Line
    * Radio Bolivariana FM 92.4
    * La Carinosa
    * 106.9 FM |
    * La Dulce Presencia de Dios
    * Bolero RCN
    * Pedazodeacordeon.com
    * La Cariñosa
    * M3 Stereo
    * Colombia Pop Rock
    * RCN Años Maravillosos
    * W Radio AM 690
    * El Corrillo Stereo
    * El Sol
    * Oxigeno 93.1 |
    * NTN 24
    * Emisora Claridad 1020
    * La FM
    * Fuego am
    * Rumbera Estereo
    * Tropicana
    * En Tu Presencia FM 95.5
    * Nacional Stereo
    * Radio Huellas 1470
    * CRBS - Salsa Merengue
    * La Clásica 89.9 |
    * Ambiente Stereo 88.4
    * Ska Colombia
    * Cardenal Stereo 94.7 FM |
    * Celestial Stereo 104.1
    * Camara FM 95.9
    * RCN Colombianísima
    * Radio Kronos
    * Radio Bolivariana AM 1110
    * Colmundo Radio - Cali 620
    * Colmundo Radio - Bogotá 1040
    * Tropicana
    * La Carinosa
    * La FM
    * Superestación
    * Tao por El Mundo
    * Electroeje.com
    * La FM
    * Brutalica RockStation
    * La FM
    * La FM Musica
    * GuaridaHipHop
    * Rockemite.com
    * Amor total Stereo
    * Flow Cartagena Radio
    * Radio Classic Music
    * La FM Musica
    * Salsa En La Web
    * Estación Ibiza Radio
    * Electroemite.fm
    * Salsa Emsamble Radio
    * LatinosPautaFM
    * Colombia Total Stereo
    * FM Stereo
    * Silvestrista Radio
    * Salsa y Rumba Online 3
    * Vallena Total Stereo
    * Radio Uno
    * Radio Uno
    * Positiva FM 101.1
    * La Instrumental
    * Radio Uno
    * Colombia La Nuestra
    * Radio Uno
    * Radio 1
    * Ventura Radio
    * Radio Fiesta Cúcuta 900
    *电台97.9 Acktiva
    *抑振FM 104.9
    * 40原​​则
    *的X- 103.9
    * RCN广播电台
    * FM
    * Z 91.9分校
    *电台Munera 790
    *坎德拉Estereo 101.9
    * FM
    * Emissora星立体声104.3
    * FM氧气
    * EnergiaFmOnline
    *的X- 96.5
    * 92.9 FM波哥大|
    *本97.4 Vallenata
    *本pachanguera FM 95.7
    * CRBS?纪念TUNES
    * FM
    *基本链890 Todelar
    * VirtualMusik电台
    * 123Vallenato
    * Salsamor
    * G12无线1550
    *麦德林Superestacion 92.9
    * SAMlisten - 浪漫
    * EMLJ音乐波帕扬
    * 96.3立体声爱
    * Aviva2 - 复兴1310
    *电台FM 92.4玻利瓦尔
    * 106.9 FM |
    * Pedazodeacordeon.com
    * M3立体声
    * RCN奇迹岁月
    *宽电台AM 690
    *氧气93.1 |
    * 24 NTN
    * FM
    * FM 95.5在你面前
    * CRBS - 莎莎梅伦格
    *古典89.9 |
    *红衣主教立体声调频94.7 |
    *卡马拉FM 95.9
    * RCNColombianísima
    *电台AM 1110玻利瓦尔
    * Colmundo电台 - 卡利620
    * Colmundo电台 - 波哥大1040
    * FM
    * Electroeje.com
    * FM
    * Brutalica Rockstation
    * FM
    * GuaridaHipHop
    * Rockemite.com
    * Electroemite.fm
    * LatinosPautaFM
    * FM立体声
    * Silvestrista电台
    * Vallena立体声总
    *正FM 101.1
    * 1电台
  11. 坏海盗与蘑菇王的诅咒

    289人安装 70.64MB
  12. 掌上岭城

    850人安装 10.01MB
  13. 丽人海

    1092人安装 11.49MB
    丽人海(lirenhai)是天津东展百洋科技有限公司开发的一款休闲类游戏。 丽人海(lirenhai)的官方介绍 丽人海是一片美丽的海域。生活在这片海域的人们受到上天的眷顾。特别是在这片海域出生的女子,个个亭亭玉立。
  14. 全部找到它们:童话和传说 - 儿童益智游戏

    45人安装 24.56MB
    在我们的游戏“全部找到它们:寻找动物”的系列中,如今增添了童话和传说世界!通过这个致力于2至8岁儿童的多样化搜寻游戏,去重新发现你*喜欢的童话人物吧。**** 游戏内容 ****- 在背景中找出角色并解禁相关卡片。- 为它们拍照片来解除语音解说限制。- 在夜晚来临前快速找出角色,然后在夜晚来临之后通过专著于声音来寻找。- 创建4至42块属于自己的拼图。- 参与问答并赢取新颖的照片。**** 附属内容 ****- 角色名称用多种语言读取(法语、英语、德语、西班牙语、中文、日语、韩语)。- 卡片册:所有在游戏中被解禁的卡片都可以被打印成册用于折叠/粘贴游戏。- 相册:所有在游戏中被拍摄或解禁的照片都可以被移动然后打印成册。**** 对孩子们的优化 ****- 语音帮助及指示。- 操作简单。- 3个级别的难度。- 多用户:每个孩子都可以拥有自己的设置。- 没有广告,家长控制功能。**** 教学贡献 ****- 开发语言。- 探索外语。- 保持全神贯注和专心。- 寻找拼图解决方案。**** 在童话之国 ****三只小猪, 大灰狼, 小红帽, 三只熊, 金凤花姑娘, 吃人妖魔, 小老鼠, 小牙仙, 小姜饼人, 穿靴子的猫, 胡桃夹子, 青蛙王子, 红心王后, 红心国王, 白兔先生, 爱丽丝, 格列佛, 厘厘普岛小人, 自然之母, 丑小鸭, 大拇指汤姆, 精灵, 巨人, 小美人鱼。**** 公主与骑士 ****仙女,独角兽,龙,白雪公主,七个小矮人,邪恶的皇后,长发姑娘,灰姑娘,睡美人,贝尔,野兽,白马王子,国王,皇后,骑士,守卫,魔术师,巫师,幽灵,罗宾汉,黑骑士,骷髅王,魔像,洞穴巨人。要想获得更多信息,请访问http://cn.find-them-all.com 以上描述中存在违反广告法的内容,自动用*代替
  15. 火灾启示录

    223人安装 43.79MB
  16. 电饭煲版布朗尼

    562人安装 652.34KB