1. 亚瑟英雄传HD

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    Reclaim Camelot from the Black Knight. Join thousands of players in this RPG Multiplayer Battle Card Game that will transport you into a world dominated by Dragons and Medieval mythological figures! The Black Knight and his undead warriors have invaded Camelot. King Arthur and Merlin have summoned all of Britain for a Hero to rise. Will you be this Hero? Battle for survival and reclaim your land's power by assembling, evolving, and enhancing hundreds of powerful heroes. Each hero represents a card endowed with distinct abilities and powers. Progress through ten Arthurian lands discover the rarest cards in Camelot. Form teams of rare cards to unleash strategic combos and dominate your opponents. Compete with thousands of players around the world in a live PvP Arena, and form Guilds in the world of Camelot. UNIQUE TEAM-BASED ASSAULTS - Follow a Quest system through 10 Arthurian Britain cities and over 80 stages - Strategically form up to three teams to simultaneously battle against Demons and Dragons - Each team creates unique combos and skills. Your army must be the most powerful of all Camelot's Territories! THE STRENGTH IN NUMBERS - Form a guild, create your team’s unique crest and recruit fellow heroes - Test the might of your party within your guild in friendly Scrimmage combat - Band together and enter Boss raids in Camelot's 3D dungeon. Select frontal, side, back or sneak attack positions to test the Boss’ strength CULTIVATE YOUR ARMY OF HEROS - Enhance the abilities of each Hero and Evolve them into powerful and stunning cards - Discover the rarest cards to uncover the most unique and visceral abilities PvP BATTLES IN CAMELOT'S ARENA - Showcase your deck's power in the Camelot's Arena by competing with thousands of players around the world in live PvP combat events. Only the mightiest victors will relish rewards and the admiration of your peers. STRATEGIZE IN LIVE CHAT - Join a community of fellow Knights and Druids through live chat to find the Holy Grail! ASCEND TO NEW LEVELS OF COMBAT IN THE CHAMPIONS TOWER - Unlock the Caerleon Champions Tower and take on Camelot’s toughest challenge yet - Explore a unique dungeon on each level and unearth valuable rewards or hidden boss threats - Prepare yourself! Only the mightiest heroes will ascend to the highest floors. Will you make it to the top? The Story King Arthur had long been revered as Britain's champion, providing the fair land full of life, wealth and peace. Knights and Druids alike found serenity with one another. Jealous of Arthur's adoration from all, the evil Queen Morgana vied to destroy everything the King protected. Upon discovering a dark relic, Morgana and the Black Knight invaded Britain, casting a spell and consuming all life before them. The great Merlin tells a story of a hero in search of the Holy Grail - Britain's only hope. For Britain to be what it once was, a call to arms is desperately needed. King Arthur has summoned all Knights and Druid allies on a quest for a hero to rise. But who can avenge Britain and find the Holy Grail? Follow @HeroesofCamelot for the latest news! Like us on Facebook: facebook.com/HeroesofCamelot ******************************** By downloading this game, you agree to the Terms of Service, Privacy Policy and the License Agreement. http://www.gaea.com/en/privacy http://www.gaea.com/en/termsofuse ********************************
  2. 战地前线之城

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  3. 全民钓鱼

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  4. 卡牌地牢

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  5. 早餐咖啡餐厅游戏

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  6. 气球天堂

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    《气球天堂 Balloon Paradise》准备好消气球了吗?Balloon Paradise是一款精彩的云上消气球游戏!你的任务是交换和搭配闪亮气球,并使用神奇道具拯救天空之城Floatopia! 贝莉的一次惊奇冒险将其带到了一个未知的世界,这座城市完全由气球构成,隐藏在天空的云朵之中,一股大风搅乱了这个美丽的世界,把所有颜色都弄乱了,还让部分城市消失了!只有贝莉能把秩序恢复,她刚刚拥有了搭配气球的能力! 探索精彩新世界,帮助贝莉一次一组消气球,游戏过程中可得到特殊道具,可一次爆破许多气球,把它们送回Floatopia城! 特点: * 恢复魔幻般的天空之城。 * 搭配和爆破各种图案的多彩气球。 * 超过210关精彩快节奏游戏。 * 创建神奇道具并使用它们来清屏! 准备探索这个神奇的新世界,爆破气球其乐无穷!要消得快,还要消得聪明,Balloon Paradise的朋友们都在靠你呢! 提示 :
  7. 熊猫泡泡

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    Pop bubbles and rescue baby pandas in this fun bubble shooter game! Shoot and blast your way through puzzles to beat the evil baboon! Blast, match, and pop bubbles to help beat him & return the cubs to their worried mother! Plan your every pop to rescue cute baby pandas! Pop the bubbles & blast through tons of different games on your adventure to rescue the baby pandas! Work your way through increasingly challenging puzzles and employ the power of the elements to help you in your Panda Pop quest. Employ epic bubble shooter powerups to free the cubs… combine them for even greater effect! FEATURES: ★ 2000+ levels with uniquely challenging obstacles ★ Check back often for new events and free rewards ★ Use power ups to make smart moves ★ Match 3 bubbles & fill lanterns to create supercharged matches ★ Tons of fun & free bubble shooter games and levels PLUS: ★ This game is social! Connect to Facebook & play Panda Pop with friends! ★ Enjoy special rewards & events all the time! ★ Connect seamlessly across multiple devices and platforms! Get bubble popping on your Android phone or tablet today… LIKE: On Facebook to get the latest news and rewards! FOLLOW: @playpandapop SUPPORT: https://pandapop.zendesk.com/home Please Note! While Panda Pop is free to play and enjoy, some in-game items and functions can be can be purchased for real money. If you don't want this option enabled, please disable in-app purchases. www.sgn.com/privacy DEVELOPER INFO: Jam City is the leading developer in truly cross-platform social gaming! Check out our other free match 3 puzzle games! You'll love to swap, match, and jam through ever expanding levels and events. Check back often to see all the new puzzles that we've added! You'll love to jam through each sweet level. Begin your adventure on one of our free match three games today!
  8. 二战神鹰1945

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    <p> 二战神鹰1945: 作为二战的王牌飞行员,你的任务是驾驶战机摧毁纳粹的秘密武器。游戏的流畅性非常好,激战也非常激烈,游戏系统比较完整,包含了勋章、装备等系统,是雷电系列的经典作品。<br /> <br /> 游戏特点:<br /> - 3个难度设置<br /> - 5种强力战斗机<br /> - 4种控制模式可选<br /> - 8个具有挑战性的任务<br /> - 惊人级别 bosses<br /> - 完美的原声系统</p>
  9. 合花易贷

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  10. 真正可怕的蜘蛛

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  11. 蜘蛛忍者跳跃

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  12. 金·卡戴珊:好莱坞

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    加入金卡戴珊,加入Kim Kardashian: Hollywood,一圆超级巨星梦!打造心目中的天王巨星,为了名气,为了财富,勇闯娱乐圈! <br />⋆打造专属超级巨星,超百种时尚造型可供选择,更可以看到金卡戴珊的个人喜好品!<br />⋆精彩纷呈造星之旅:偶遇当红明星,招呼热情粉丝,对付专业狗仔…还可以跟金卡戴珊本人约会交往!<br />⋆争做一线电影咖,封面模特,时装设计师,称霸红毯– 多种星途,全看你的选择!<br />⋆玩转虚拟洛杉矶,灯红酒绿享不停!出入私人俱乐部,血拼高定时装店,购置奢华豪宅!还有纽约和迈阿密等你去探索!<br />⋆约会明星,闪电分手,就要上头条!最In时尚盛宴,最Hot私人俱乐部,出入自如,绯闻不断!牵手另一半,做下一对超级巨星爱侣!<br />⋆邀请Facebook好友,共同开启造星之旅 – 携手互助,提升双方知名度,PK造型,互赠礼物,看谁能成为顶级巨星! <br />震撼人心,身临其境般的极致游戏体验! <br />请关注我们:<br />facebook.com/GluMobile<br />Twitter @GluMobile <br />&copy; 2014 Glu Mobile Inc. 版权所有。 <br />Kim Kardashian: Hollywood,TM and &copy; 2014 Kimsaprincess, Inc. All rights reserved. Kim Kardashian and Kardashian Kollection and all related designs, stylizations and images are trademarks and copyrights owned by, in part or whole, by Kimsaprincess, Inc. and used under license herein. <br />*** Kim Kardashian: Hollywood可以免费游戏,但您也可以选择支付真实货币购置游戏内的特殊道具,或参加活动获取。如果想关闭游戏内购买功能,请调整设备相关设置。*** <br />
  13. 枪炮魔法

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    《枪与魔法 Gunspell》是一款角色扮演游戏,在枪与魔法的共同作用下,你陷入了一系列不可思议的事
  14. 拉力赛车越野

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    《拉力赛车越野 / Rally Racer Dirt》这是一款十分刺激的赛车竞技类游戏。游戏画面真实,游戏体验感完美,游戏中玩家驾驶着赛车在赛道上奔驰,游戏提供了5种不同类型的赛车和生存、挑战两大模式供玩家选择;游戏玩法简单易上手,需要玩家有一定的操作水平。喜欢的玩家千万不要错过这款游戏~
  15. 魅力王

    2.1万人安装 57.4MB
    《魅力王 Charm King》是一款和粉碎糖果类型的益智休闲游戏。游戏中你可以收集更多有趣的小饰品,通过休闲娱乐的方式来获得更多的有趣的小饰品,将自己装扮成为一个魅力之王。 【游戏特色】 - 精美的游戏画面 - 简单的操作和不一样的关卡设定 - 多重联销更有惊喜等你 - 解锁更多关卡让你体会更多乐趣 - 完全免费玩,也可以购买更多道具 提示 :
  16. 魔物娘召唤记 完美版

    2.1万人安装 70.8MB