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  1. 飞机障碍马拉松

    You have found a fenceflyer and now need money to help you buy a better one. Collect coins while dodging fences in this episode of fenceflyer. How many coins can you collect?

    5407 人安装 · 2014年5月14日更新
    分类: 动作射击

  2. 追风小子


    10 人安装 · 2015年1月23日更新
    分类: 动作射击

  3. 像素马拉松

    ----------------------------------------------------- IMPORTANT!! -----------------------------------------------------
    User with ANDROID 5.0 and above will have to be careful because this current version has compatibility issues that could cause BLACK SCREEN on your Android. Please make sure that your device is not at Android 5.0 and above before downloading.
    "Pixel Marathon has a great potential to be a good game" - Games In Asia
    Need refreshment? Missed funny retro game on your phone? Search no more!
    Pixel Marathon has come! With retro style, funny action, bunch of explosion, and endless run, Pixel Marathon will satisfy your desire as an arcade game lover. Killing has never been so fun!
    Experience running in a deadly marathon course! Get your way through landmines and killer to be the number one runner. You will be able to pick weapons such as grenade, guns, vehicles, and even an all-butchering sword to help throughout the race.
    Collect coins to unlock more usable character with unique special powers! Dress your character up as a super hero, gay soldier, famous parody of game character, and more! Check out the shop for boosts and upgrades.
    Easy to play, yet challenging to master, Pixel Marathon brings fresh challenges to the arcade game genre.
    So get ready. Upgrade your weapon, dodge obstacle, kill all runner. Let the deadly marathon begins!
    Awesome features:
    - Colorful retro graphics
    - Funny actions
    - Bunch of upgrades
    - Collect all the costume
    - Refreshing simple tap gameplay
    - Hours of fun!
    This app includes the option to unlock or buy additional in-game items with real money to enhance the gameplay.
    -------------------------------------------------- ---重要! -------------------------------------------------- ---
    用户与Android 5.0及以上必须要小心,因为当前版本有可能导致黑屏的Andr​​oid的兼容性问题。请确保你的设备是不是在安卓5.0及以上版本下载前。
    “像素马拉松有很大的潜力,是一个很好的游戏” - 游戏在亚洲
    - 七彩虹显卡复古
    - 滑稽动作
    - 升级束
    - 收集所有的服装
    - 简单的刷新自来水游戏
    - 小时的乐趣!

    1.5 万人安装 · 2014年10月31日更新
    分类: 全部游戏