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  1. 消防学院


    Things are about to heat up so get ready for some firefighting action! The city buildings are in flames and only the firefighters can help. Douse the flames with powerful hoses to extinguish the fire and guide the life net to save desperate citizens.
    Duty calls, it’s time to be a hero!
    • Addictive and challenging gameplay
    • Special power-ups to help you during missions
    • Cool illustrations and sound effects
    Please note! This game is free to play, but it contains items that can be purchased for real money. Some features and extras mentioned in the description may also have to be purchased for real money.

    2.8 万人安装 · 2015年10月30日更新
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  2. 狙击杀手

    Fun sniper game “Sniper Shoot Fire War ”has landed google play platform, which has exquisite game screen, simple operation, full of passion, let you can't stop shooting games.Here you will become one of the world's top sniper, you need a cool head anomaly analysis and fast, aggressive, accurate shooting practices.Quickly pick up the weapon in your hands, make your blood boil up, do not let the terrible criminals out of your sight, do not hesitate to experience the excitement of the game and passionate sniper thrill it!
    ★★★★Game Features:
    ★Multiple game modes: The game has 2 modes, level mode and custom modes are available to choose; Unlimited levels mode lets you keep cool and see how far you can broke into it!
    ★Enemy intelligence control system: by adjusting the number of enemies and intelligence, so you fight more rich and wonderful.
    ★A variety of game scenarios: There are a variety of different scenarios, square, gas station, the roof and so on.
    ★Rich weapon system: There are many different types of weapons, such as the AWM-Blue Diamond, AWM-Gold, AWM-Red Crystal, TRG-Ink Jade, SR25-Gold, SR25-Obsidian, Desert Eagle, grenades and so on.
    ★A variety of combat posture: By standing shooting, squat shooting, fighting to switch cartridges, replacement of different weapons, buy medical kits complement HP, realistic combat experience the fun of the process.
    ★Simple operation: full touch screen operation, so you just move a finger, you can quickly capture the enemy's shadow and fire.
    ★Realistic visual effects and the world's best battle music.
    ★★★★How To Play:
    ★ touch screen to enter shooting mode.
    ★ Slide the screen can be rotated gamers perspective.
    ★ Click the button to the right of the“ Fire ”fire and “ rotate icon” to switch between different weapons.
    ★ Click the button on the bottom right corner of the cross circle amplification can be switched sight.
    ★ Click the icon in the upper right weapon to enter the arms purchases, gold coins to obtain, purchase medical kits and system settings.
    ★ Click the icon to the left of medical kits can add HP and figure gesture icon to switch fighting pose.

    3.9 万人安装 · 2016年10月1日更新
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  3. 消防员山姆2:火灾救援

    Major New FREE Update: Includes Brand New Forest Fire Game, New Sticker Book with 25 Extra Stickers, 4 Exciting New Backgrounds, plus additional functionality enhancements – all for FREE – NO in-app purchase required.
    Join Fireman Sam and the rest of the Pontypandy crew in this exciting collection of action-packed emergencies and heroic rescues. Featuring 8 ways to play including interactive single and multi-player games, video player, and a special reward sticker book, this app adventure includes the following Games:
    FOREST FIRE – The Forest is on fire! Fill the helicopter’s tank with water from the lake then drop it onto the flames to put out the fires and save the nearby village.
    MOUNTAIN ADVENTURE – An emergency has been called in, some of the villagers are stuck on a mountain ledge near The Mountain Activity Centre. Use the helicopter to lift everyone to safety!
    NEPTUNE’S MISSION – Part of the jetty has dislodged and some villagers have fallen into the water. Use Neptune to bring the villagers safely back to shore.
    FIRE ENGINE RESCUE – A fryer has burst into flames in the Café. Rescue the people of Pontypandy and put out the fires as quickly as you can.
    CONNECT THE HOSE – Jupiter’s hose needs to be mended. Help Fireman Sam connect the correct pieces to get the water flowing.
    QUAD BIKE TRAINING – Join Fireman Sam on a training exercise to learn how to use the new Quad Bike. Avoid obstacles and complete the training course as quickly as you can.
    STICKER ALBUM - Collect virtual stickers along the way and decorate a Sticker Album with many different Fireman Sam items and characters.
    VIDEO PLAYER – Earn a video reward for every 5 games played then watch them in the Video Player.
    All games are playable 3 ways:
    - EASY - non-timed free play, great for the little ones to get started
    - HARD - play against the clock for more of a challenge
    - 2 PLAYER - great to compete against friends
    Fully translated into English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish and Polish.
    Playable on most Android devices and featuring all the familiar characters, music and sound effects from the TV show, FIRE & RESCUE is a must have app that gives young children a fun and entertaining experience with their favourite ‘hero next door’.
    3 to 6 years
    This is a P2 Kid Safe App. P2 Kid Safe apps DO NOT contain in-app purchasing or data gathering systems of any kind, meaning your children can safely play without fear of unwittingly purchasing app content or credits, or disclosing data about their playing habits, location or the device they are using.
    We are committed to bringing all our customers the highest quality apps and aftercare service and are always looking for ways to improve our games so please get in touch if you have any suggestions or feedback. In the unlikely event that you experience a problem, please email our support team who are waiting to help you. Email us on support@p2games.co.uk you will usually receive a reply within 24 hours.
    If your child likes the game, please leave a review or why not Gift the App to a special friend.
    For details of other exciting interactive apps from P2 Games, please visit www.p2games.co.uk
    Fireman Sam™, the ultimate Hero Next Door, has been racing to the rescue of his friends and colleagues in all sorts of perilous situations since he first made his UK TV debut in 1987. In the UK the CGI series airs on, Cartoonito, and Five Milkshake - consistently rating as a number 1 show. For more information about Fireman Sam, please visit www.firemansamonline.com
    ***官方授权FIREMAN SAM APP ***
    主要的新的免费更新:包括全新的森林火灾游戏,新的贴纸书有25额外贴纸,4令人兴奋的新的背景,再加上额外的增强功能 - 全免费 - 无应用程序内购买要求。
    森林火灾 - 森林着火了!填补了直升机的坦克水从湖中,然后将其放到火焰扑灭了大火,并保存在附近的村庄。
    高山探险 - 紧急一直叫,一些村民被困在附近的山活动中心一座山窗台。使用直升机解除大家的安全!
    海王星的使命 - 部分码头已经脱落,有些村民已经落入水中。使用海王星带来的村民安全地回到岸边。
    消防车救援 - 一个油炸已冲进了咖啡厅的火焰。抢救Pontypandy人民和扑灭火灾的尽快可以。
    软管连接 - 木星的软管需要修补。帮助消防员山姆连接正确件获得源头活水来。
    QUAD BIKE培训 - 加入一个训练演习消防员山姆学习如何使用新的四轮驱动摩托车。避开障碍物,并尽可能快地就可以完成培训课程。
    贴纸ALBUM - 收集沿途的虚拟贴纸和装饰贴纸相册与许多不同的消防员山姆的物品和人物。
    视频播放器 - 赚取视频的奖励,每5场比赛,然后看他们的视频播放器。
    - EASY - 非定时自由发挥,非常适合小家伙上手
    - 硬 - 对战的时钟更具挑战性
    - 2 PLAYER - 伟大的一争高下的朋友
    这是一个P2儿童安全应用程序。 P2儿童安全的应用程序不包含在应用程序内购买或数据收集的任何类型的系统,这意味着您的孩子可以安全地玩耍,而不必担心在不知不觉中购买应用程序的内容或学分,或披露他们的游戏习惯,位置或他们使用的设备数据。
    •成为P2 GAMES FAN
    消防员山姆™,终极英雄的隔壁,一直竞相他的朋友和同事们在各种危险的情况下,救援,因为他第一次做了他的英国电视首次亮相于1987年在英国的CGI系列上播出,Cartoonito和五奶昔 - 始终等级为1号秀。有关消防员山姆的更多信息,请访问www.firemansamonline.com

    3417 人安装 · 2014年7月24日更新
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  4. 消防运动员

    Please keep wildfires where they belong - on your phone!
    In this real-time strategy game, you command a team of elite firefighting helicopters, ground units and water bombers as they battle raging wildfires around the world!
    MISSIONS (Countries):
    - Stranded Hikers
    - Camp Fire
    - Malibu (USA)
    - Hawaii (USA)
    - Long Island (USA)
    - Plane Crash (Canada)
    - Everglades (USA)
    - Central Park (USA)
    - 4th of July (USA)
    - Stanley Park (Canada)
    - Prairie Fire
    - Muskoka Islands (Canada)
    - Ski Resort
    - Golden Gate Park (USA)
    - Wall of Fire
    - High Park (Canada)
    - LNG Terminal (UK)
    - Hong Kong Beach (China)
    - Refinery Row (USA)
    - Stirling Park (Australia)
    - Orlando (USA)
    - Wilson's Island (Canada)
    - Hampton Court (UK)
    - Catalonia (Spain)
    - Westchester (USA)
    - "Awesome. This is definitely the best firefighting game I have ever played..."
    - "Best fire game out there. As a wildland fire fighter I really appreciate this game..."
    - "An extremely exciting new RTS. This is a genius idea for a game. It's been very fun to play..."
    - "Best firefighter game ever! Challenging and addicting! Fun as a game, but can be used as a training/refresher tool too."
    - Sophisticated real-time fire simulation that burns differently each time - depending on terrain and wind.
    - Helicopters can transport firefighting ground units, rescue civilians and make water drops.
    - Firefighter hose teams connect to water sources and provide a zone of fire suppression.
    - Firefighter cut teams create fire breaks.
    - The water bomber makes water drops.
    - Explosives such as fuel tanks present a special danger to firefighting teams.
    - Real locations from around the world including the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Spain, China, Australia (and more to come).
    - A magnifier shows you what's under your finger for more accurate control.
    - Works best on Android 2.3+
    By Redblox Games, an "indie" developer. We hope you enjoy playing this game as much as we enjoyed building it! For more information and strategies, visit our website at: redbloxgames.com
    This game can be used for public outreach, recruitment and certain types of training. Please contact us for more information.
    RTS, real-time strategy game, wildfire game, firefighter game, fire game, fire simulation, fire sim, wildfire simulation, firefighter simulation, wildfire, wild fire, grass fire, grassfire, forest fire, bush fire, bushfire, brush fire, brushfire, woodland fire, fire, firefighters, water bomber, water tanker, fire line, fireline, fire break, firebreak, smoke, wind, aerial firefighting, helicopter, burn, fire shelter, firestorm, fire storm, smoke jumpers, smokejumpers, hotshot, planes, fire rescue, rescue helicopter, teamwork, firefighter training, bushfire training, forest fire training, aerial firefighting, Yellowstone.
    请保持属于他们的地方野火 - 您的手机上!
    - 绞合远足
    - 营火
    - 马里布(USA)
    - 夏威夷(美国)
    - 长岛(美国)
    - 飞机坠毁(加拿大)
    - 沼泽地(USA)
    - 中央公园(美​​国)
    - 7月4日(美国)
    - 斯坦利公园(加拿大)
    - 燎原
    - 马斯科卡群岛(加拿大)
    - 滑雪场
    - 金门公园(美国)
    - 火焰之墙
    - 高公园(加拿大)
    - 液化天然气接收站(UK)
    - 香港海滩(中国)
    - 炼油厂行(USA)
    - 斯特林公园(澳大利亚)
    - 奥兰多(美国)
    - 威尔逊岛(加拿大)
    - 汉普顿(UK)
    - 加泰罗尼亚(西班牙)
    - 威彻斯特(USA)
    评论(在Google Play):
    - “真棒,这是绝对是最好的灭火比赛,我已经打过......”
    - “最佳射击游戏在那里作为一个荒地消防战士我很欣赏这场比赛......”
    - “一个非常令人振奋的新RTS这是一个天才的想法游戏它已经很好玩...”。
    - “!最佳的消防队员游戏有史以来有挑战性和令人上瘾有趣的游戏,但可以作为一个培训/进修的工具呢!”。
    - 先进的实时火灾模拟每一次不同的燃烧 - 根据地形和风力。
    - 直升机可以运送消防地面部队,救援平民,使水滴。
    - 消防员软管连接队水源,并提供灭火的区域。
    - 消防员切团队创建火符。
    - 水轰炸机,使水滴。
    - 炸药如燃料罐呈现特殊危险消防看法。
    - 来自世界各地,包括美国,英国,加拿大,西班牙,中国,澳大利亚各地真实的位置(和更多的惊喜)。
    - 放大镜显示你什么是你的手指下,更精确的控制。
    - 在Android上最好的作品2.3+
    RTS,即时战略游戏,游戏野火,消防队员游戏,射击游戏,火灾模拟,火灾SIM卡,野火仿真,仿真消防队员,野火,野火烧不尽,火草,grassfire,森林火灾,山火,山火,刷火, brushfire,林地火,火,消防员,水炸弹,水罐车,火线,FIRELINE,扫射破门,防火,烟,风,空中灭火,直升机,烧伤,火灾住房,风暴,火焰风暴,烟雾跳线,空降森林灭火员,能手,飞机,消防救援,救援直升机,团队合作,消防员培训,培训森林大火,森林防火培训,空中灭火,黄石。

    3434 人安装 · 2012年8月12日更新
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  1. 救援任务:英雄在行动

    3711 人安装 22.71MB
    ”的命令,每个大人和小孩都知道:这个时刻又来了 - 消防部门在这里与烈火抗争。!