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  1. 圣诞老人大战僵尸 Santa vs. Zombies

    Ho ho ho, Santa Claus is coming to town. Only this town has been taken over by the living dead! Take on the role of Santa Claus as you go chimney to chimney, fighting the zombie apocalypse. Clear the house of all Zombies before Christmas morning, build a snowman and even decorate a Christmas tree! Seasons greetings be damned, Santa Claus has a score to settle, and he's going to earn his milk and cookies this year.
    The dead are walking and old Saint Nick has just added them to the naughty list.
    Visit Facebook for HINTS and BUG REPORTS: https://www.facebook.com/santavszombies
    -Inspired by point and click adventure games, with some Christmas horror!
    -Excellent graphics, detailed objects and deadly zombies!
    -Face off against the living dead as Father Christmas himself!
    -Features holiday cheer and the blood thirsty undead !
    -Take out the undead using Santa approved firearms and exciting gunplay !
    -Many items to collect, combine and use in your quest.
    -Tackle puzzles and explore a house that needs to be saved in time for Christmas.
    -A dark adventure full of chills and thrills, face off with the undead!
    -Zombies !
    Contact us if you have problems or comments with the app.
    - 踏着点和点击冒险游戏,与一些圣诞恐怖!
    - 优秀的图形,​​细致的物体和致命的僵尸!
    - 特色节日的快乐和血渴不死!
    - 取出使用亡灵圣批准枪支和令人兴奋的枪战!
    - 许多项目收集,合并和在你的追求使用。
    - 滑车困惑和探索需要保存在圣诞节的房子。
    - 一个黑暗的冒险充满寒战和惊险刺激,面临关闭的亡灵!
    - 植物大战僵尸!

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