1. TapTube - YouTube Rhythm Game

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    Do you want to experience the differentiated rhythm game? Please forget about the uniformed games with limited source. Watch, listen, and feel the music and share it all around the world in TAPTUBE! In TAPTUBE, the music with pleasant memories and beautiful stories of users will be delivered to you. Just listen the music cannot satisfy your sensitivity. With movie-like music videos, upgrade your sensitivity more and more. TAPTUBE will produce your favorite youtube vids for you to enjoy more fun. We recommend this game to the one who quickly feel tired when they play in framework. Anyone can direct their own rhythmical, dynamic production in TAPTUBE. Share your idea and rhythmical sense to all around the world! You can be the best creator of TABTUBE. With TAPTUBE, the five senses and emotion will be fulfilled and improved. Brushing away your stress with TAPTUBE! ■ Rhythm game with video ■ Forget about the sound based rhythm games! TAPTUBE provides not only sound, but also youtube video with it. We bet you couldn’t feel bored while playing rhythm game, watching video, listening to the music concurrently. ■ Real-time streaming note ■ Smart TAPTUBE can analyze any soundtrack. Can I play this old music? How about this one? Don’t worry! TAPTUBE can provide sensational note to you as long as the soundtrack exists. ■ Recommend, Favorite, Ranking ■ When you cannot select which one to play, just loot at the recommendation list! Enjoy the new game from video list which updated everyday. Do you want to own the music and note? Add them to your favorite list! The favorite list will keep your vids and notes safely so you could play it anytime you want. ■ Let’s play it variously, with various configurations! ■ It’s too hard! Too easy!! Wait a sec! Did you heard about the configurations? TAPTUBE provides configuration options to change game speed, number of line, long note on/off, slide note on/off, etc. The player can change the configurations to take their choice like order-made. TAPTUBE set itself to the player, not set the player to the game. Let’s set the personalized configurations and enjoy the TAPTUBE! ■ Your own notes! Custom note function ■ The current one is too boring. Can’t I make my own notes? To the one who has such question, we recommend you to use the custom function of TAPTUBE! Feel free to make your own notes for the youtube video you want! The unique stage in the world is prepared for you! Custom and share the music which has your story and memory, all over the world!! ※ This app can only play the vids which permitted by the YouTube API, and only work with streaming. ※ Minimum requirement : Android 4.0+ ※ Wi-Fi environments is recommended, due to the feature of this game. It is impossible to cancel the accounting about the one generated by user selection. Ver 1.4.6 - Fixed some playback errors
  2. 点击大战

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    点击大战 Clicker Wars:游戏是一个简单的动作游戏,你只需要疯狂点击就行了。 准备好一个令人兴奋的战争无尽的乐趣!   - 泵独特的人物,使他们的新技能   - 要征服新的世界与风景如画的位置   战斗游戏已经开始了 【基本信息】 作者:WILDEC LLC 更新时间:2015-08-24 版本:1.0.65 系统:Android 2.3以上 语言:英文
  3. 疯狂猜西游

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  4. 哆啦A梦之墙 Dorawap

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    《哆啦A梦之墙 Doraemon: Hole in the wall》是一款益智休闲游戏。游戏的玩法很像央视《墙来了》节目,在这款游戏中玩家要根据从上面下落的墙上的形状来安排机器猫,大雄和静香的位置,在有限的时间内让他们顺利穿过对应的移动墙。游戏分为时间模式和无限模式。

  5. 我们的秘密基地

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    你的童年是怎么样的呢? 从小学毕业,大家各奔东西,你是否会想要留下什么属于我们之间的回忆呢? 《我们的秘密基地》就带你回忆起过去的时光。 总之,大家趁着暑假去建立一个秘密基地吧!大人的话什么的小孩子才不会去听呢!
  6. 宝石星传奇

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    宝石星(Legend of Jewels Star)这是Android平台上一款经典的星座主题的宝石消除类的游戏,你的任务赢得钻石之星,尝试每一个关卡都能够获取所有的星星。 在收集了一个星座的所有宝石星之后,你将可以进入新的星座。 【游戏玩法】 将三个或三个以上相同颜色的钻石排在一起即可将它们消除掉。 消除宝石直到后面的背景变透明,这时宝石星将会出现。 把宝石星打到最后一行就可以通过当前关。 【游戏特色】 共有12个星座主题,每个主题有25个关卡。新的主题中会有新的道具和障碍出现。 匹配4个宝石可以赢得宝石炸弹以及1道随机闪电。 匹配5宝石可以赢得变色宝石。 五彩炸弹可以消除周围的宝石。 改变颜色的宝石,可以消除任何其他颜色的宝石,并且有4道随机闪电。 时间宝石可以延长时间。 闪电宝石,可以消除一行或一列的珠宝。 对于锁住的宝石,你可以消除它,但不能移动它。 对于冻结的宝石,你可以消除周围的宝石来释放它。 连续消除20次后,可以获得一个随机闪电。Remove unnecessary user permission
  7. 制造糖果

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    Make your very own candy, chef! Cook it, mold it, cool it, decorate it! This game is sweet! Lollipops, candies, gummy bears, and candy canes - All in 1! Make your candy unique with eyes, hats, and accessories-- it’s crazy! Crush the candy competition! Before you eat or lick your candy, make sure you take a picture!
    Hey chef, lollipops, candies, gummy bears, and candy canes are sweet, but don’t you wish you could create your very own? How about giving your candy cute faces and exotic flavors? Now that sounds crazy cool! With this app you can create your very own candy any way you want it!
    ★ Mix it!
    Put the very first ingredients you need in the bowl and stir it all up! When you are done, choose one of the twenty amazing flavors for your candy, like chocolate, banana, or coconut!
    ★ Cook it!
    When you have the perfect mixture put the pot with the candy mix on the stove and cook it for the right amount of time! Our friendly thermometer will tell us when the candy mix is hot enough! Don’t leave it on too long, or the candy will be too easy to crush to eat!
    ★ Mold it!
    Now quickly put the lollipop sticks in place so you can pour the hot candy goodness in the mold. These lollipops are outta sight!
    ★ Cool Down!
    When you put them in the freezer the thermometer will let us know when the candies are ready! These are some down right cool pops, chef! Be careful not to leave them in too long!
    ★ Decoration Sensation!
    Now you’ve made a serious candy creation, it’s time to make it a decoration sensation! “Paint” your candy with cool flavors, but it doesn’t stop there! Give your candy some serious personality with hair, eyes, a nose, and of course, a sweet tooth!
    ★ Eat, lick & take a picture!
    When you are done with your candy, you can take huge bites off of it, or enjoy it for longer! But make sure you take a picture and show it to your friends and family!
    What’s Inside Candy Crazy Chef - Make, Decorate & Eat Awesome Candies!:
    >4 different types of crazy candy! Candy canes, lollipops, swirls, and gummy bears! Oh My, chef!
    > 16 crazy candy flavors to choose from: make as many as you want!
    > 20 funny, wacky faces made out of sweets and bits of frosting and jelly beans that give character to your crazy candy!
    > 16 flavors to add to your candy when you decorate it, you can make patterns or write on them!
    Candy Crazy Chef - Make, Decorate & Eat Awesome Candies Features:
    > Touch & drag to mix up the ingredients & stir the batter with a whisk like a real chef!
    > Put the pot with the candy mix on the stove and make it cook for the right amount of time! But don’t let your candy burn or it will crush too easily!
    > You can lick the candy until it is completely gone! Eat it all up! Press start over and you can eat it again, and again!
    > Special thermometer tells kids when the candy is finished cooking!
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    让你自己的糖果,厨师!煮熟,塑造它,冷却,装饰它!这个游戏是甜的!棒棒糖,糖果,橡皮糖和糖果手杖 - 所有在1!让你的糖果的独特眼睛,帽子和accessories--这是疯了!粉碎糖果的竞争!你吃或舔你的糖果之前,请确保您拍摄照片!
    现在你已经犯了一个严重的糖果创作,它的时间,使之成为装饰的感觉! “画图”你的糖果凉爽的味道,但它不会停在那里!与头发,眼睛,鼻子给你的糖果一些严重的性格,当然,爱吃甜食!
    里面有什么糖果疯狂的厨师 - 制作,装饰和吃糖果真棒!:
    > 4种不同类型的疯狂的糖果!棒棒糖,棒棒糖,漩涡,和小熊软糖!哦,我,师傅!
    > 16疯狂的糖果口味可供选择:让为你想要的!
    > 20滑稽的,做出来的结霜和果冻豆糖果和位,为你疯狂的糖果给性格古怪的面孔!
    > 16的口味添加到您的糖果时,你装饰它,可以使图案或他们写!
    糖果疯狂的厨师 - 制作,装饰和吃糖果真棒特点:
  8. 非主流情侣主题文字锁屏

    1980人安装 4.31MB
  9. 冷冻酸奶机

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  10. 迪斯科鸭子

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  11. 猫猫来啦2

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    《猫猫来啦2 ネコがきた2》是一款有趣的休闲游戏。坐在家的后院,不断召唤小动物,和小动物交换物品,从而引出更多的动物朋友吧。玩家能和6种不同的动物交朋友,不断用爱心召唤,耐心等待,总会招来你喜欢的动物的。当然,这些小动物里面最可爱的还是我们喵星人啦。

  12. 关东煮店人情故事

    1920人安装 45.48MB
    《关东煮店人情故事》是一款日系风格的以群像剧形式展开的催泪放置类手游,整体氛围让人联想到日剧深夜食堂。 游戏以日本街头常见的关东煮路边摊为舞台,玩家要扮演顽固老爹经营店铺,给客人们提供热腾腾的食物,倾听客人们种种抱怨,最后成为“小小奇迹”的目击者。 在游戏中玩家偶尔能听到因生活压力疲惫不堪的客人发牢骚吐露心声,客人的好感度提升后,不但坐的时间更长,深层次的心声也会吐露更多,所以你的任务就是触屏点击客人头上的对话框就能消除抱怨,随着好感度提升客人会变成常连客,玩家可以从抱怨中了解事情发展,最后欣赏到温暖感人的结局。
  13. 摇钱树

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  14. 甜品小屋

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  15. Tattoo Maker

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  16. 游戏图标猜谜

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