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  1. 拼单词 2

    Meet Jumbline 2, the most addictive word game on Google Play market, now available for free!
    Scramble and twist your brain to make words from jumbled lines of letters. Simply rearrange the scrambled letters into words and underline them with your finger to score points. Find and underline the largest word and you advance to the next level.
    Play in relaxing untimed mode or put your skills up against the clock in timed rounds.
    Jumbline 2 includes two additional games: Cloud Pop and Star Tower. In Cloud Pop your goal is to pop as many clouds as possible by spelling words out of the letters floating in each cloud. In Star Tower your task is to build the tallest tower you can, before it sinks into the ground, by making and staking words out of an infinitely jumbled line of letters. The larger the word, the slower your tower sinks, so scramble and twist your brain to think big!
    Jumbline 2 supports phones, tablets, touch screens and physical keyboards; it beautifully adjusts to fit any device size and screen orientation thrown into the mix.
    Jumbline 2 is ideal for fans of Scrabble, Words With Friends, TextTwist, TextTwist Turbo, and Text Twist 2. Play with friends and family cooperatively or fly solo!
    What fans say:
    "Way better than TextTwist" - AKM73
    "So addicted! I play until my battery dies..." - JJ
    "Our family loves word/anagram games and this one is tops!" - Mr. Bill
    "Better than Text Twist and it's free!!! I had this on my old iPhone and I'm so glad that it is for Android." -Cortni
    "I have nine apps in my "Word Games" folder, and the others have been gathering virtual dust since I installed Jumbline 2." - Tcaswelch
    ★ HILIGHTS ★
    ★ Over 20,000 five, six, and seven letter puzzles
    ★ Brainium's trademark underline input
    ★ Physical keyboard and tap input support
    ★ Timed and untimed modes of play
    ★ Learn new words with built-in dictionary
    ★ Three games in one app
    ★ Fun and challenging achievements
    ★ Landscape and portrait orientation support
    ★ Gorgeous animated themes
    ★ Tablet and phone support
    Contact our five star support with your questions:
    符合Jumbline 2,在谷歌播放市场上最令人上瘾的文字游戏,现在免费提供!
    Jumbline 2包括两个额外的游戏:云流行和星塔。在云弹出你的目标是拼写单词了漂浮在每个云字母弹出尽可能多的云越好。在星塔你的任务是建造最高的塔就可以了,之前它下沉到地面,通过和赌字出书无限混乱的线。越大的话,速度较慢的塔汇,所以争夺和扭曲你的大脑思考的大!
    Jumbline 2支持手机,平板电脑,触摸屏和物理键盘;它精美的调整,以适应任何设备的尺寸和屏幕方向扔进组合。
    Jumbline 2是理想的拼字游戏的爱好者,字与朋友,TextTwist,TextTwist涡轮增压和文本扭2.播放与朋友和家人共同或单飞!
    “路比TextTwist更好” - AKM73
    “!于是沉迷我玩,直到我的电池耗尽......” - 林俊杰
    “我们家爱字/字谜游戏,这一次绝对是第一流的!” - 先生比尔
    “比文字扭更好,它是免费的!我有这个在我的旧的iPhone和我很高兴,这是为Android。” -Cortni
    “我有我的九个应用程序的”文字游戏“文件夹,和其他人一直在收集虚拟灰尘,因为我安装Jumbline 2”。 - Tcaswelch

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  2. 我是找词王


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  3. 小狗拼单词

    《小狗拼单词 》是一款新颖的拼单词游戏。一只可爱的小狗,为了寻找骨头,不小心陷进了地下。在地下,小狗可以通过消耗骨头来挖掘道路,并且利用得到的英文字母,拼成一个英语单词来获得更多的骨头。收集好沿途的字母和骨头,帮助小狗找到回家的路吧。

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