1. 暴走小鱼

    47人安装 38.73MB
    角色鱼 吃金币
  2. Sweet Kitty Atom Theme

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    Soft kitty, warn kitty and Sweet little kitty
    ***Main Features:
    - Home screen Lock option
    - Atom Bar: Google search, digital clock, clock + Quick Setting, clock + Google Search
    - Streamlined Widgets: Memory Cleaner, Flash, Clock, Memo Calendar, Contact, Settings and Search Bar
    - Gestures: Pinch, Double Touch, Slide, Long-Touch
    - Edit tray: Simple and easy management of applications with a quick and easy edit mode.
    - Smart Folders: Supports customizable folders on your home screen. You can resize folders and directly launch without opening the folder.
    - 2 Folder Styles : Supports both thumbnail shapes and basic shapes.
    - Dock Bar: Access up to 20 of your favorite apps instantly, includes various filter effects, screen settings and opacity adjustment capability.
    - Beautiful and Simple Themes: New, custom themes are being continuously released through the Atom Store. Designed to be minimalistic and beautiful.
    - Multi-Wallpaper: Automatically switch between 3-24 different wallpapers when the display is turned on/off.
    - Icon Customization: Mix and match icons and gallery images between themes.
    - Point Color Change: Atom bar menu icon, guide line’s color can be changed with color picker.
    - Live Background: Brings your background into the 21st century – beautiful animated backgrounds.
    - Wide-Ranging Theme Support: Supports existing SSKIN and GO launcher themes.
    - Hide Application Icons: Selectively hide app icons to keep your Home clean and organized. (Hidden apps can be searched through All apps serach option)
    - Home Screen Copy: Copy the home screen you have set up via another launcher over to Atom Launcher.
    - Customizable App Grids: Size the Grid determining the amount of Apps visible on your home screen and All Apps screen to a max of 6*6 and 5*6 apps respectively.
    - Backup / Restore Settings: Backs up your settings with up to three different themes and icon sets.
    ▶ Atom Family
    - All in One Widget
    Provides Widgets - Memo, Monthly Calendar, Daily Calendar, Quick Settings, Contacts, Search Bar, Digital Clock, and Analog Clock.
    - Atom Store
    With the participation of a few famous illustrators, artists and actors, we are building out a rich and diverse library of themes and icons for your Android. (You can also search for widgets via the Atom Store)
    - Available from Android OS version 4.0.2 and above
    - Requires 10 MB space to save theme resources
    - To enhance usability, installed theme doesn’t appear
    - Not available for Tab Devices (Extra-Large Screens)
    - Badges: Display missed call, unread messages (ATOM only supports default apps on your Android device, does not support device-specific functions)
    - Due to resolution issues, service is currently inactive for “Optimus View”
    *** Customer Support
    Please leave reviews or comments. Your review is appreciated.
    For more information or support, please visit
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Atom.Launcher.Global
    - 主页屏幕锁选项
    - 凌律师:谷歌搜索,数字时钟,时钟+快速设置,时钟+谷歌搜索
    - 简化部件:清洁内存,闪存,时钟,记事日历,联系人,设置和搜索栏
    - 手势:捏,双触摸,滑动,长触摸
    - 编辑托盘:一个快速简便的编辑模式简单和易于管理的应用。
    - 智能文件夹:支持自定义主屏幕上的文件夹。您可以调整文件夹,并直接启动,而无需打开文件夹。
    - 2个文件夹样式:同时支持缩略图的形状和基本形状。
    - 停靠栏:访问多达20个您最喜爱的应用程序瞬间,包括各种滤镜效果,屏幕设置和不透明度的调整能力。
    - 美丽而简单的主题:新的,自定义的主题正在不断释放通过原子商店。设计是简约和美观。
    - 多壁纸:开启/关闭显示器时之间自动切换3-24种不同的壁纸。
    - 图标定制:混合和匹配的图标和主题之间的画廊图像。
    - 点颜色变化:凌酒吧菜单图标,引导线的颜色可以改变颜色选择器。
    - 现场背景:进入21世纪,带来了你的背景 - 美丽的动画背景。
    - 广泛的主题支持:支持现有SSKIN GO Launcher主题。
    - 隐藏应用程序图标:选择性地隐藏应用程序的图标,让主的清洁和有组织的。 (隐藏应用程序可以通过所有的应用程序搜索翻查选项)
    - 主屏幕复制:复制主屏幕上你已经设定了通过另一个发射原子发射。
    - 可定制的应用网格:确定您的主屏幕和所有的应用程序屏幕上可见的应用程序的最大6 * 6 * 6的应用程序分别量的大小的网格。
    - 备份/恢复设置:多达三个不同的主题和图标集的备份您的设置。
    - 一个窗口
    提供部件 - 便条,月历,每日日历,快速设置,联系人,搜索栏,数字时钟,模拟时钟。
    - Atom存储
    随着几​​个著名的插画家,艺术家和演员的参与,我们建立了丰富多样的主题和图标库,为你的Andr​​oid。 (您也可以搜索通过Atom存储部件)
    - 可从Android OS 4.0.2及以上版本
    - 需要10 MB空间来保存主题资源
    - 为了提高可用性,不会出现安装的主题
    - 不适用于标签设备(超大屏幕)
    - 徽章:显示未接来电,未读消息(ATOM默认只支持Android设备上的应用程序,不支持特定的器件功能)
    - 由于分辨率问题,服务是当前处于非活动状态的为“擎天柱检视”
  3. 诛神之战

    88人安装 3.57MB
  4. 天天爱跑酷-极速前进

    932人安装 21.94MB
  5. 冒险与挖矿

    275人安装 51.8MB
  6. 熊出没大冒险-礼包版

    269人安装 88.05MB
  7. Kapesní lékař Demo

    507人安装 10.34MB