1. 8位忍者

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    《8位忍者 8 bit ninja》是一款像素的冒险类游戏。玩家需要控制你的机器小人去穿越这地形复杂的迷宫。
  2. 365me

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  3. Sweet Kitty Atom Theme

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    Soft kitty, warn kitty and Sweet little kitty
    ***Main Features:
    - Home screen Lock option
    - Atom Bar: Google search, digital clock, clock + Quick Setting, clock + Google Search
    - Streamlined Widgets: Memory Cleaner, Flash, Clock, Memo Calendar, Contact, Settings and Search Bar
    - Gestures: Pinch, Double Touch, Slide, Long-Touch
    - Edit tray: Simple and easy management of applications with a quick and easy edit mode.
    - Smart Folders: Supports customizable folders on your home screen. You can resize folders and directly launch without opening the folder.
    - 2 Folder Styles : Supports both thumbnail shapes and basic shapes.
    - Dock Bar: Access up to 20 of your favorite apps instantly, includes various filter effects, screen settings and opacity adjustment capability.
    - Beautiful and Simple Themes: New, custom themes are being continuously released through the Atom Store. Designed to be minimalistic and beautiful.
    - Multi-Wallpaper: Automatically switch between 3-24 different wallpapers when the display is turned on/off.
    - Icon Customization: Mix and match icons and gallery images between themes.
    - Point Color Change: Atom bar menu icon, guide line’s color can be changed with color picker.
    - Live Background: Brings your background into the 21st century – beautiful animated backgrounds.
    - Wide-Ranging Theme Support: Supports existing SSKIN and GO launcher themes.
    - Hide Application Icons: Selectively hide app icons to keep your Home clean and organized. (Hidden apps can be searched through All apps serach option)
    - Home Screen Copy: Copy the home screen you have set up via another launcher over to Atom Launcher.
    - Customizable App Grids: Size the Grid determining the amount of Apps visible on your home screen and All Apps screen to a max of 6*6 and 5*6 apps respectively.
    - Backup / Restore Settings: Backs up your settings with up to three different themes and icon sets.
    ▶ Atom Family
    - All in One Widget
    Provides Widgets - Memo, Monthly Calendar, Daily Calendar, Quick Settings, Contacts, Search Bar, Digital Clock, and Analog Clock.
    - Atom Store
    With the participation of a few famous illustrators, artists and actors, we are building out a rich and diverse library of themes and icons for your Android. (You can also search for widgets via the Atom Store)
    - Available from Android OS version 4.0.2 and above
    - Requires 10 MB space to save theme resources
    - To enhance usability, installed theme doesn’t appear
    - Not available for Tab Devices (Extra-Large Screens)
    - Badges: Display missed call, unread messages (ATOM only supports default apps on your Android device, does not support device-specific functions)
    - Due to resolution issues, service is currently inactive for “Optimus View”
    *** Customer Support
    Please leave reviews or comments. Your review is appreciated.
    For more information or support, please visit
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Atom.Launcher.Global
    - 主页屏幕锁选项
    - 凌律师:谷歌搜索,数字时钟,时钟+快速设置,时钟+谷歌搜索
    - 简化部件:清洁内存,闪存,时钟,记事日历,联系人,设置和搜索栏
    - 手势:捏,双触摸,滑动,长触摸
    - 编辑托盘:一个快速简便的编辑模式简单和易于管理的应用。
    - 智能文件夹:支持自定义主屏幕上的文件夹。您可以调整文件夹,并直接启动,而无需打开文件夹。
    - 2个文件夹样式:同时支持缩略图的形状和基本形状。
    - 停靠栏:访问多达20个您最喜爱的应用程序瞬间,包括各种滤镜效果,屏幕设置和不透明度的调整能力。
    - 美丽而简单的主题:新的,自定义的主题正在不断释放通过原子商店。设计是简约和美观。
    - 多壁纸:开启/关闭显示器时之间自动切换3-24种不同的壁纸。
    - 图标定制:混合和匹配的图标和主题之间的画廊图像。
    - 点颜色变化:凌酒吧菜单图标,引导线的颜色可以改变颜色选择器。
    - 现场背景:进入21世纪,带来了你的背景 - 美丽的动画背景。
    - 广泛的主题支持:支持现有SSKIN GO Launcher主题。
    - 隐藏应用程序图标:选择性地隐藏应用程序的图标,让主的清洁和有组织的。 (隐藏应用程序可以通过所有的应用程序搜索翻查选项)
    - 主屏幕复制:复制主屏幕上你已经设定了通过另一个发射原子发射。
    - 可定制的应用网格:确定您的主屏幕和所有的应用程序屏幕上可见的应用程序的最大6 * 6 * 6的应用程序分别量的大小的网格。
    - 备份/恢复设置:多达三个不同的主题和图标集的备份您的设置。
    - 一个窗口
    提供部件 - 便条,月历,每日日历,快速设置,联系人,搜索栏,数字时钟,模拟时钟。
    - Atom存储
    随着几​​个著名的插画家,艺术家和演员的参与,我们建立了丰富多样的主题和图标库,为你的Andr​​oid。 (您也可以搜索通过Atom存储部件)
    - 可从Android OS 4.0.2及以上版本
    - 需要10 MB空间来保存主题资源
    - 为了提高可用性,不会出现安装的主题
    - 不适用于标签设备(超大屏幕)
    - 徽章:显示未接来电,未读消息(ATOM默认只支持Android设备上的应用程序,不支持特定的器件功能)
    - 由于分辨率问题,服务是当前处于非活动状态的为“擎天柱检视”
  4. 鳄鱼大冒险

    333人安装 16.78MB
  5. 生死之间 中文版

    898人安装 27.27MB
    顶级水准神作到来!屡获大奖的In Between以充满艺术气息的手绘风格,精彩绝伦的机关解谜冒险,以及内涵深邃的设定给2015年的游戏世界添上了浓墨重彩的一笔。
    本作有着 60 个不同的关卡,玩家需要在其中控制虚拟世界中的主角,以控制重力来“飞檐走壁”和推动各种物件来帮助自己解开谜题。但与此同时,虚拟世界中也存在着许多危险,比如遍地的尖刺,逐渐侵蚀场景的黑暗,以及其他各种障碍。玩家必须要一一机智地破解谜题躲开机关陷阱,才能够安全到达终点。
  6. 囧囧侠大冒险

    1082人安装 32.08MB
  7. Abraham Tours

    422人安装 1.87MB
    The perfect travel companion for travel in Israel, the West Bank, Jordan and Egypt. Abraham Tours' App is designed to provide independent travelers with information and to substitute a costly tour guide with a virtual guide, through images and audio, as well as GPS navigation and maps, and discounts throughout Israel.Abraham Tours has partnered with Tiuli, Israel's leading trail info site on selected routes to provide the most up to date and quality information to travelers and locals alike.
  8. Black background / wallpaper

    588人安装 14.65KB
    Back2Black - Black Backgrounds & Black Wallpaper
    Finally, the perfect all black background and pure black wallpaper!
    When they say "Nothing is better," sometimes they really mean it!
    - Simple, basic black; ultra-contemporary
    - Makes all icons easy to see
    - May reduce battery use on OLED devices
    - Fastest possible performance
    - Icons pop like dev intended
    - Does not fight with icon colors
    - Compatible with ALL launchers and home systems
    - Smallest memory footprint -- on every device
    - Cool, minimalist, ultra-modern feel
    - Beautifully complements black phone hardware
    (Makes screens with a black bezel appear bigger)
    - Makes absolutely NO statement - cannot offend or inform
    (That frou-frou background could thwart your career!)
    - Compatible with every theme and widget
    - Perfect for night-time use - won't annoy your partner
    - Maximum contrast improves daylight viewing
    - Inspired by pre-big-bang ethos
    - Enjoyed by NASA astronauts in SPACE! (behind all stars)
    - Totally compatible with fancy widgets, and simple widgets
    - Can you believe something so simple has so many features?
    To restore your old background or wallpaper, simply go to Settings | Display | Wallpaper settings
    If this app isn’t everything you’d hoped for, please e-mail the dev at dev@pfirth.com instead of leaving a negative review. I might be able to fulfill your dreams.
    [Note: Internet access is no longer required. It is a totally free app.]
    Copyright © 2011-2015 - All rights reserved
    Back2Black - 黑色背景和黑色壁纸
    - 简单,基本的黑色;超现代的
    - 使所有图标易见
    - 可以减少对OLED设备的电池使用
    - 最快的性能
    - 图标弹出类似开发意图
    - 不使用图标的颜色打
    - 兼容所有发射器和家用系统
    - 最小的内存空间 - 在每个设备上
    - 酷派,极简主义,超现代的感觉
    - 美丽搭配黑色的手机硬件
    - 完全不会有什么说法 - 不能冒犯或通知
    - 兼容所有的主题和插件
    - 适合夜间使用 - 将不会惹恼你的伴侣
    - 最大对比度提高了白天观看
    - 由前大爆炸精神的启发
    - 由美国航空航天局宇航员在太空中享用! (后面的所有星)
    - 花哨的小部件,而简单的小部件完全兼容
    - 你能相信这么简单的东西有这么多的功能?
    版权所有©2011年至2015年 - 保留所有权利。
  9. Beetle Bug Fire Safety

    614人安装 41.3MB
    The Beetle Bug Fire Safety App is an application designed to educate children on the proper actions and planning in the event of a fire. It is intended to be used with adult supervision so the child can learn the correct procedures to follow using this App as a guide. The App consists of a series of Lessons which teach basic fire safety strategies. Audio and Subtitles available in English and Spanish.
  10. 天煞玩客攻略

    901人安装 6.4MB
    玩客游戏中心是玩客出品专门为手游玩家精心打造的实好玩、有趣的游戏中心,在这里你能看攻略、赏新游、抢礼包、领奖品、交朋友、看视频,本着一切为了玩家的设计理念,打造属于我们自己的帝国,目前已获得各大平台的数百万玩家的认可,玩客帝国,正在招募中!等你出发! 游戏攻略功能特色: 更多游戏攻略、评测精挑细选 更优超值游戏礼包应有尽有 更牛高手视频手把手教你过关 更快汇聚玩家问答让你有求必应 身边玩家,游戏热圈解你燃眉之急 公测内侧开服通告,最热资讯你先知道 游戏广场、热门活动、你想要啥我给啥 期待您加入我们的QQ群共同交流:335874630,关注我们的微信公众号:讯游网(wankeshouyou)。 不管你是菜鸟还是骨灰,在这里你都可以找到组织,抓狂、痴迷、傻笑任我行,打造专属于你的玩客帝国!
  11. Global Metro Lite

    1018人安装 36.5MB
    ★ Free Metro-maps of 20 Focus cities !!!
    ★ The App brings you all the city Metro in USA(New York, Las Vegas), Canada(Vancouver), Japan(Tokyo, Tokyo JR), China(Beijing, Shanghai), India(New Delhi), Malaysia(Kuala Lumpur), UK(London), Germany(Berlin), France(Paris), Spain(Madrid), Australia(Sydney), Brazil(Rio de Janeiro), Argentina(Buenos Aires), etc !!!
    ★ The only one App for your enjoyment of shopping tour in New York, Paris, and Kuala Lumpur, Or casino tour in Las Vegas, Or working holiday in Sydney and Vancouver, Or language course in London, Or business trip in Tokyo, Beijing, Shanghai, and New Delhi, Or Europe tour to Berlin, Madrid, Or Rio carnival tour in Rio de Janeiro !!!
    ★ No need of Wifi anywhere !!!
    ★ Taking photographs/saving and e-mail sending for passport, etc !!!
    ★ Map out your trip with comfortable Metro. You don't need to take an unfamiliar bus or an expensive taxi !!!
    ★该应用程序为您带来全城的地铁在美国(纽约,拉斯维加斯),加拿大(温哥华),日本(东京,东京JR),中国(北京,上海),印度(新德里),马来西亚(吉隆坡) ,英国(伦敦),德国(柏林),法国(巴黎),西班牙(马德里),澳大利亚(悉尼),巴西(里约热内卢),阿根廷(布宜诺斯艾利斯),等等!
  12. 我能拯救老爹吗 中文版

    390人安装 45.52MB
  13. Hangman Hero

    174人安装 23.06MB
    最后还要在Android上:只有你能救刽子手的生命。猜词和救他从挂在绞刑架上!单独或对你的朋友玩。 忘了纸和笔,在你的Andr​​oid智能手机或平板电脑玩经典的游戏刽子手英雄。猜所有的150失踪的话在这个免费的版本,并获得更多的通过应用内购买,一次又一次地拯救棒的男人!您也可以发挥对朋友离线多人模式,并试着猜测他们的话。有趣的动画和声音帮助你通过这个令人毛骨悚然的冒险找到自己的方式。 期待着谷歌播放服务的集成!解锁令人兴奋的成就,并与在线玩家来自世界各地的排行榜竞争。 产品特点: - 1和2游戏模式 - 字包“常规” - 酷动画和声音 - 帮助功能 - 高分追踪 - Facebook的谷歌及播放服务的集成 获取更多的功能: - 8每150个字新词包 - 移除广告 成为英雄,并保存Hangmans的生命! 如果你喜欢我们的刽子手英雄,我们期待着收到您的等级在店里。 如有问题或其他反馈参观我们在Facebook:www.facebook.com/mobiventionThis is new: - Minor bug fixes and improvements Let us know what you think! Send your feedback to: support@mobivention.com www.facebook.com/mobivention www.twitter.com/mobivention
  14. 僵尸 中文版

    676人安装 30.25MB
  15. 爱丽丝与可怕的童话之家 中文版

    216人安装 43.85MB
  16. 梦里的美食

    123人安装 28.85MB