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  1. 卡特尔:坟墓守卫者


    Explore the world to collect resources, food and water, craft tools and weapons, use your creativity to build a fortress and defend yourself from a mysterious menace.
    + Awesome graphics
    + Great gameplay, develop your own strategy and tactics
    + Dynamic world
    + Level entities are randomically generated
    + Multiplayer mode*
    If you like and want even more fun, unlock the full game by purchasing it inside the game:
    + Unlock all levels
    + Unlock all enemy types
    + Unlimited players in multiplayer mode
    + Remove ads
    * Multiplayer details:
    - Limited to 2 simultaneous players in the free version
    - Requires Wi-fi connection
    - Requires one of the player to host the game (there isn't an online game server)
    - Devices must be connected in the same LAN to discover each other, but direct IP addresses are accepted to play over the internet
    If you have problems or suggestions, send us an e-mail to contact@madskillgames.com
    - 限制为2同时玩家在免费版
    - 需要的Wi-Fi连接
    - 需要玩家举办游戏之一(没有一个网络游戏服务器)
    - 设备必须连接在同一个局域网发现了对方,而是直接IP地址接受在互联网上玩

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