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  1. 贪婪的荣耀


    Battle other Kingdoms in Epic Kingdom Wars! Prove your Kingdom’s glory in our leaderboards. Fight rival Kingdoms alongside your fellow lords and ladies in fast paced, epic battles!
    ★★★★★ “Fun kingdom building game. Build your own kingdom, join alliances with your friends and raid others kingdoms. What more can you ask for”
    ★★★★★“Greed for Glory is by far the best free build and attack game out there. The ability to spin the screen is great.”
    ★★★★★ “Amazing game really draws you in. Friendly kingdoms. Absolutely love it :-)”
    Greed for Glory is a brilliant city defense game that combines building with strategy in a colorful medieval fantasy world. Lead a mighty army of knights, elves, wizards, dragons, and other fantasy creatures in exciting and fun battles. Raid, destroy defenses, and steal resources against thousands of other players or in single player campaigns.
    ** Features **
    ● Free to Play!
    ● Kingdom vs Kingdom Battle! Join a kingdom with your friends and go to war
    ● Battle against players, or advance through 96 campaigns
    ● Prove your kingdom’s glory by climbing the rankings
    ● Turn your small village into a massive impenetrable fortress
    ● Progress your empire through eleven technological ages
    ● Construct and upgrade towers, gold mines, iron quarries, wall mazes, and trebuchets
    ● Recruit Elves, Knights, Dragons, and other creatures to battle in catastrophic crusades
    ● Employ countless strategies of defensive and offensive tactics to surpass your rivals
    We want to hear your ideas, suggestions, and problems. You can reach our in-house support team in game from the settings help menu and on http://greedforglory.uservoice.com/ This app collects phone information for simple account recovery.

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    分类: 经营策略 模拟

  2. 贪婪的荣耀:王国战争


    《贪婪的荣耀:王国战争 Greed for Glory: Kingdom Wars》是一款模拟经营游戏。打造你的最强帝国,搭建兵营,创造良好的经济循环,然后投入到对兽人的不断进攻中吧。带领骑士,精灵,巫师,龙,突袭,摧毁防御,并窃取成千上万玩家的资源。可以也可以单人游戏。

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  3. 贪婪的荣耀:最后曙光 Greed for Glory: Final Dawn


    2910 人安装 · 2015年03月18日 更新
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