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  1. 极品漂移

    You will have to get behind the wheel of a sports car and take part in illegal racing right in the city streets! Are you ready to become the best racer of the city?
    You will race on over 100 tracks in 30 supercharged cars and take your driving skills to a new height. Smart and skillful opponents won’t let you get bored and will keep your adrenaline level high!

    14 万人安装 · 2016年4月22日更新
    分类: 跑酷竞速 · 赛车

  2. 真实极品赛车 Real Car Speed: Need for Racer

    - 6 cars with completely different steering models;
    - 4 unique tracks;
    - driving model which connect best elements from simulation and arcade games;
    - leaderboards where you can establish your domination;
    - unique system of matching opponents in multiplayer which guarantee fun and challenging experience;
    - 8 achievements on asphalt tracks,
    Everyone during watching racing events on awesome asphalt tracks in TV wants to be rally driver, at least for the short time feel the real speed, experience adrenaline rush which is exclusively reserved for formula 1 drivers. Imagine how they can feel during indycar or nascar race.
    Stop dreaming, start “Real Speed” and immerse yourself in world of fastest and skilled drivers who live and sometimes dies on amazing asphalt tracks.
    CSR Motorsport is not for everyone - test your skills in this simulation of grand prix races.
    Finally find the answer on question which bothers you - are you determined enough to become world rally champion in asphalt races? Try out right now!
    Drive fastest circuits and own the leaderboards, let other players be envy of your driving skills - fell like a champ of most famous races: le mans, nascar, monaco, indianapolis or formula 1.
    Use your top gear and defeat other competitors in real life multiplayer race where your score on circuit may become the legend amongst other race drivers.
    Shift your mind in underground thinking and ignore all common sense rules of driving on asphalt - race like crazy, only this can assure you that the win and glory will be your.
    Plenty of mobile games offers opportunity to experience rally and race with others, but our unique physics provide chance to become extreme driver in quite realistic environment of professional racing.
    Make drifts and dirty tricks, fight for life or death and use your manual skills and achieve perfection in racing and make fast circuits on in asphalt races - feel the speed if you need it.
    Stop dreaming about driving cars like lamborghini, ferrari or porsche and start real racing on the fastest available asphalt tracks - hot pursuit after your opponents on great asphalt tracks, if you demand great unleashed run, this is what we provide you!
    Experience the most realistic car simulator available on the market which will show you excitement and provide adrenaline rush for real racing. GT cars aren’t only ones available - choose from retail models or earn sophisticated and fastest cars on the planet. Speed which you will experience is surprisingly realistic and can trigger permanent need of racing on pure and clean asphalt.
    Rally on several different asphalt tracks - with asphalt surface or semi-grass and sand. Every surface include variable driving conditions, which are also depends from other car you choose and your way of driving.
    High speed, sound of engine and adrenaline in veins, this is what every gamer loves and exactly this we are providing in our production - new and amazing racing game which links fast arcade model and skill required simulation, emotions of dynamic drifts and sense of accomplishment after few skillful “moves” in race.
    Choose model of steering:
    - simulation way of driving which allow players feel like a pro race driver on most professional racing tracks,
    - arcade steering if you prefer easier yet still demanding driving technique,
    Prove that you are worthy of being called champion by dominating on leaderboards.
    Choose and play: simply as that. At least 2 GT cars are awaiting for you!
    - 6汽车行驶完全不同的车型的转向;
    - 4个独特的轨道;
    - 这从连接模拟和街机游戏最佳元素驾驶模式;
    - 排行榜在这里你可以建立你的统治;
    - 匹配多人其中保证乐趣和挑战性经验的对手独特的系统;
    - 沥青轨道8的成绩,
    CSR赛车并不适合每一个人 - 测试你的技能在这个模拟大奖赛分站赛的。
    最后发现这困扰你的问题的答案 - 你确定足以成为世界拉力赛冠军沥青比赛?尝试一下,现在!
    驱动电路最快和自己的排行榜,让其他玩家成为你的驾驶技术嫉妒 - 下跌像最著名的赛事的冠军:勒芒,纳斯卡,摩纳哥,印第安纳波利斯或公式1。
    改变你的头脑地下思维,而忽略驾驶沥青的所有常识规则 - 比赛像疯了似的,只有这样才能保证你的胜利与荣耀将是你的。
    让漂移和肮脏的把戏,对于生死战斗和使用您的手工技能,实现完美的比赛,并在比赛沥青快速电路 - 感觉速度,如果你需要它。
    不要妄想驾驶汽车像兰博基尼,法拉利和保时捷汽车,并开始在最快的沥青轨道真实赛车 - 在伟大的沥青轨道紧追对手后,如果你的需求很大如虎添翼来看,这是我们为您提供!
    体验市场,它会显示你的兴奋和真实赛车提供肾上腺素上最逼真的赛车模拟器。 GT车型不提供唯一的 - 从零售模式选择,或者赚地球上的成熟和发展最快的汽车。速度,这您将体验到令人惊讶的是现实的,可以触发纯净沥青赛车的长期需要。
    集会几种不同的沥青轨道 - 与沥青面或半草和沙子。每面包括可变驾驶条件下,这也取决于您所选择的其他汽车驾驶车辆的方式。
    高速,中脉引擎和肾上腺素的声音,这是每一位游戏玩家热爱和正是这一点,我们在我们的生产提供 - 新的和惊人的赛车游戏哪个环节快速街机模式和技能要求的仿真,动态漂移的情绪和成就感在经过几个比赛熟练的“动作”。
    - 驾驶这让玩家感觉就像最专业的赛车场亲车手的模拟方式,
    - 街机转向,如果你喜欢更轻松,但仍要求苛刻的驾驶技术,
    选择并播放:简单地作为。至少2 GT轿车正在等待你!

    6 万人安装 · 2015年12月18日更新
    分类: 跑酷竞速 · 体育格斗

  3. 极品飙车


    5512 人安装 · 2013年4月15日更新
    分类: 休闲时间 · 体育格斗

  4. エクストリーム早弁 -弁当を隠れて食え!人気の无料バカゲーム

    ★☆庆祝! 400000下载突破! ★☆
    ★☆门早场比赛是世界上首次亮相!这是一个战斗的哈亚·本! ★☆
    第二Bakage系列!这是战争的时间! !
    •即使午饭是非常罕见的午餐吃掉! ?

    1.5 万人安装 · 2013年4月23日更新
    分类: 休闲时间 · 动作射击