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  1. 铁甲钢拳:世界机器人拳击


    STAR ROBOTS ARE HERE! Fight the greatest ranked robot brawlers among 100 million WRB players in exciting Global Multiplayer battles. Transform the legends Atom, Zeus, and all-time favorite champions into powerful 1, 2, 3 and 4 Star Robots to win big in Versus Leagues & Global Tournaments. Top the Leaderboards, claim the Championship title and reign supreme as the Ultimate World Robot Boxing Champion. Achieve greatness in the future of boxing, where gigantic robots pack powerful punches. Unleash your fighting style with deadly jabs, uppercuts & special moves to win world championship belts, collect trophies & knockout friends! UNLEASH ROBOT TITANS Towering over 9 feet tall and weighing over 2000 pounds are your 58 ultimate fighting machines, robot titans & legends including fan favorite superstars – Zeus, Atom, Noisy boy & Twin Cities. BRAWL REAL-TIME WITH FRIENDS Unleash your true self in live local Wi-Fi & Bluetooth multiplayer and earn bragging rights while enjoying the winning moment! WIN EXCITING CHALLENGES! Play Career, Multiplayer and the new Winner Takes All Mode to become the All-Category Champion. EXPERIENCE REAL SPORTS ACTION Build a roster of your favorite sport robots and take on the Legends in enthralling arenas and stadiums. UPGRADE & COLOR YOUR CHAMPION Fight and Upgrade your robot to be stronger, faster and meaner. Color your robot, express yourself and have some fun in the Paint shop! SHOWCASE YOUR TRIUMPHS Win Challenges and exhibit your achievements in an all new Trophy Room. ACHIEVE GLORY IN ARENAS Reign supreme in 11 huge arenas that can barely contain these hulking mean machines. RELIVE THE INSPIRING MOVIE Play the official boxing game of the blockbuster movie Real Steel. Take your robot champion from the movie for amazing title winning experiences in this smash hit sequel. JOIN THE ELITE CLUB OF REAL STEEL FANS Enjoy regular news on game updates, robots, features, views, video tips and more for Free Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RealSteelWorldRobotBoxing Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/realsteelgames/ Capture player moments on Instagram: https://instagram.com/realsteelgames/ The game is also optimized for tablet devices This game is completely free to download and play. However, some game power-ups can be purchased with real money within the game. You can restrict in-app purchases in your store’s settings. * Permission: STORAGE: for saving the data and progression.

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  2. 铁甲钢拳冠军赛


    《铁甲钢拳冠军赛 Real Steel Champions》在史诗级的续篇中,与 5,000 多万“真实拳击世界机器人拳击大赛”粉丝并肩作战。打造属于你自己的机器人冠军,并主宰 10 个振奋人心的竞技场。以专属传奇式机器人部件打造数千个独具特色的机器人。战胜“新真实拳击时代传奇”和“全新神秘超级老大”,以“不容置疑的冠军”身份称雄! 打造你的冠军 以 17 个专属机器人的 100 多个巨型机器人部件揭开你的独特身份。从标志性的头部、庞大的躯干以及强壮的手臂和双腿中进行选择。以能够生动再现你风格并让人眼前一亮的色彩(Paint, Intro)定制你的物品,并将独特的名字宣称为“真实拳击冠军造王者”! 释放英勇动作 将毁灭性的特殊重击、终极升级、致命一击以及终结者选作你的致胜策略。 体验真实拳击传奇 拥有“真实拳击传奇”名册——Atom、Zeus、Noisy Boy、Midas 以及 Metro,并重新获得冠军赛体验。 证明你的实力 •比赛20 场打斗中有 4 个“硬骨头老大” •需完成 30 场强力挑战 •在记录时间内,以 96 次计时攻击打斗将对手撕碎 •以无限量自由式二击全倒磨砺你的技能 【注意】首次运行需要下载100M的数据!请自行下载! 提示 :

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