1. 酷跑奔跑

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  2. 七彩滑块

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    ★ Top Developer (awarded 2013 / 2015) ★
    ★★★ 9 REVIEWS! see Below ★★★
    Tired of sliding blocks puzzles that only allow block movement in one direction? Then this is for you!
    Move it!™ FREE is a fresh and exciting new block-sliding puzzle, not just Unblock me clone!
    Move it!™ Free comes with 300 puzzles spanning 6 difficulty levels from Novice to Expert. Depending on level, it can be either a quick casual game or an extremely challenging puzzle. It is both a simple and addictive puzzle game that will give you hours of playing fun.
    The goal is to get the red block out from the bottom corner to the exit by sliding the other blocks out of the way. However this game injects something genuinely new into the block sliding genre of games. Most block sliders are variants based around Yoshigahara's very famous and excellent Rush Hour game (the most well known being the Unblock Me (Unblockme), Traffic Jam, Unblock Mummy, Parking Car and Mouse Trap). Move it! instead provides a richer variety of "tetris style" shapes that can move freely, not just in restricted planes. This will keep you challenged!
    The end product is a very natural sliding game of great depth and variety, very well suited to the new generation of touch-screen devices: A very simple and natural inclusion into the pantheon of puzzles such as the tile matching Mahjong, connect 4, Traffic Jam, Unblock me and other such popular games and puzzles.
    -- Designed for both Tablet and Phone
    **** 9 Reviews !!!
    ★"If you think you’ve already played the best block puzzle games on your smartphone, wait until you’ve played Move It!"
    review by Arnold Zafra
    ★"For the die hard puzzle fanatics who love a challenge, this game will not disappoint."
    review by Vincent Messina
    ★"It's all about the puzzles and the puzzles are good....
    In conclusion, this is a solid puzzle game that is a nice addition to the Android Market"
    review by Alstar MeandMyDroid
    ★"Today I will tell you something that will definitely change your life. In a better way, of course. Al Factory Limited is happy to present you a breathtaking puzzle game of the “future”."
    review by Kim Zalewski
    ★"What is nice about Move it! is that it looks simple and not intimidating, but is actually really challenging. An excellent puzzle game!"
    Yasushi Tanase
    (4 times world computer Shogi champion)
    ★"I like to think I’m pretty decent at puzzles, but some of these definitely had me sweating"
    review by AppSafari
    ★"If you have a few minutes, or few hours to spare, and are looking for something challenging,
    yet fun, this is a great solution to end your boredom!"
    review by Jerad DiPane
    ★"Sliding, sorting, shuffling and shifting blocks actually proves to be a pleasant diversion from many of the other available gaming apps on the various marketplaces"
    review by James Woodcock
    ★"Colorful game environment, a lot of game levels to conquer, and challenging puzzles, of course, characterized by how well this game is... A bright, ambitious and fun spin-off"
    review - androidmobilez.com
    This free version is supported by 3rd party ads. Ads may use internet connectivity, and therefore subsequent data charges may apply. The photos/media/files permission is required to allow the game to save game data to external storage, and is sometimes used to cache ads.
    What's new? FREE version comes with 240 free puzzles.
    - 专为平板电脑和手机
    **** 9评论!
    总之,这是一个坚实的益智游戏,是一个很好的补充到Android Market“
        审查Alstar MeandMyDroid
        审查Jerad DiPane
        综述 - androidmobilez.com
  3. 刃大师 Blade Master

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  4. 超强弹力

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  5. 割草无双 Mowing Warriors

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    《割草无双 Mowing Warriors》是一款名副其实的割草游戏。滑动你的手指,把布满整个屏幕的杂草全部割掉吧。来回滑动屏幕,小心仔细地干掉每一寸杂草,玩家们赶紧过来挑战一下吧!!!看看你和...
  6. 移箱子

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    《滑动爆破箱 Box Slider》是一款消除类的益智休闲游戏。玩家需要将相同颜色的箱子摆成一个横列或者纵列,从而消除。消除后的箱子会在地图爆破出一个洞,后面的箱子就不能通过这块方格移动。利用你的聪明智慧,一起来消除吧。
  7. 北极猫®雪地摩托赛车

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  8. 数字俄罗斯

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  9. 刷牙女友

    2250人安装 24.23MB
    帮美少女清除口中的细菌,让她们的牙齿变得干干净净! 不要错过可爱的细菌与美少女丰富的表情唷! 滑动萤幕,拔除突然出现在口腔里的细菌! 美少女的表情及台词也不要错过唷! 拔除稀有细菌就可以挑战画鬼脚! 得到宝箱,就可以增加你的细菌收藏唷! 特别邀请在亚洲超人气的「豆腐人」设计团队-DEVILROBOTS设计多种可爱的细菌! 美少女的衣服上也有DEVILROBOTS设计的角色唷!
  10. SWAT反恐

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  11. 疯狂摇滚

    1950人安装 10.33MB
    在疯狂摇滚中,你可以伴随音乐节奏敲击下落的音符,或通过滑动的方式连击连续的旋律音符,甚至你可以从你的手机上选择你喜欢的音乐来演奏。游戏中有四种不同的模式与三种不同的关卡,准备好中挑战自己了吗?你可以在星路模式中磨练你的技巧,也可以在自由模式中挑战高分。找准时机,跟随节奏点击按钮,感受演奏音乐的快感吧 特色: - 30多首自带歌曲,50关星路模式关卡 - 可以自由的演奏本地音乐 - 5种不同角色和场景 - 3种不同难度可以挑战 - 震撼的画面效果特色 --- Calling all rock stars! Have you ever dreamed of becoming a true rock hero? Here is your chance to make those dreams come true! Rock Mania is the most addictive rhythm game for music lovers! You need to pay attention to the rhythm: sync your taps with the sick beats of the songs playing. The goal of the game is to tap the colored buttons when they reach a line at the bottom of screen. Are you ready to rock now? Game Features: - Amazing art, animation and piano audio effects - 30+ preload songs in Free Play mode - 50+ challenging levels in Idol mode - You can also play your local music files (mp3) Copyright Notes: All the preload songs are under Creative Commons License (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/). Please click the 'CC' label for detailed copyright information of each preload song.
  12. 步伐

    1800人安装 10.95MB
  13. 滑动小狗

    1800人安装 28.91MB
           《滑动小狗 Puzzle Pug-Sliding Puppy Dog》是一款休闲类的游戏,小狗帕格心爱的红色小球不见很久了,你现在要帮它找回它心爱的小球。根据游戏提示点击屏幕来进行操作,滑动小狗,让它沿着直线滑来滑去,然后最终让它找到心爱的红色小球。游戏设有多个挑战关卡,难度从易到难,通关时的星级越高,分数就越高。
  14. 百变星君

    1770人安装 31.51MB
  15. 连续2

    1770人安装 10.95MB

    Noodlecake Studios Inc今天为我们带来了这款小游戏《连续2:续集(Continuity 2:The Continuation)》,非常值得一玩。其一代作品曾在2010年独立游戏节IGF中获得最佳学生游戏奖,并在IndieCade 2010中获得'游戏创新奖',总下载次数超过600万次。现在二代作品也已经发布iOS版和Android版。游戏延续了一代作品的黑白画面和简洁的操作方式,但是可玩性大大提高。游戏类似于华容道,玩家需要把不同的拼图板块来回滑动组合,让小人可以在不同的通道中穿梭,获取钥匙、金币等道具,最后打开红色的门才能过关。游戏的乐趣就在于需要思考组合方式才能顺利过关,同时用的时间越少同时得到金币越多,得分就越高。

  16. 增强现实射击大师

    1545人安装 21.89MB
    《增强现实射击大师 AR Master Shooter: PRE-ALPHA》是一款AR射击游戏。成为一个完美的主射手,你必须通过不同的层次,以提高您的拍摄技巧。这场比赛是在字母前的状态目前,所以你可以尝试两个层次。 如何使用AR主射击游戏: - 从链接http://www.media4.co.rs/ARMSMarker.pdf打印标记 (推荐标记大小:印在A4幅面100毫米×100mm的) - 将标记放在一个平面上 - 运行AR射击大师 - 通过您的移动设备/平板电脑查看标记 - 享受游戏,并等待主射手的完全释放!