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  1. 机器人大战

    Shade Inc. guarantees this app is NOT malware.
    If false-positive virus detection happens, please ignore that alert.
    (Some antivirus software detect the link function to our other apps as malware But it is false-positive virus detection.)
    『Destroy Gunners SP』
    As Memorial Event of New release of Destroy Gunners SP / ICEBURN!!,
    we started limited time special price offer of"Destroy Gunners SP"!
    Special Price:400Yen(tax included)!
    Usual Price: 800Yen(tax included)
    『Destroy Gunners SP』brought out the limitation of the performance of the newest smartphones.
    This title is new generation 3D action shooting game that exceeded any past game machines.
    A player can control realistic armed robot intuitively by touch panel control
    and any player can experience impressive battle scenes easily.
    To accomplish missions, the player destroy numerous enemies with get arms.
    the player can customizes player's robot(armed destroyer) to reinforce the robot repeatedly
    and challenge more higher,severe missions and mighty boss!
    Significant buildup of maps and arms from free version:『Destroy Gunners F』.
    Also, the player can choose player's robot from many types.
    Customizable robot system allows that the player can set and change parts to create original armed robot.
    This game supports community functions of score ranking and achievement by“OpenFeint”.
    The player can contest score and skill with players whole over the world.
    “Let's destroy all enemies more than anybody in the battlefield of blast and gun smoke.”
    ・required OS: over Android 2.2(2.3recommended) ※required resolution: over 800×480 pixel
    ・recommended device:Xperia arc(Sony Ericsson)
    ※Android OS model released after June 2011
    Notice: For users of SAMSUNG GALAXY S2
    If hang up and no repose happen on SAMSUNG GALAXY S2,
    please select RESTRICT SE (MEASURE TO CRUSH) and "ON" in GAME OPTION menu
    or turn off SOUND EFFECT in the option menu to avoid this problem.
    ・Limited Time Special Price:400Yen(tax included)!
    Usual Price: 800Yen(tax included)
    ※Credit Card Payments Only.
    ※Carrier Billing of Mobile Phone Companies is NOT supported.
    作为纪念事件毁灭枪手SP / ICEBURN新发布!,
    ·要求操作系统:以上的Andr​​oid 2.2(2.3recommended)※所需的分辨率:在800×480像素
    注意:三星Galaxy S2的用户
    如果挂断电话并没有休止发生在三星Galaxy S2,
    请选择RESTRICT SE(测量粉碎),并在游戏选项菜单中的“开”

    50 万人安装 · 2015年8月14日更新
    分类: 动作射击 · 射击 · 即时战斗

  2. 陷阱战士


    7260 人安装 · 2013年2月25日更新
    分类: 经营策略 · 塔防守卫