1. 节奏绵羊 Rhythm Sheep Free

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    Listen the rhythm and tap it as accurately as you can. Various difficulty levels guarantee fun rhythmic challenges for everyone from beginners to professional musicians.
    Test and train your rhythmic skills in this fun rhythm game. 65 levels are freely available and you can also purchase several level packages with different themes to really test your rhythmic abilities. Some levels are easy, but the most difficult rhythms will really push your musical skills to the limit, as well as memory. Train your rhythm tapping and music theory skills with Rhythm Sheep!
    Levels available in musical notation here: http://www.metkagames.com/rhythmsheep/levels/
    Review in http://mobilegames.reviews/android/rhythm-sheep-learn-music
    "At times, some of the rhythms might get a little tedious, but you’d be surprised on how often you’ll replay a level, just because you want another crack at that highscore!"
    Review in http://mwap.me.uk/game-industry-news/rhythm-sheep-impressions.html
    "Rhythm Sheep is a fun free game to test and train your rhythmic skills. Beginners and professional musician will all enjoy this cute little game that is more difficult than it seems."
    Review in http://blog.pre-pay-as-you-go.co.uk/2012/10/22/rhythm-sheep-the-listen-and-repeat-review/
    "Deceptively simple and endlessly frustrating in that addictive way that keeps you gritting your teeth and mumbling 'Just one last try...', Rhythm Sheep is a great game for developing and perfecting your rhythm skills."
    测试和培训在这个有趣的节奏游戏节奏的技巧。 65水平是免费提供的,你还可以购买几级封装不同的主题,以真正考验你的节奏的能力。有些水平是容易的,但最困难的节奏将真正推动你的音乐技巧发挥到极致,还有记忆。训练你的节奏敲击和音乐理论技能节奏羊!
  2. 史上最坑爹的游戏3

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