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  1. 海盗时代RPG

    Sail your ship on the great seas of Laanbrakar during the age of sail, raiding, plundering and trading in search of riches, fame or infamy. Your fate is in your own hands, will you turn your broadsides against the enemy in the wars of the nations, pirate and maurade for your own gain, or haul great loads of cargo across the dangerous seas to turn a profit as a merchant. Sharpen your blade, bury your treasure, there is adventure abound matey!
    This high seas adventure RPG offers you the chance to enter the dynamic and exciting world of Laanbrakar and its mix of age of sail technology, powerful land magics, and industrial revolution. As the master and commander of your sailing ship, you are challenged with navigating the tricky political waters between nations on edge, dealing with sorcerers when you must and trading, bounty hunting or plundering to make a profit. Keep your ship bristling with guns and your crew well-fed. Age of Pirates offers both a rich set of story driven characters as well as endless replay value in its sandbox mode, allowing you take any path you choose as a captain of a sailing ship. Your actions affect the world around you as you grind enemy ports into dust with bombardments or end resources shortages through trade, bringing cities back into prosperity.
    Age of Pirates is a turn-based trading and strategy game inspired by classic adventure games. If you enjoy retro or classic games, action RPG, adventure, complex trading, and high seas tactics you will enjoy this complex trading simulation set in an age when sailing was the unchallenged paramount in transportation, trading and war.
    Play this free RPG before you buy Elite. Enjoy hours of turn-based strategy RPG before you purchase the upgrade that unlocks the truly immense oceans of Laanbrakar. Play the famous story of the Ruesland Merchant, Nathaniel Sveet, trying to save your son against impossible odds. Read over our player's comments to see this is one of the best RPG pirate games! Trese Brothers never run ads in our games -- enjoy ad free, permission free experience. If you enjoy it, please help support our small indie RPG company!
    Then experience the Elite Upgrade and copy all of your pirate captains! Elite includes all 36 sectors of the massive world of Laanbrakar. You can copy any captain from Age of Pirates (free) to Elite.
    Our team is actively continuing development, updating the game based on your feedback including new content, features, and fixes. Please email us at atrese@gmail.com with suggestions or bugs!
    As an epic seafaring Captain in this turn-based adventure RPG you will:
    - Play the interactive captain tutorial to learn the ropes
    - Explore the immense seas which take months to cross by sea
    - Trade in the markets of more than 120 towns in this complex and exciting economic simulator
    - Buy or capture a mighty captain’s sword for dueling and bounty hunting
    - Buy, sell, and battle over 30 unique classes of sailing ships
    - Fully customize your captain (picking from 6 classes), officers and crew
    You are the master of your sailing ship and your rowdy crew of sea men and pirates. Can you lead these men and women to glory and riches, turning a profit on the high seas? Will your name join the greats among the most feared pirates and privateers ever to sail the six seas?
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    你买之前精英玩这个免费的RPG游戏。享受回合制战略RPG游戏时间,你购买的解锁Laanbrakar的真正巨大的海洋升级之前。播放Ruesland商人,纳撒尼尔Sveet著名的故事,试图你的儿子救克服重重困难。阅读过我们球员的意见,看看这是最好的RPG海盗游戏之一! Trese兄弟从来没有投放广告在我们的游戏 - 享受免费广告,权限免费体验。如果你喜欢它,请帮助支持我们的独立小公司的RPG!
    - 玩互动队长教程来学习的绳索
    - 探索巨大的海洋这需要几个月的时间通过海路穿越
    - 贸易在120多个城镇市场在这个复杂的和令人兴奋的经济模拟器
    - 捕获一个强大的队长的剑决斗为和赏金猎人或购买
    - 购买,出售,战役和超过30独特的帆船类
    - 完全定制你的队长(从6类采摘),高级管理人员和船员

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