1. 海难

    11.9万人安装 22.93MB
  2. 小小生存者

    11.8万人安装 22.81MB
  3. 海岛生存3D

    11.7万人安装 49.41MB
    Survive on a desert island full of dangers & unravel all the mysteries playing Pirate Island Survival simulator! Meet wild animals, hunt or fish to provide yourself with food, craft tools and weapons with Pirate Island Survival simulator in 3D! Make this survival island your home – craft tools, build shelters, battle against wild animals and feel the atmosphere of lost island! Live a life of a real survivor trying to make this island your home! Enjoy peaceful island views - picturesque ocean, tropic forests and mountains. The only goal is to survive! Explore pirate survival island full of mysterious places such as sunken pirate ship and caves full of treasures! Salvage survival tools and weapons that may help you to explore the island! Hunt wild animals to make them your next meal, find weapons to protect yourself from predators, quarry resources and craft useful tools using special workshops. Use your survival skills to stay alive, avoid battles with furious island predators and discover the secrets of Pirate Island with this amazing survival simulator in 3D! Hunt, fish or gather plant food to stay alive, build shelters to hide from predators and enjoy peaceful life on a desert island with Pirate Island Survival 3D game! Gain ultimate survival experience – harvest crops, fight for your life and don’t forget to keep weapons alert looking for pirate’s treasures! Are your ready for ultimate survival experience? Control your character with a joystick, move around the island or swim in the ocean to find treasures, weapons and tools that would help you to survive! Be careful, tropical jungles are full of predators and other wild animals ready to attack! Find or craft weapons such as guns, bows or hammers to fight for your life against animals! Dip into the atmosphere of realistic desert island and explore its wilderness! Use your exploration, battling and survival skills to stay alive with Pirate Island Survival simulator in 3D! Make this island your home playing Pirate Island Survival simulator in 3D! Don’t forget to mind your character’s indicators. If one of them drops – there is no chance to survive! Quarry recourses to craft tools – fishing rod, axes, guns, weapons and other which can be really useful! Build shelters to hide from island predators and try to turn this survival island into your home! Find pirate’s treasures and live the life of real survivor! Enjoy your time spending – hunt wild predators, swim the ocean, explore pirate ships and caves to find treasures playing Pirate Island Survival simulator in 3D! Pirate Island Survival 3D features: - Ultimate island survival simulator in 3D - Amazing crafting system – craft weapons, tools and even furniture for your shelter - Huge pirate island to explore – wild predators to hunt, sunken ships full of treasures, plant food to gather - Health, energy and fullness indicators for your survivor - Swim, hunt, battle and explore - do anything you want to stay alive! Are your going to sit idly waiting for help? Choose the lifestyle of a real survivor – hunt animals, battle against predators and build shelters to hide from sun or rain with Pirate Island Survival simulator in 3D! Explore the wilderness playing Pirate Island Survival 3D! Spend time at this lost island full of dangers! Upgrade your hunting and battling skills and explore this place to make it your home! Discover secret places, search for pirates’ treasures, find or craft weapons and other useful tools and stay alive at all costs with this ultimate survival simulator in 3D!
  4. 星之卡比:梦之泉

    11.6万人安装 10.12MB
  5. 吃豆人锦标赛DX

    11.6万人安装 130.6MB
  6. 太空转移

    10.4万人安装 19.2MB
  7. 危机使命中文版[首发]

    10.4万人安装 35.47MB
  8. 求职生存战

    10.2万人安装 27.71MB
  9. 迷失的矿工

    10.1万人安装 16.53MB
  10. 音奏射击战

    9.8万人安装 63.46MB
  11. Catch

    9.6万人安装 34.97MB
  12. 生存游戏3!

    9.4万人安装 34.55MB
    《生存游戏3 Game of Survival 3》是一款像素风格的射击游戏。游戏中,你可以选择你喜欢的职业来创建角色,你需要在这个僵尸世界里生存下去,与僵尸们进行勇敢的搏斗吧,同时为了生存你还要根据提示寻找木材、饮料、绷带等等。怎么样?喜欢的朋友快来下载试试吧! 【基本信息】 作者:Survival Games 更新时间:2015-11-04 版本:6.2 系统:Android 2.3以上 语言:英文
  13. 双人作战

    9.2万人安装 10.92MB
  14. 像素地下城2

    9.1万人安装 38.61MB
  15. 挖穿地球

    8.8万人安装 22.34MB
  16. 像素生存者

    8.7万人安装 24.84MB
    像素生存者(pixel Survive)是AruStudio开发的一款休闲类游戏。 像素生存者(pixel Survive)的官方介绍 像素生存者(pixel Survive)是一款像素级别的单人生存玩法游戏,游戏中玩家将在一个横版的像素世界中,不断的冒险,探索,找到各种有用的物资让自己生存下来,这款游戏非常的有趣,感兴趣的玩家快来试试!