1. 先锋AR经验

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    Welcome to the Pioneer Augmented Reality Experience! We’ve created this app to bring the latest and greatest Pioneer Car Electronics Product to your fingertips. Our AR technology will turn your smartphone into a showroom, letting you see and experience Pioneer products in 3D!
    • Touch product hotspots for video rundowns of product features.
    • View new Pioneer radios as if they were in your own dashboard.
    • Take pictures to save and share your favorite dashboard looks.
    • Conveniently access product photos, descriptions, benefits and features.
    • Receive updates on hot new Pioneer product offers.
    • Quickly located the nearest registered Pioneer dealer.
    App Breakdown:
    AR Experience – Bring the Pioneer Augmented Reality Ad to life, engage with product hot spots, watch feature videos and see the latest Pioneer Car Electronics technology in 3D.
    My Dash – A dressing room for your dash where you can choose and view new Pioneer radios in your own dashboard. Learn about product features, try different looks and decide which option from Pioneer best fits your style. With the photo function, you can save and share your new dashboard look.
    Featured Product – Stay ahead of the pack and receive updates for the latest Pioneer deals and technology.
    Where To Buy – After you’ve experienced Pioneer products, you’ll probably want directions to the nearest authorized Pioneer dealer. With an easy-to-use store locator tool, The Pioneer AR App has you covered.
    欢迎来到先锋增强现实(Augmented Reality)体验!我们已经创造了这个应用程序,你的指尖带来最新和最伟大的先锋汽车电子产品。我们的AR技术将开启你的智能手机变成一个陈列室,让你看到和体验先锋3D产品!
    AR体验 - 给生活带来先锋增强现实(Augmented Reality)广告,与产品的热点,观看专题视频,看到最新的先锋汽车电子技术在3D。
    我的短跑 - 一间更衣室,在那里你可以选择和查看自己的仪表板中的新先锋收音机为您的破折号。了解产品的特点,尝试不同的外观,并决定哪个选项最适合你的风格先锋。照片功能,可以保存和分享您的新的仪表盘看看。
    特色产品 - 保持领先群雄,并接收最新先锋和技术的更新。
    哪里可以买到 - 当你经历了先锋产品,你可能会希望最近的先锋授权经销商的指示。一个易于使用的存储定位工具,先锋AR应用程序有你覆盖。
  2. 流星僵尸

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    《流星僵尸 Zombie METEOR Rush》是一款俄罗斯出产的休闲小游戏。这是一个方形的小行星,僵尸们好像已经占领了这里,他们不断从这里冒出来。你需要靠你敏捷的伸手将它们从这个星球上驱逐出去!
  3. 复古飞船

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  4. E-TECH 毅德機械

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    此App程式含括毅德機械生產製造的產品型錄,影片及多媒體動型錄 毅德機械 (ETECH): 毅德機械 (ETECH)為專業磨床製造商,本公司產品有無心磨床、平面磨床、中心孔研磨機、內外圓研磨複合機、線軌立式加工中心機、線軌立式加工中心機,有關產品的詳細內容,歡迎下載此APP,裡面提供詳細產品相關規格及相關資訊。
  5. 最终任务第二章

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  6. 安静系列

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  7. 神经猫升天

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    没错,神经猫再度来袭,又一轮神经猫的虐心袭击。 超简单,超搞笑,极具挑战性,还在寻找虐手游戏吗,快来挑战吧。 你没有看错,就是Unity3D引擎开发,妈妈再也不用担心内存不够游戏崩溃了!!! 一猫升天,全家神经! 1.更新图片 2.解决一些异常问题
  8. 金币英雄2

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  9. 逃离房间Δ:ROOM Δ

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  10. 爱斯基摩人垂钓

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    爱斯基摩人垂钓是一款复古的学校带有新转折点的街机风格游戏. 很容易
  11. 太空线

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    这是一款由Carlos Mota提供的益智游戏,在二维空间中,躲开陨石,沿途收集完美,最终到达目的地。操作非常简单,点击屏幕飞船就会前进,要把控好时机躲开陨石吃到完美。随着关卡的增加,游戏难度也会增加,从一开始的路线固定,到后来的路线变动,有时候需要完成几圈才能见到目的地。喜欢挑战的玩家不要错过了。
  12. 花花地牢:DANDY DUNGEON

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    * English and Japanese text only. * This game is free to play! However, you'll probably enjoy it more if you buy a Duck and a Pako! < NEWS! > ~From 12/8 until 1/10, new players get free beginner-helpy items: "Rice Ball", "Gold Bar", and "Diamond".~ Required: • Screen: 960x640 or larger • Storage: 512MB or more Questions & feedback: https://www.yamadakun.jp/dandydungeon_contact/ ■ Who is "Yamada-kun"? Yamada-kun is a salaryman who, every night, develops a videogame alone in his apartment. In his videogame, he is a brave, successful hero experiencing trials and thrills within various retro-pixel-arty, chiptuney dungeons. He is the star of his own game. Also, he is the star of our game(, which you should download), which depicts his life, and also contains the entirety of his game. ■Story Yamada-kun (Age 36) is a salaryman working as a programmer at a major game publisher. His job sucks. Deep into every night, alone in his apartment, he works on his own game. One day, the Chairman fires Yamada-kun! Unemployment strengthens Yamada-kun's game-making resolve: the Evil Chairman will be the final boss! He falls in love with Maria-chan next door -- he might as well put her in the game, too! It probably won't even be creepy or weird at all! She can be the princess, and he can rescue her. It'll be such a simple game -- a tale of pure love. Yamada-kun is excited to make his game. We are excited for you to play our game, which is about Yamada-kun making his game. Please play our game, within which you will also (make and) play Yamada-kun's game. ■How to play To clear a floor of a dungeon, use your finger to draw a path between the entrance and the exit. Along the path, the Hero (that's Yamada-kun (that's us (that's you))) will encounter monsters, treasures, traps, and obstacles. The path you choose determines what you encounter, and when. The Hero moves along the path, battling in real-time. Use whatever items you've brought in your Item Bag to heal, attack, defend, and keep the Hero alive. Clear floors with a path covering all squares of the 5-by-5 grid for a bonus! Clear entire dungeons for big rewards! Get stuff! Get tough! Help Yamada-kun make a videogame in which he rescues a princess who looks exactly like the girl who lives next door to him, except in the game her hair is blonde instead of brown ("Original Character")! ■Use your head: use items You need to carefully consider when and how you use items. Some items attack faraway enemies; some items attack all enemies. Some enemies have special skills and / or movements. Respect your items. Your items love you. Understand when, where, and how to use them. It feels good to plan ahead. ■Upgrade your weapons! Let's be honest: you can't have an adventure without sometimes accidentally acquiring treasure, items, armor, and weapons. They're lying around all over the place! Complete a dungeon to keep the treasure you earned. Use treasure to upgrade your weapons and armor little by little. It's like cooking, except your weapons and armor do the eating. Power up equipment to be stronger when you enter a dungeon again. (You start at level 1 every time you enter a dungeon. Yamada-kun is 36 years old: that's the sort of game he likes.) Equip matching items to uncover a wide variety of fine, dandy, and sometimes idiotic equipment sets. How high can you power up a piece of equipment? What materials work best with what equipment? We're not going to lie to you: the answers are "real high, sometimes" and "uhhh there's a lot of materials and you can play this game in the bathroom, so please experiment with whatever". ■Who will love "Dandy Dungeon"? ・Everyone ・Everyone ・Everyone ・Everyone ■Who will love "Dandy Dungeon" *a lot*? ・People who like to lol ・People who think it's funny that someone made an RPG about an avuncular unmarried unemployed man who lives alone making an RPG by himself ・RPG fans ・Anime ・Dungeon crawler fans ・Puzzle fans ・Pixel art fans
  13. 领土

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  14. Milli

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  15. 我的小猪世界之我的厄运世界

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    厄运之猪是一款非常有趣的解谜类的益智游戏,其幽默的游戏背景设定,精美细腻的游戏画面设计,让人上瘾的游戏操作性能,都将让这款游戏成为你的最爱。游戏中,你将控制这四头英雄猪猪在猪猪的世界中进行各种冒险,你需要解开各种谜团,获取各种硬币和道具,最终找到拯救猪猪世界的方法,将天使和恶魔都送回它们原来的世界中去,还猪猪世界以和平。 1、优化了界面的布局,使界面更加美观 2、优化了算法,提高了游戏的难度和挑战性
  16. Retro Wings

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    《复古飞行器》是一款类似像素鸟但画风精致复古,并且玩法有所创新的休闲小游戏。玩家将在游戏中驾驶飞机环球旅行,经历山脉、城市、森林、海洋等多种场景。 游戏中,点击屏幕让飞机起飞,避开各种障碍之余还需要收集金币等道具。《复古飞行器》拥有动物、电影明星甚至超级英雄等多个角色形象和著名的飞行型号可选,而每个飞机的操控都略有不同。 《复古飞行器》的创新点在于,你可以操控飞机朝任何一个方向开,如果遭遇定时爆发的火山等特殊障碍时,可持续点击令飞机折返甚至原地旋转,等待最佳时机才通过。不过要注意,高自由度的飞行也可能导致你的飞机直接撞出屏幕范围或者撞到障碍物,游戏便随之结束。 V2.0.0版本更新内容: -更多具有挑战性的关卡 -新增生存模式