1. Nerds F Cancer

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    「双星细菌歼灭战 Nerds F Cancer」是一款有特色的动作游戏,游戏采用复古的像素风格。游戏中玩家需要控制角色清除体内的各种细菌。同时不要忘记收集金币,感兴趣的不妨下载试试! 更新内容: New skins and songs added! Bugs fixed. Enjoy! :)
  2. PI3 Demo

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    *This Demo version of Pocket Informant3 allows 10 Events, 10 Tasks and 10 Notes. Once that limit is reached you will be prompted to delete items. For the full version, please go to this link:https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=net.webis.pi3&feature=search_result#?t=W251bGwsMSwyLDEsIm5ldC53ZWJpcy5waTMiXQ.. *Be a Productivity Ninja: Calendar, Tasks, Notes & Contacts. Built with over 10 years of mobile calendaring prowess, weve focused on the best user experience for the power user - as well as those who need just a bit more than the built-in apps provide.?NEW 3.0 FEATURES?NEW ”CLEAR” INTERFACE - a brand new redesigned interface that is beautiful, flat, and easy to use?NEW THEMES - choose a specific ‘look” for your personal Pocket InformantADJUSTABLE SCREEN AREAS - tap and hold the sizing selector to enlarge or shrink your chosen viewPINCH-ZOOM IN MONTH VIEW AND HOUR MODE OF DAY VIEWADJUSTABLE MULTI-DAY VIEW - select how many days to show, from1 to 7RECURRENCE AND DATE EDITOR WITH PREVIEW - tap on a selected event or task to preview and/or editSLIDING NAVIGATION BETWEEN DATES AND FILTERS - easily go to desired areas by simply swipingMULTI-SELECT IN ALL VIEWS - select multi-select in Settings to easily delete, move or edit detailsENDLESS AGENDA VIEWNEW SORT ORDER OPTIONSFASTER, MORE RELIABLE SYNCATTACHMENTS FOR EVENTS/TASKS - attach contact info or a written note to an event or task for further productivityPOCKET INFORMANT ONLINE INTEGRATION - subscribe to our own in-house sync service for made-to-order syncing of all your dataTEXT NOTES SUPPORT - with Toodledo and PI Online syncVOICE NOTESMANUAL and AUTOMATIC BACKUPSMART GROUPS for TASKS - user defined filters for your personal task managementPocket Informant3 is not simply the next version of our productivity app. It has totally redesigned user interface, new database and sync code, which makes it much faster and more reliable. To achieve this we had to rewrite around 90% of the app. Please visit our forums at WebIS and tell us what you think of the new Pocket Informant3 UI, performance and features.If you have any questions, please send an email to press@webis.netYou do not have to remove Pocket Informant2 from your device to install this version.Thanks for trying Pocket Informant3 demo!
  3. Black Bird comic

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    There is a world of myth and magic that intersects ours, and only a special few can see it. Misao Harada is one such person, and she wants nothing to do with magical realms. She just wants to have a normal high school life and maybe get a boyfriend.
    But she is the bride of demon prophecy - her blood grants incredible powers and her flesh immortality. Now the demon realm is fighting over the right to her hand...or her life!
    name in other language:
    ブラックバード , 黑鸟恋人 , Svart Fugl (Norwegian) , Itim na Ibon (Tagalog) , 블랙 버드 (Korean) , kuroi tori (Romaji) , Pajaro negro (Spanish) , 블랙버드 , Hắc Điểu , Sort fugl (Danish) , Fekete madár (hungarian) , Pasărea neagră (Romanian) , Musta Lintu (Finnish) , H , Svart fågel (Swedish) , Černý pták (Czech)
  4. Fulldizi Film izle

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  5. 捷克-指导 Czech Republic - FREE Guide

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    Czech Republic and Prague: Illustrated Travel Guide and Offline Map (Mobi Travel)
    MobileReference guides help you get the most out of your vacation. The guides are available for most destinations worldwide and always include FREE offline GPS maps. Over 3 million MobileReference Travel Guides have been downloaded.
    The world’s most popular electronic guides developed for your smartphone have the following features:
    ✔ GPS map loads to your smartphone memory - no network access needed once the app is downloaded
    ✔ GPS map displays your location along with nearby sights and attractions
    ✔ MobileReference guides use vector-based maps so they load quickly and are easy to zoom and scroll
    ✔ Unlike other travel guides, GPS coordinates for attractions have been verified by users on the ground
    ✔ Attraction articles can be accessed from both an alphabetical and a categorical index
    ✔ Top 10 attractions article features sights that no visitor should miss
    ✔ Articles include tips on what to do and see in your destination
    ✔ Phrasebook include list of common words and phrases
    ✔ The top restaurants have been individually selected by MobileReference editors
    MobileReference Travel Guides provide detailed, practical information about attractions, landmarks, transportation, cultural venues, dining, lodging, history and much more. They are indexed alphabetically and by category, making it easier to access individual articles.
    This fully-functional guide is absolutely free. The full version (only $4.99) adds Text-To-Speech and expands articles with more information about attractions, history, culture, itineraries, phrasebooks and more. Listen to complete articles on the go with Text-To-Speech: double-tap on a word to start Text-To-Speech from the selected word or select Menu > Start Text-To-Speech.
    Essentials: Phrasebook | Eat | Drink | Sleep | Buy | Respect | Contact | Stay Safe | Stay Healthy | Driving in Europe | Units Conversion
    1. General: Regions & Cities | Geography | History | Culture | Art | Bohemian Crown Jewels | Golem | Bohemia | Moravia
    2. Maps: Prague | Old Town | Prague Castle | Metro | Czech Republic | Czech Republic (detailed) | Highways | Brno
    3. Transport: Get in | Get around
    4. Attractions: Top 10 | See | Castles
    5. Prague: Tourist Office | Eat | Drink | Sleep | Stay Safe | History | Climate | Economy | Education
    5.1 Transport: Get in | Get around | Tram | Airport | Metro | Petrin Funicular
    5.2 Attractions: Map | Top 10 | See | A-Z | Itinerary | Buy | Tours | Passes | Buildings | Churches | Squares
    5.3 Culture: Theaters | Black Light Theatre | Museums | Events
    5.4 By Area: Districts | Vltava | Petrin Hill | Get Out
    6. Central Bohemia: Benesov | Beroun | Konopiste Castle | Kolín | Kutná Hora | Mladá Boleslav | Podebrady | Slaný | Karlštejn | Beroun | Ceský Sternberk Castle | Lány | Krivoklát Castle
    7. West Bohemia: Františkovy Lázne | Cheb | Karlovy Vary | Mariánské Lázne | Pilsen
    8. North Bohemia: Bohemian Paradise | Decín | Liberec | Litvínov | Most | Teplice | Terezin | Ústí nad Labem | Litomerice | Prachov Rocks | Špindleruv Mlýn
    9. East Bohemia: Ceská Trebová | Chrudim | Hlinsko | Hradec Králové | Litomyšl | Moravská Trebová | Pardubice | Svitavy | Ústí nad Orlicí | Vysoké Mýto | Bohemian Paradise | Prachov Rocks
    10. South Bohemia: Pisek | Ceské Budejovice | Ceský Krumlov | Nové Hrady | Trebon | Jindrichuv Hradec | Holašovice | Hluboká nad Vltavou | Klet | Zlatá Koruna
    11. Bohemian-Moravian Highlands / Vysocina Region: Jihlava | Pelhrimov | Nové Mesto na Morave | Telc | Trebíc | Zdár nad Sázavou
    12. North Moravia: Ceský Tešín | Frýdek-Místek | Havírov | Jeseník | Karviná | Litovel | Olomouc | Opava | Ostrava | Prostejov | Zlaté Hory
    13. South Moravia: Brno | Veverí Castle | Blansko | Breclav | Kromeríz | Lednice-Valtice | Mikulov | Moravian Karst | Mutenice Wine Region | Novosedly | Rakvice | Zlín | Znojmo | Cornstejn Castle
    -MobileReference®. Free maps for worldwide destinations™.
    ✔GPS地图加载到智能手机的内存 - 一旦需要的应用程序没有访问网络下载
    5.2景点:地图|十大|查看| AZ |行程|求购|旅游|通行证|建筑物|教会|平方
    5.4按地区:区|伏尔塔瓦河| Petrin山|走出
    6波希米亚中部:贝内绍夫|贝龙|科诺皮什切城堡|的Kolín|库特纳霍拉|波利斯拉夫| Podebrady的| Slany镇|卡尔施泰因|贝龙|捷克克鲁姆施特恩贝克城堡|蓝菱| Krivoklat以东城堡。
    8北波希米亚:波希米亚天堂|杰钦|利贝雷茨|李维诺夫|热门|特普利采|泰瑞辛|拉贝河畔乌斯季| Litomerice(捷克)| Prachov岩石|比尔森。
    9东波希米亚。CESKA博瓦| Chrudim | Hlinsko |赫拉德茨克拉洛韦|区Litomyšl| MORAVSKA博瓦|巴尔杜比采|斯维塔维|拉贝河畔Orlici的|维索克塔MYTO |波西米亚天堂| Prachov岩
    10南波希米亚:皮塞克|布杰约维采|捷克克鲁姆洛夫|诺夫Hrady |崔邦|英吉夫|霍拉索维|伏尔塔瓦河畔赫卢博卡| Klet |外的ZlatáKoruna。
    11波希米亚 - 摩拉维亚高地/维索基纳地区:伊赫拉瓦|PELHŘIMOV|新城呐Morave |泰尔奇|特热比奇|Zdár河畔Sazavou的。
    12北摩拉维亚:捷克克鲁姆Tesin中|弗雷德克米 - 斯坦克市|哈维若夫|耶塞尼克|卡尔维纳| Litovel |奥洛穆茨|奥帕瓦|俄斯特拉发| Prostejov |Zlaté霍里。
    13南摩拉维亚:布尔诺|Veverí城堡|布兰斯科|布热茨拉夫|克罗梅日什|莱德尼采 - 瓦尔季采|米库洛夫|摩拉维亚喀斯特| Mutenice葡萄酒产区| Novosedly | Rakvice |兹林|兹诺伊莫| Cornstejn城堡
    - MobileReference®。免费的地图为世界各地的目的地™。
  6. 隧道狂欢

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    《隧道狂欢 Tunnel Rave》是一款音乐节奏游戏,游戏方式简单直觉,随著歌曲旋律画面上出现节奏拍点,而玩家要做的就是配合动态扫描线的上下移动抓准时机点击拍点。游戏画面为像素风格,简单有趣,快来下载试试!
  7. 创业微城

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  8. 프로야구 응원가

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    안드로이드 마켓 프로야구 응원가 어플 1위! 프로야구를 좋아하시는 많은 분들의 선택! 프로야구 200% 즐길 수 있게 도와주는 필수 어플! 프로야구 응원가! 야구시즌이 아니여도 이 어플 하나면 야구장의 감동을 그대로 느낄 수 있다!
    프로야구 응원가에는 10개 구단의 팀 응원가, 선수 응원가, 선수 등장곡이 포함되어 있으며, 공통응원가, 레전드응원가, 추억의응원가, 군입대선수 응원가도 들을 수 있답니다.
    프로야구 응원가는 네트웍으로 데이터를 받아오기 때문에 와이파이나 네트웍이 잘되는 곳에서 실행하시기 바랍니다.
    팀 응원가 목록(2016.04.04기준)
    승리의 OB,OB챔피온송,에이스를 위하여,꿈의 그라운드,승리의 두산,우리두산!멋진두산!,해냈다 두산,Lets go Doosan!,최강 두산 베어스,빠라빠빠,다함께! 허슬두!,야야야 두산!,"승리송,라랄라두산베어스,베어스최강두산, 이종박의 베어스 짱!, 앗뜨거두산,날아올라,Rock To The Doosan,용감한 녀석들,챔피언,호수비송,삼진송,어이! 어이!, 뛰어,박수없이 두산외치기,경기시작송,시작음악,선수등장음악,허슬두,곰세마리,가자! 두산베어스, 승리의 송가,2013최강두산,타자공통안타송,스머프송,해야,Apache,챔피언 두산,왼손 머리위로 오른손 머리위로,최강두산 오오오,풀카운트 응원,해야 해야,무조건,좋아송,선수연호송,뱃노래,슈퍼매직,에너미,킵웜,허리케인, 곰울음,브라보 마이 라이프,응원단장 등장 테마곡,선발라인업,남자들은 두 여자들은 산,최강두산 화이팅,승리를 위하여
    부산갈매기,돌아와요 부산항에,뱃놀이,바다새,승리의롯데,우리는최강롯데,롯데자이언츠 오오오~,오~최강롯데,빰바바바바바밤롯데,어느날~,만만하니 마!!!,Shut up boy,누리송,미스터자이언츠,Forever Giants,Dream of Ground,Just Victory,용 사,영원하라,하늘이여,승리를 외치자~,롯데자이언츠 러브송,구도부산,롯데만을 사랑하리,싸우면 이긴다 오~롯데,승리의노래,살아있네~,승리의함성,챔피언롯데,타자공통응원,아리아리~,투수교체,무적롯데 최강롯데,좋아송,부루셀로나,크레이지 롯데, 부산찬가,항구의 일번지,승리를 위해 다같이 외쳐봐요, 나 이런사람이야,풀카운트 응원,라인업송,아웃송1,2,3,4,Kiss Me,홈경기 경기시작전 오프닝음악,합의판정송,석별의 정
    LG없이는 못살아,무적LG,서울의찬가,승리의노래,사랑한다LG,무적의LG,서울의모정,민족의 아리아,문제없어-공격,문제없어-수비,떽~!떽~!떽~!,안!타!이야~!,타자공통응원,무적LG,경기시작송,가슴을쫙펴라,강해져라,나가자싸우자,달려간다,stand up,서울메들리,셀리오,둘이서,베토벤 바이러스,무적LG-수비,볼넷응원,사랑해요LG,잠실주인공,추억의응원가,홈런쏭,LG Rock&Roll,무적LG-투수교체,LG Fighting,무적LG2,신바람LG,선발라인업,경기종료,타자공통등장음악,열광,무적LG,워워워LG,내사랑 LG,2015 사랑한다 LG,서울의 별,최후의 결투,Yeah!,어젯밤이야기,도루유도송,GOOD TIME,FOREVER LG,럭키서울,서울 서울 서울,엘팬의 북소리
    남행열차,자~떠나자!,기아 없이는 못살아,김치송,간식송,사노라면,WANTED,브라보,버터플라이,맘마미아,Top of the world,K에게,날새것다!,뛰어!,용감한녀석들,기아열광송,승리를 향해,기아를 응원하라,영원하리라 기아타이거즈,라인업 송,붉은물결,Make it Big,Run&Win,최강기아를 위해,최강기아송,볼넷송,타자공통응원,어이! 어이!,We are the one,HomeRun,나 기아만을,우리들의 노래,승리를 위해,뜨거운 열정으로,나나나송,나가자!이기자!,MY WAY,기아를 사랑하리,리얼리티,타이타닉
    최강삼성,새가되어날으리,슈퍼매직,뭉게구름,지중해,빠이빠이야,도루송,컴온필드노이즈,내귀에캔디,고마해라~쫌,2012대구찬가,2012라이온즈 승리가,컬러풀 대구,컬러풀 대구,아이 러브 라이온즈,드림오브라이온즈,라이온킹,라이온즈의 열정,승리의 기쁨을 나눠요,로고송01,로고송02,엘리제를 위하여,캐논변주곡,승리가,나팔응원,언덕에 올라,허니,Don't Worry,Over the Rainbow,켄터키,엘도라도,HSV라이온즈,도루뛰라,봄바예,사자후,선발라인업,승리가2,승리가3,Early In The Morning,공통안타송-그렇고 그런사이,공통안타송-위치닥터,아웃송1,2,김상헌응원단장 등장곡,곤드레만드레,색소폰 삼성,캐리비안 삼성,도루성공송,오버 더 레인보우,난장판,러브포션,인연,IF,Piano Man
    불꽃투혼SK,불같은패기,와이번스되고송,빅토리SK,I LOVE SK,연안부두,투더빅토리,얄미운사람,우리모두다같이,해피송,투쓰리풀카운트,뛰어,뱃고동소리,SK SK SK 인천SK,쏘리 쏘리,아파트,경기시작전,돈도리,불티,행잉터프,Go!,불타는 그라운드,승리의 함성,투혼SK,안타송,Bomba,오~예~오~예~투혼SK,투혼SK,투혼의 와이번스,타자공통응원,라인업송
    꿈이여하나가되자,영웅출정가,우리가 누구,룰루랄라,우리가 원하는건,서울의 푸른하늘에,승리를 위하여,최강 히어로즈,캐논 히어로즈,넥센 히어로즈1,뭐야 뭐야,넥센히어로즈2,3,4,승리하리라 넥센히어로즈,넥센을 노래하라,최강 히어로즈2,하늘이여,희망을 던져라,아 사랑한다,승리는 히어로즈 렛츠고!,넥센 홈런,안타송,뛰어,전체선수송-대박이야,승리하리라 넥센히어로즈,승리의넥센,히어로즈송,넥센 히어로즈5,넥센 히어로즈6,We Are The Heroes,공통안타송,볼넷송,나이스플레이송,7회말 응원,외쳐라 히어로즈,Forever,히어로
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    OB的胜利,OB冠军歌,一个王牌在地上的梦想,赢了,斗山,斗山我们!斗山的精彩!,做斗山,我们去斗!最强斗山熊队,PPARA ppappa,联合起来!喧嚣2!嘿,嘿,嘿!斗山!“胜利之歌,叫喀拉拉邦斗山熊,熊终极斗山的,异构的夜晚熊伟业!,户外热斗山,飞了起来,岩石斗山,勇敢的家伙,冠军,湖碧松,引人注目的歌,嘿!嘿!跳,拍手,没有斗山喊,播放的歌曲,启动音乐播放器出现的音乐,喧嚣二,gomse玛丽,我们走吧!斗山熊队,胜利歌声中,2013年最终的斗山打者常见的主打歌,蓝精灵歌,需求,阿帕奇,冠军斗山就在你的头上左手举过头顶,最强的斗山天上,完整计数欢呼,是应该的,无条件的,情歌,球员时代的歌,船歌,超级魔法,敌人,kipwom飓风熊哭为了布拉沃我的生活,啦啦队主题曲出现了,首发阵容中,两名男子女山,斗山终极格斗,胜利
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  9. 养生保健橄榄油

    992人安装 1.91MB
    橄榄油和橄榄果渣油[2] 在地中海沿岸国家有几千年的历史,在西方被誉为“液体黄金”,“植物油皇后”,“地中海甘露”, 原因就在于其极佳的天然保健功效,美容功效和理想的烹调用途。可供食用的高档橄榄油是用初熟或成熟的油橄榄鲜果通过物理冷压榨工艺提取的天然果油汁,(剩余物通过化学法提取橄榄果渣油)是世界上以自然状态的形式供人类食用的木本植物油之一。
  10. Kleiderkreisel

    773人安装 8.86MB
    Dein Kleiderschrank ist voll und du hast trotzdem nichts zum Anziehen? Mit der Kleiderkreisel-App kannst du deine Kleidung online tauschen, verkaufen oder verschenken. Besorg dir ein neues, stylisches Secondhand-Outfit oder miste deinen Kleiderschrank aus - immer und überall!
    Teste das neue Kleiderkreisel!
    Zusammen mit der Community haben wir einen neuen Ansatz für Kleiderkreisel entwickelt. Über unseren erweiterten Kreisel-Sicher-Service bieten wir Schutz für alle Transaktionen. Shoppe mit unseren verbesserten Bezahlmethoden und Versandmöglichkeiten oder wie gewohnt über den Nachrichtenverlauf. Es ist ganz egal, welchen Weg du wählst: Alle Transaktionen sind versichert.
    Bis zum 15. September 2015 kann das neue, verbesserte Kleiderkreisel gebührenfrei getestet werden. Ab dem 15. September 2015 berechnen wir pro Transaktion eine Gebühr von 5% des Artikelpreises. Zum 1. Januar 2016 steigt die Gebühr auf 10%.
    Nach den angesagtesten Looks stöbern, im Forum mitquatschen oder Transaktionen starten: Mit unserer App macht Kleiderkreisel noch mehr Spaß!
    - Rundum geschützt mit dem Kreisel-Sicher-Service - wir sind immer für dich da!
    - Riesige Auswahl: Finde unter mehr als 12 Millionen Artikeln neue Lieblingsteile
    - Schnell & einfach: Stell deine Klamotten ein und lade coole Artikelfotos hoch
    - Kein heißes Thema verpassen: Tausch dich im Forum über Fashion, Shopping und Lifestyle aus
    - Immer erreichbar: Lies und verschicke Nachrichten an deine KK-Freunde
    - Sammle Smileys: Gib und erhalte Bewertungen
    - Und vieles mehr!
    Mach mit, hol dir die App und kämpfe stilvoll gegen Verschwendung!
    Schau dir an, was andere Leute zur Kleiderkreisel-App sagen:
    Tolle App, welche schnelles und unproblematisches Verkaufen von Kleidung etc. ermöglicht :-) - Sanny1705.
    Ich finde die App klasse! Nur zu empfehlen! Einer meiner Lieblinge - Karstin Reck.
    Du hast Probleme mit der App oder Ideen, wie wir sie noch weiter verbessern können? Schick uns einfach eine Nachricht an feedback@kleiderkreisel.de und hilf uns mit deinen Vorschlägen bei der Optimierung!
    你的衣柜已满,你仍然没有穿?与衣服陀螺仪应用程序,你可以交易,出售或放弃您的在线服装。让自己的衣柜一个新的,时尚的衣服或储蓄miste - 随时随地!
    - 全方位保护与陀螺安全服务 - 我们随时为您服务!
    - 伟大的选择:找到超过1200万篇新宠部分之间
    - 快速和简单的:在把你的衣服,并邀请酷项目的图片
    - 决不会错过热门话题:互动论坛关于时尚,购物和生活方式
    - 始终可用:阅读和发送信息到你的好友KK
    - 收集笑脸:给并获得评级
    - 还有更多!
    伟大的应用程序,它快速,没有问题的卖衣服等允许:-) - Sanny1705。
    我觉得App类!强烈推荐!我的最爱之一 - Karstin雷克。
  11. Fairy Sisters 2

    612人安装 66.17MB
    Welcome to the magical forest! Meet the adorable Fairy Sisters to play ant learn in their enchanted home!
    Rose, Violet, Daisy, Lily, Melissa and Iris are the six fairy sisters who live in a magical tree together with their fantasy pet - unicorn Clover. Join the Fairy Sisters in their super fun fairy adventures of magic spells, crafts, cooking, fantasy makeover, animal care, potions, and more!
    Get ready to pick fruits and make jam with fairy sisters Daisy and Violet. Dress up fairy Lily with your favorite pixie clothes or craft her the perfect flower dress. Create a sparkling makeup for Rose and play bath spa with Iris. Shower and makeover fairy unicorn Clover, help Melissa to take care of animals in the fairy hospital and make magic potions to turn forest animals into magical fairy pets. Take your wand and let the forest fairy adventures begin!
    Clean up forest fruits and berries, mix up with sugar and cook delicious blueberry, apricot and strawberry jam with fairy Violet!
    Picking Fruit
    If the fairies are out of berries and fruits in their kitchen, fly with cute little Daisy to the fairy valley and help her pick delicious strawberries, blueberries and apricots!
    Dress Up
    Choose from fantasy dresses, hairstyles and flower accessories, and create the most beautiful pixie style for fairy Lily!
    Play fairy tailor and sew fairy sister Lily the perfect dress from flower petals and blossoms. Decorate it with sparkling diamonds and your favorite flowers!
    Play in the fairy beauty salon and create a fantasy makeup for beautiful fairy Rose. Design and craft her a matching flower crown and earrings to complete the dream fairy look!
    Bath Time
    It’s fairy dream spa time! Prepare a magical bath with flower petals for fairy Iris, wash her long blue hair and apply face mask. Dry and brush Iris hair and do some magic to create the perfect forest fairy hairstyle!
    Horse Care
    Pixies' best friend unicorn Clover needs a cleanup! Wash, shower and groom unicorn Clover to make his rainbow hair soft and sparkling. Play horse dress up and decorate Clover with diamonds, flowers and ornaments!
    Oh no, little forest animals need doctor help: beaver has a toothache, ladybug broke her wing and frog is sick. Help the most caring forest doctor fairy Melissa and treat the 3 little animals!
    Magic Potions
    Black raven wants colorful feathers, little bunny wants magical fairy wings and baby hedgehog wants long blond hair instead of spines. Make some magic potions and elixirs with beautiful fairy Iris and fulfill the secret wishes of 3 little animals!
    Plant sunflower, tulips and daisies with fairy Violet and create your dream fairy flower garden!
    Looking Glass
    Watch fairy videos in the magical pixie mirror and get 200 coins!
    Fairy Sisters are here to help kids boost their creativity, build good habits & learn to share and care with games children love the most!
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    Dress up games can develop creativity and art skills, cleanup games build good every day habits, cooking games show how to help parents at home, pet games teach to share and care. These are just a few examples how TutoTOONS games let children explore the world around them and develop on their screen time.
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    玫瑰,紫罗兰,雏菊,百合,梅利莎和Iris是谁生活在一个神奇的树连同他们的幻想宠物的六个仙女姐妹 - 麒麟三叶草。加入仙女姐妹的魔法咒语,工艺品,烹饪,梦幻化妆,动物护理,药剂,以及更多的超级好玩的童话冒险!
    - - -
  12. 地球培育

    792人安装 24.55MB
    地球培育是一款题材非常新颖的经典像素风格的模拟类养成手游,游戏中给你一个地球的胚胎,你能培育出怎样的地球?谁也不知道。参与到地球的9个进化阶段,培育出属于自己的地球。 游戏由手谈汉化组汉化。 破解:木野狐 翻译:so.mikuyak 美工:熊先生、so.mikuyak 测试:龙月菌
  13. Dungeon Bard!

    877人安装 17.04MB
    “于是他便醒来,身着睡衣,前往了地牢…” 在这个充满了蝙蝠的地牢游戏中展示你的吟诵技巧。 这个世界中,人们通过经验点数来评价别人 - 你可以轻松的在这个地牢中通过这群蝙蝠获得经验点,但只限于它们攻击你之前! 你能在这个地牢中获得多少经验点呢? - 使用音乐武器来召唤像素蝙蝠! - 为了荣耀来收集经验点! - 升级你的防御值来幸存的更久! - 找到武器升级来成为更强大的吟游诗人!
  14. 深海画宝藏

    689人安装 6.42MB
  15. 被困的小鸟

    570人安装 8.55MB
    被困的小鸟是一只类像素小鸟,要保证小鸟在转动的鸟笼中不死,玩家需要在一个鸟笼里面控制小鸟通过立柱,而立柱在不断变化长短,跳过一段得到一分,非常有挑战哦!几个截图几乎不可能描述,还是下来试试吧 ,真的好玩哦!
  16. 车型 NewWarsaw

    30人安装 6.54MB
    Pod koniec roku 2012 Michał Koziołek rozpoczął projekt tworzenia samochodu New Warsaw - Wratislavia. Po krótkim czasie dołączył do niego Łukasz Myszyński i Rafał Czubaj. Obecnie trwają poszukiwania sponsorów dla przedsięwzięcia i osób chętnych do współpracy. 3R Studio stworzyło tą aplikację, aby projektowi pomóc – zaprezentować auto w sposób innowacyjny, atrakcyjny. Ta aplikacja posiada tryb Augmented Reality, w którym model 3D auta prezentuje się nad ulotką informacyjną, wizytówkami chłopaków oraz nad jedną z plansz z założeniem wyświetlania na ekranie komputera. Trzymamy kciuki, aby szybko udało się stworzyć prototyp!
    在2012年年底,迈克尔开始了一个项目,建立山羊汽车华沙 - Wratislavia。在很短的时间加入,由卢克Myszyński和拉斐尔Czubaj。目前正在寻找赞助商的项目和人愿意合作。 3R Studio创建的应用程序,以帮助在创新,有吸引力的项目 - 车展。该应用程序有一个增强现实(Augmented Reality)模式,其中的三维模型,汽车板的目的,在计算机屏幕上显示的信息传单,名片,和人。手指交叉,快速地创建一个原型!