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  1. 火柴人下坡:越野摩托车


    《火柴人:越野摩托车 Stickman Downhill - Motocross》经典的火柴人骑着越野摩托车回来啦,体验超现实的、快节奏的动作越野下坡。有超过15种不同的车子,你要骑着它们在不同的环境里飞速前进,秀出自己的高超车技。此外,你还可以与你的朋友在特殊的排名赛杯竞争,分享你的游戏视频和观看他人的车程。 提示 :

    34.9万 人安装 · 2018年04月26日 更新
    分类: 动作冒险 格斗

  2. 终极越野2 Ultimate MotoCross 2 Free

    You like "Ultimate MotoCross"?... You will love "Ultimate MotoCross 2"! Challenge the eXtreme MotoCross Pilots and try to finish all races to participate to the Ultimate one! If you are in the Top 3, you will win many money and you can get more powerful MotoCross! Not less than 5 different MotoCross await you with a large customize choice! Take the control of your extremely powerful MotoCross! You have mastered Acceleration, Drift and Steering! Don't hesitate to use the Back brake to turn faster and break all records! Incredible speed and steering sensations await you! In the "Options" menu, select the "Inside" camera to have incredible steering sensations! Select the "Fight" Level and Try to be the Best! In this level, there is no Limit. Only one rule: IT MUST REMAIN ONE! Attention! The tracks are more and more technical and require an optimal concentration! I suggest you to start with the initiation track to learn to control your MotoCross. It's available on the main menu by clicking on the "Help" button. After that, try to get the Gold Cup of the Ultimate Race! The time of each race is recorded. Share your score online and try to stay in the world ranking! So you can compete with players around the World! You can see the rankings at any time by clicking on the logo "World High Scores". Have Fun! ••• Game Features ••• • Pilot your own MotoCross! • Total Control of your MotoCross • Striking Drift • Full 3D Real Time rendering • 10 different tracks + 1 Fight Level • Incredible arcade physics • Spectacular SFX • Save as much money and Power go up • Customize your MotoCross • Training mode • Realistic sound environment • Music by "REVENGE" • Boost Bonus • Select the difficulty level • Select the accelerometer sensibility • Select the Camera • Upload your Score and enter in the World Ranking

    4万 人安装 · 2018年06月05日 更新
    分类: 跑酷竞速 赛车