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  1. 模拟遥控飞行器

    RC模拟飞机(Absolute RC Flight Simulator)是一款超真实的飞行模拟游戏,

    Advanced RC simulator for planes, helicopters, drones, cars and boats. Great for experienced modelers, and even greater for kids or someone who is just starting in this exciting hobby. In addition to the excellent simulation of rc planes and helicopters, this is the only rc flight simulator that provides boats and cars simulation. The program includes 8 free models, 2 landscapes and 3 interactive object sets that can be loaded on any flying field when flying helicopters. The interactive objects can be used to learn landing and precise model control. For advanced RC fliers, we include more than 50 different types RC models and flying fields as IAP. You can also import free ClearView RC models from the internet, or create new models to use or share with anyone. In addition to the fixed point camera that represents the RC pilot point of view, we have included follow up camera that follows the model. That is useful when you learn flying, so the model never gets far away. Notes: 1. This is not a game. You are controlling flying rc models that reacts like real flying models. It takes some time to learn, and again, do not expect "arcade" style controls. 2. We have included 4 free models that will help you learn flying RC models. All other models and landscapes are available as in app purchases (IAP). 3. The onscreen control sticks are just indicators! They are made small so they do not obscure the screen. *** You do not need to keep your fingers on them *** Sliding your finger any where on the right screen half affects the right control stick , the same for the left screen part - sliding finger there moves the left control stick. We suggest to select beginner settings at first few days before you can comfortably progress further.

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