1. Jurassic VR - Google Cardboard

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    NEW UPDATE LIVE! ★ Updated the app for the latest version of Google Cardboard. ★ New non-VR mode, you can now experience the Dino park without having to wear VR goggles ★ Stability and frame-rate fixesHave you ever wanted to meet Dinosaurs in real life? Experience the ultimate dino ride with Jurassic VR - Google Cardboard Freely roam the open environment en poke round the beautiful cedar evergreen trees to see huge dinos come to life. You can go to any point and see the sites and dinos in VR. Players get to experience the site at their own pace and the mission is simple; enjoy and discover the world of prehistoric dinosaurs before the modern world cities were built. It's like a virtual reality attraction traveling you back to prehistoric times! The ultimate experience There is no need anymore to become an archaeologist and dig the earth for fossilised dino bones to learn more about the majestic creatures that ruled our earth 65 million years ago. Archaeology is simply to boring and digging up fossils take a whole lot of time. You can study them right now using your VR goggles! Meet and greet with your favourite dino This amazing app is like a time machine that takes you back in time. Learn more about the history of dinosaurs and stand in awe as you explore a rich virtual reality world filled with insidious 3d details. Explore the island’s Jurassic shores and dense jungle and learn about this chapter in history. Safely observe the deadly creatures as they prowl their natural habitat. Hunt for your favourite creature on the vast plains and secluded mountain ranges. The app includes many breed of dinosaurs; from hunting carnivores like the towering T-Rex to smaller mini specimens such as the Dilophosaurus. Remember that cool safari ride from the movies? This is it, right in your pocket! CONTROLS Movement is simple, just look in the direction you want to move and you will automatically walk that way. You have complete 360 degrees of vision and you are free to explore this space. Give it a try, it is your call! The dinos will not assault you which is only good for your survival:), you are free to run around the park at your own leisure. This is not your ordinary roller coaster ride, but more like walking in the park…. Literally! DINOSAUR TYPES + Currently the following dinosaurs are present in-game: + T-Rex (Tyrannosaurus Rex) + Triceratops + Raptor (Velociraptor) + Dilophosaurus More dinosaurs planned a upcoming update are: Sauropod, Stegosaurus, Brontosaurus, Iguanodon, Protoceratops, Pterosaur. KEY FEATURES: ★ Amazingly detailed jurassic era landscape environment ★ Meet your favourite dinosaurs in this breathtaking safari adventure ★ Easy to use controls, simply look where you want to go ★ Many species of dinos, from hunter carnivores to kind herbivore specimen ★ Unique virtual reality (VR) theme park simulator for your phone ★ Compatible with virtual reality glasses such as Google Cardboard VR ★ Crisp, Cinema like, HD visuals ★ This app is crafted with Unity 3D Pro ★ This is a unique experience and a top showcase to show off your Android device’s capabilities We aim to craft the best free app! Download this free VR app now an become the king of the VR castle! For more information on Android-based Virtual Reality and Google Cardboard VR check: http://g.co/cardboard Parental guidance Although the experience can be a bit scary, the craft of this VR app is to be accessible to all ages. For example the dino's will not attack or provoke horror like actions. We do however recommend guidance due to the realism. VR Compatibility notice This title is not (yet) compatible with Oculus Rift, HTC Vive (Steam VR), Project Morpeus and Samsung Gear (VR). Jurrasic VR - Google Cardboard is compatible with all non-powered virtual reality goggles. Copyright 2016. The Jurassic VR soundtrack and other sound/audio/ video effects are licensed. Parts developed by Lunagames. ★ Dino Joyride - did you ever sit on the back of a dinosaur? ★ Updated to latest Google Cardboard version ★ Cool new interactive stuff to find in the VR level ★ New duo modes including a non-VR mode, you can now experience the Dino park without having to wear VR goggles ★ Stability and frame-rate fixes
  2. 恐龙列车

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    《恐龙列车》(Dinosaur train)是赭石教育——“奥克秘境”系列教育产品中一款专为3-6岁儿童量身研发的科学体验产品。 在充满魔法的奥克秘境中,依然生活着性情各异的恐龙,它们是奥克的好伙伴。现在奥克秘境中沙漠里的恐龙遇到了麻烦,水源的变化需要恐龙迁徙到绿洲,但路途遥远它们不得不求助奥克。奥克勇敢地化身为列车长,驾驶小火车,载着形态各异的恐龙,将穿越沙漠,与时间展开激烈的竞赛。 游戏中出现的恐龙都是生活在恐龙鼎盛时期的杰出代表。列车长奥克需要将霸王龙、异特龙、腔骨龙、始盗龙、棘龙这5种肉食恐龙,使用龙列车或火箭车在限定的时间内,穿越沙漠抵达目的地。孩子们需要在限定的时间秩序下,自主探索并规划列车穿行路线,以最快的速度完成运载任务,才能收集到信息丰富的恐龙卡。在此款游戏中,孩子们将不仅将了解到恐龙特征和生活习性,还能体验策略游戏带来的愉悦,训练手眼协调性。 修补了恐龙列车在行驶过程中恐龙认知卡不能点击的问题; 修补了关卡的一些bug。 更多的产品内容了解和问题反馈 请关注赭石教育微信公众号:ccoedu
  3. 迪诺宠物 Dino Pets

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    《迪诺宠物 Dino Pets》是一款构建原始恐龙公园为主题的模拟经营游戏。在原始社会,人类与恐龙生活在一起,但不幸的是一颗流星撞击了地球。在走了数英里后,恐龙最终安顿下来,以消除他们的长途跋涉后的疲劳。幸运的是它们遇到一个友善的部落,帮助它们建立了一个安全的避风港,寻找丢失的恐龙和她们的婴儿。
  4. 恐龙猎杀 3D

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  5. 恐龙杀手 Dino Assassin

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  6. 挖恐龙化石 Dino Quest - Dig the Dinosaurs

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  7. 恐龙猎人

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    恐龙猎人(Dino Hunter)是Norberto Blab开发的一款动作射击类游戏。 恐龙猎人(Dino Hunter)的官方介绍 游戏采用第一人称视角射击模式,3D效果也比较不错。缺点是操作太灵敏,不利于瞄准,而且画面整体偏暗。 恐龙猎人 (Dino Hunter) 更新说明: 恐龙猎人的更新说明 - 错误修正
  8. 侏罗纪世界3D

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  9. 遗失的世界:恐龙猎手

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  10. 恐龙世界

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  11. 狩猎恐龙 Dino Hunt

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  12. 恐龙猎人:空中炮艇

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    《恐龙猎人:空中炮艇 DINO GUNSHIP: Airborne Hunter》是一款让你陷入水深火热中进行猎杀的3D真实场景射击类游戏。游戏中你将穿越到侏罗纪时代,扮演一个恐龙狩猎者,在直升机上猎杀恐龙。游戏有许许多多的关卡等你来挑战,有各式各样的武器供你选择!还在等什么,拿上你的武器,坐上直升机,开始你的狩猎之旅吧!
  13. 恐龙的故事

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    "A groundbreaking dinosaur app that mixes gaming and reading." USA Today
    * NOTICE: We have just become aware of a bug with the Hudl 2 and other Intel powered devices which prevents the game from starting. We are working on a fix which will be available shortly. *
    Stomp your way around a magical, prehistoric island with your 7 baby dino friends. Discover the world of dinosaurs, learn amazing facts and turn each adventure into your very own Storybook!
    Dino Tales gives young dino-adventurers freedom to explore a lush prehistoric island through the eyes of 7 adorable baby dinos. You can play games, dig for fossils, discover thousands of facts, and ask Darwin, the wise, talking dinosaur, all your dino questions.
    Dino Tales is not just a game, but also a beautiful Storybook and an encyclopedia rich in Jurassic facts! Children are both adventurer and storyteller - the game captures each play session and turns it into an enchanting Storybook to be shared and read with parents and loved ones.
    Start the adventure today!
    • Press / Endorsements •
    - Proud Member of Moms with Apps
    - Parent Tested, Parent Approved (PTPA)
    - "A groundbreaking dinosaur app that mixes gaming and reading." USA Today
    - “Dino Tales is the perfect expedition for families.” Fathers Quarterly
    - "So many questions to keep the most inquisitive child happy.” Tired Mummy of Two blog
    - "A revolutionary game that uses the child's gameplay to create a storybook." TechwithKids
    - "Simple interactivity mixed with bounteous creativity.” A Pocket Full of Rye
    • Teachers •
    - “I love how Dino Tales encourages my students’ communication skills. Awesome!” Michelle Baldwin, Colorado
    “The Storybook activities were beautifully scaffolded, allowing the children to experiment with verbs, adjectives and adverbs.” Rachel Turner, London
    • Game Features •
    - Hatch 7 baby dinosaurs to play with and nurture
    - Discover an island teeming with prehistoric wildlife
    - Use the Word Wheels to ask Darwin, the talking dino, questions you have about dinosaurs
    - Explore an epic land filled with caves, forests, rivers and even an erupting volcano
    - Enjoy the musical boneyard, river rapids, boulder bowling, lava slides and more
    - Unleash your creativity with the Berry Blaster to make your dinos stand out from the rest!
    - Fill a Storybook with your own adventure Tales, to be personalized and read with others
    - Collect loads of fossils and minerals to add to your Treasure Trove
    • Parent Corner •
    - A secure environment, controlled by a pin code
    - Choose the length of time your child plays the game
    - Set child’s reading age to make the game more personal to them
    - Receive email notifications when your child has created a new Tale for you to read together
    - Get help and advice about playing the game with your child
    • In Dino Tales, your child will •
    - Develop storytelling skills
    - Share each new dino tale with family and loved ones
    - Learn to construct sentences, as well as play with vocabulary, language and synonyms
    - Create questions to ask our unique talking dino, Darwin
    - Discover 1000s of facts about dinosaurs
    Find out more at: http://www.dinotalesgame.com
    Join other adventurers on our Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/dinotalesgame
    Follow us on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/dinotalesgame
    • Privacy Policy •
    We take privacy very seriously. We do not collect or share personal information about you or your child. You can see our full policy at:
    This app includes no third party advertising.
    *注意:我们刚刚意识到与Hudl 2和英特尔等供电设备,防止游戏从开始的一个错误。我们正在努力修复,这将很快上市。 *
    迪诺故事是不是只是一个游戏,也是一个美丽的故事书和一本百科全书丰富的侏罗纪事实!孩子都是冒险家和讲故事的人 - 游戏抓住每一个游戏会话,并把它变成一个迷人的故事书被共享和读取与父母和亲人。
    - 妈妈的骄傲与成员应用
    - 家长测试,家长核准(PTPA)
    - “一个开创性的恐龙应用程序,游戏混合和阅读。”今日美国
    - “恐龙的故事是一个完美的远征的家庭。”父亲季度
    - “这么多的问题,以保持最好奇的孩子开心。”两个博客妈咪累
    - “使用孩子的游戏革命性的游戏创造一个童话。” TechwithKids
    - “简单的交互夹杂着宽裕的创造力。”守望的袋子里装满
    - “我喜欢恐龙的故事如何鼓励我的学生的沟通能力。真棒!“米歇尔·鲍德温,科罗拉多州
    - 哈奇7恐龙宝宝与和培育玩
    - 发现一个小岛充满了史前野生动物
    - 使用Word车轮问达尔文,会说话的恐龙,问题您有关于恐龙
    - 探索史诗般的土地充满了洞穴,森林,河流,甚至火山爆发
    - 享受音乐埋骨,河水湍急,巨石保龄球,熔岩幻灯片和更多
    - 释放与贝瑞冲击波你的创造力,使您的恐龙从休息站出来!
    - 填写一本故事书与自己的冒险故事,将个性化的阅读和与他人
    - 收集化石和矿物的负载添加到您的宝藏
    - 一个安全的环境,通过PIN码来控制
    - 选择时间长度你的孩子玩游戏
    - 设置孩子的阅读年龄,使游戏更加个性化他们
    - 收到电子邮件通知,当您的孩子创造了一个新的故事,为您一起阅读
    - 获取帮助和建议玩游戏与你的孩子
    - 发展讲故事的技巧
    - 分享每一个新的恐龙故事与家人和亲人
    - 学习造句,以及与词汇,语言和同义词玩
    - 创建问题要问我们独特的说话恐龙,达尔文
    - 关于恐龙的事实查询1000
  14. 恐龙乐园 HelloDino

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    欢迎来到HelloDino的世界,一个有趣的恐龙主题公园!你可以收集大量恐龙并可以体验恐龙之间的决斗。 - 买恐龙并从他们身上得到钱和经验 - 可以有新的恐龙或幻想传奇动物的饲养 - 与朋友的恐龙进行决斗 - 你可以有更强大的恐龙训练系统 - 让一个伟大的恐龙主题公园有很多餐馆、商店和装饰品!
  15. 神龙村庄 Dragon Village

    8535人安装 63.77MB
    《神龙村庄 Dragon Village》是一款模拟经营游戏就,分配给村民宠物和工作,努力运营这个村庄,最终发展成为龙的世界! 帮助龙类组建家庭就,战胜其他的龙类来繁殖和发现更加强力的新物种!
  16. 3D侏罗纪冒险

    8490人安装 40.23MB
    《3D侏罗纪冒险》是一款精美的3D射击游戏。玩家在史前的侏罗纪世界中冒险,需要通过对恐龙不同部位的射击来赢得任务的赏金,而赏金可以让你购买更好的枪支。 游戏特色: 精美的画面 更多的任务等你来挑战 灵活方便的操作 动听的音乐