1. 蹦蹦兔

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  2. 孩子们学习数学精简版

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    Fun4Kids Honey Bee Kids Educational Apps <br />Kids Learning Math Lite(US English) <br />Lite version includes 3 activity. <br />Addition, Subtraction and Count activities are available in lite edition. <p>Kids Learning Math<br />Kids Learning Math app is the second of the Fun4Kids HoneyBee Kids Math Series.</p> <p>The simple and clean user interface is designed to be child friendly, which allows to play without help from an adult. An animated monster gives verbal instructions and feedback to the child which makes learning fun.</p> <p>Please reach us @ honeybee@mobyport.com for any feedback and support! We will be happy to hear back from you on any issues.</p> <p>Kids Learning Math is the perfect way to build up your preschoolers' math skills. Your children will enjoy a supportive, constructive and uniquely designed fun experience while improving basic match skills. Kids Learning Math teaches basic concepts of mathematics such as counting, addition, subtraction. This is the second of the Learning Math Series.</p> <p>Fun4Kids is committed to your toddler's education. This application includes 3 activities (7 activities in Full Version) uniquely designed to reinforce kids' involvement and success by providing positive feedback while teaching the basic mathematics.</p> <p>This application is specially designed for toddlers to enjoy with unique, fun graphics and cute sounds. </p> <p>Application Features:</p> <p>* ADDITION: This activity teaches addition by displaying the objects with associated numbers. These objects are displayed under the numbers to graphically guide your kid(s) and help them learn to add.</p> <p>* SUBTRACTION: This activity teaches subtraction by showing associated numbers with the animated objects. For instance, 5 apples minus 2 apples, the activity will display 5 apples with 2 apples bitten.</p> <p>* EXERCISE: In this activity, kids are asked to find the missing number in an addition or subtraction exercise.</p> <p>* DRAG/DROP : This activity is designed to teach kids addition and subtraction by associating numbers with number of objects in the exercise. </p> <p>* AQUARIUM: In this activity, kids are asked to count the colorful fish in the aquarium. </p> <p>* COUNT: This fun activity teaches the quantity of numbers with apples and candies. </p> <p>* FLASHCARDS: Flashcards activity is a classic math exercise. Kids are asked to add or subtract numbers. </p> <p><br />Fun4Kids Educational Applications are endorsed by thousands of satisfied parents, teachers and kids from all over the world.</p> <p>Please reach us @ honeybee@mobyport.com for any feedback and support! We are committed to providing fun and educational experiences to support your kids' education.</p>
  3. 疯狂的跳跳蛋

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  4. 海洋生物 TouchPal

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    感谢您通过梯度主题创作的“海洋生物”皮肤触宝的兴趣。水是很大的。这是一个主题为水爱好者。人鱼居然帮我们设计这个触宝的主题。她甚至发出神奇的水爆炸在我们的整个用户界面,使*终的结果将有一种神秘的联系。***如何应用这种触宝的皮肤***1,打开“海洋生物触宝”安装后2,拖动圆心,以顶部的“应用主题”圈在截图中使用的艺术背景仅用于演示目的,不附带这种皮肤。您的评级和评论是值得赞赏的。We included the free font Baumans Regular by Cyreal (www.cyreal.org) and Henadij Zarechnjuk, http://cyreal.org. 以上描述中存在违反广告法的内容,自动用*代替
  5. 战撸联萌

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    玩战撸联萌送熊猫人 战撸联萌是一款注重微操的卡牌手机游戏。游戏战斗中加入独特的微操使整个游戏充满了刺激感和操作感,玩家在游戏的过程中通过对英雄走位的操作会直接影响到最后的战局。 游戏中的英雄更是大家熟悉的熊猫人、剑圣、盖伦、提莫、希尔瓦纳斯等耳熟能详的英雄!