1. 太极熊猫

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  2. 那博大冒险

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  3. 跳跃的小球

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  4. 跳跳蛙

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    The game is based on the old classic game Xonix by Qix Company. <br />The game field represents a grid of water lily on which the main character - the frog, moves, as well as his enemies - the flies. The entire field is surrounded by small islands on which the main character can also move. Little Frog is controlled by gestures and can move vertically and horizontally. There are two kinds of flies: black, which can only move on the water lily and cannot fly on the shore, and red, which can move on any cells.<br />Passing through the water lily, frog leaves a trail. As soon as it stops (or jumps on the shore) - all marked lilies disappear. If on the game field appeared a closed space, containing no flies, all this area is also disappearing. However, if in the closed area was left red fly - the area will disappear as soon as the fly will come out of it. <br />The game goal is to remove from the playing field 85 jugs on each level. From level to level the difficulty will increase: there will appear new flies, and their speed will increase. The same the number of islands around water lilies will decrease, which greatly complicates the task. <br />该游戏是基于经典的老游戏Xonix的由QIX公司。 <br />游戏领域的代表一格的睡莲主角 - 青蛙,移动,以及他的敌人 - 苍蝇。整场周围的小岛屿上的主角,也可以移动。小青蛙手势控制,可以垂直和水平移动。有两种类型的苍蝇:黑色,只能移动睡莲和不能飞的上了岸,和红色,可以移动任何细胞。<br />通过睡莲,青蛙留下痕迹的。尽快停止(或在岸上跳跃) - 所有标记的​​百合消失。如果在游戏领域出现了一个封闭的空间,不含苍蝇,这一领域也正在消失。但是,如果在禁区左冲飞 - 面积将尽快消失飞出来。 <br />本场比赛的目标是消除每个级别上打场85水罐。从级水平的难度将增加:这里将出现新的苍蝇,他们的速度会增加。相同的一些岛屿周围睡莲将减少,从而大大的任务复杂化。 <br />
  5. FRep按键录制

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    FRep is Finger Record/Replay App. Once you record the routine operation, you can replay it by single trigger. Your own automatic operation button will be easily created.- Record and Replay/Repeat/Edit operations of touchscreen and/or keystroke- Easy record/play on current app, by pushing the button of floating console- Console shows/hides depending on playable records for current appUnlock key provides the unlimited number of records & Tasker/Locale plugin functionality.Usage Example- Recording analog Push/Swipe/Flick operations for automatic process/scroll/gesture- Playing continuous virtual space key push with interval for browsing- Preload delayed or continuous pushing in prospect of processing delay, such as CPU load or network communication- Avoid blind area or blurring by the finger operation- Combination with automation App through FRep replay shortcut/Tasker plugin- Demonstrate your App in actual device=== Initial Setup ===FRep needs the initial setup below. If your Android is ROOTED, you can skip this section by permitting su.To setup FRep initially or when Android rebooted, you need USB connection to Win/Mac/Linux/Android. Please retrieve and run the setup tool from following URL.Initial Setup Tool http://strai.x0.com/frep/#tool[Tested devices]Xperia Z, Xperia Ray, Sony Tablet S, Nexus 7, Medias N-06C, Galaxy Note, Galaxy Tab 2================Show/Hide consoleAfter starting service, FRep will stay in the notification. By tapping it, the console shows/hides. Once you record by the recording circle button, FRep automatically show console on the app on recorded. Then, the record can be replayed by the playing triangle button.NOTE: Since FRep records the absolute position for the device, it is also sensitive to screen orientation.Recording modeChoose which you like at the FRep front app; Simple: record until Power push. Till Gap: record until designated seconds of no input. Progress: record and construct editable sequence separated by input gap.*Time limit: 10 min per record.Repeat/Edit playingBy setting the Repeat number &gt;1 in Manage Traces, FRep play the record continuously by the count. You can also create/edit the playing sequence consisting of multiple records/controls.Power buttonFRep do not record Power push, which will finish any recording/playing immediately.Restrict by current AppIn record/replay, occasional call or App change may cause a problem. To avoid that, FRep is restricted on Phone, Google Play and FRep itself. You can configure restriction for other Apps.Interruption of playingTo abort replaying, you can interrupt easily by the overlapping the operation.Virtual keyboardDouble-tapping the upper button on the console, you can open another page which has key operation editor.CustomizationNotification type/icon, console size/transparency, drag/flick sensitivity, default settings, etc.= Notice&Tips =- Do not record including personal information and/or password.- The replay result may differ depending on the CPU load and/or network traffic. To make good reproducibility, take longer delay for processing wait, stop touch at end point for dragging/flick, and more, try to Edit Sequence with image matching (see Appendix in our website).- By default option, the records will be saved in sdcard. Though it can be copied for backup, it has no compatibility with other device.If you have any question or request, please mail us. The reply will be in English.== DISCLAIMER ==THIS SOFTWARE AND THE ACCOMPANYING FILES ARE DISTRIBUTED and SOLD &quot;AS IS&quot; AND WITHOUT WARRANTIES AS TO PERFORMANCE OR MERCHANTABILITY OR ANY OTHER WARRANTIES WHETHER EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED. LICENSEE USES THE SOFTWARE AT HIS/HER OWN RISK. NO LIABILITY FOR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES.================
  6. 爬行异宠

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  7. 星宝

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  8. 微信旺店宝

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  9. 不可思议的游戏

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  10. 兔子的故事

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    《兔子的故事 Rabbit Tale》是由Team1009提供的一款益智休闲类游戏。游戏中乌龟逆袭成了兔子杀手,玩家控制的小兔子成为了弱势的一方,必须想尽办法远离乌龟,逃过一个又一个的关卡,最终逃离深海。游戏根据韩国的童话故事改编而成,是一款典型的休闲逃脱作品。 游戏特色: - 画面清新简单 - 动物角色可爱跳脱 - 操作简单容易上手 - 融合部分童话剧情故事 - 足够多的关卡 - 背景音效机具喜感 游戏适合7到25岁儿童把玩,长不大的各位女生妹妹也会喜欢上这款游戏的!!! 测试机型:MX4(基于Android 5.0.1开发的Flyme OS 4.5.5A)
  11. 雷霆战神3D

    1785人安装 55.68MB
    Robin在一次任务中,由于好奇心太重,越过了'星域总部'安全区,结识了Blues,并看到了'星域'对'异寒星球'的掠夺,从而受到组织通缉,遭到各种攻击。Jones经过谍报组织收集'异寒星球'的情报以后大惊失色,在上次宇宙大战中,已经彻底被核武器摧毁的地球,已经变成一颗异常寒冷的星球,地表已经无法再生存任何生物了,但是经过百年的发展,表面上寒冷无比的星球,地下却发展出高度的繁荣文明。 1. 变形战神,等你开启。单机3D,诚意大作。 2. 雷霆战神,震撼登场。华丽弹幕,登陆奖励。 3. 孤单英雄,柔情红颜,无尽宇宙,比翼齐飞。 4. 战机多样,武器精良,护甲多选,VIP换肤。 5. 主线支线,剧情游戏,无尽游戏,任君选择。
  12. 深海蓝鲸

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    深海蓝鲸[1.0]1、很美的深海蓝鲸..2、按Menu键可以进行设置墙纸。3、v1.0.0 初步功能。[1.0]更新:基本功能
  13. TransLoc Transit Visualization

    1470人安装 11.59MB
    Tired of waiting at the bus stop, full of anxiety? Do you dream of a world where questions like &quot;where is the bus?&quot; and &quot;when will it be here?&quot; can be answered without crystal balls and satellite surveillance? Dream no more; the future is now! The TransLoc app's popular real-time vehicle tracking shows you where the bus is and when it will arrive at the stops it services. With up-to-the-minute visualizations you can finally take the guesswork out of public transit. <br />Featuring:<br />• Real-time bus, shuttle, and train tracking in your hands. <br />• Prediction technology that goes beyond simple schedules to provide remarkably accurate arrival times. <br />• Announcements about service interruptions and more delivered instantly to your device.<br />• User feedback options that let you directly message TransLoc AND your transit provider. Make your voice heard! <br />TransLoc is available for the following transit agencies: <br />Adelphi University<br />Atlantic Station - FREE RIDE<br />Auburn University - Tiger Transit<br />Ball State University<br />Biola University<br />Boston College - BC Shuttle<br />Boston University - The Bus<br />Bowling Green State University - BGSU Shuttle Service<br />Brandeis University<br />Bucknell University<br />The COMET<br />Capital Area Transit<br />Cary Transit<br />Chapel Hill Transit<br />Chapman University<br />Chicago Transit Authority<br />Children's Hospital Boston - CHB Employee Shuttles<br />City of Cerritos, California - Cerritos On Wheels<br />City of Monona, Wisconsin - Monona Express<br />Columbia University - Shuttle<br />Duke University - Duke Buses<br />Durham Area Transit Authority<br />Eastern Connecticut State University - University Transportation<br />Emory University - Emory Shuttle<br />Fairfield University<br />Florida International University<br />Florida State University<br />Fordham University<br />Harvard University - Harvard Shuttle<br />High Point Market<br />High Point University<br />IndeBus Transit System<br />Jacksonville State University - Gamecock Express<br />Jacksonville University - JU Shuttle<br />Johnson &amp; Wales University (Providence and North Miami Campuses) - JWU Ride<br />Kennesaw State University - KSU Shuttle<br />La Salle University - University Shuttle<br />Lamar University<br />Lawrence Technological University<br />Life University<br />Louisiana State University - Tiger Trails<br />MASCO - Boston, MA - LMA Shuttle<br />Mansfield University<br />Mercer University - Trolley<br />Montgomery County Community College<br />Morgan State University<br />NAIPTA - Mountain Link<br />NC State University - The Wolfline<br />NC State College of Engineering<br />NMDOT Park &amp; Ride<br />Nantucket Regional Transit Authority - The NRTA Wave<br />Nashville International Airport<br />New York University - University Transportation<br />Northern Arizona University - NAU Transit<br />Oakland University<br />Ohio State University Medical Center<br />Penn State Hershey Medical Center<br />Philadelphia University<br />Princeton University - TigerTransit<br />Quinnipiac University<br />Rhode Island College<br />Rhode Island School of Design<br />Robert Morris University<br />Robert W. Woodruff Library<br />Saint Joseph's University<br />San Jose, Mineta International Airport<br />Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority<br />Savannah College of Art &amp; Design (Savannah and Atlanta Campuses) - The Bee Line<br />Southern Illinois University Carbondale - Saluki Express<br />Stevens Institute of Technology<br />Texas Christian University - TCU Shuttle<br />Triangle Transit - GoLive by TransLoc<br />University of Alabama - CrimsonRide<br />University of Alabama at Birmingham<br />University of Arizona<br />University of Chicago - The Bus System<br />University of Florida - Regional Transit System (RTS)<br />University of Kentucky - Cat Tracker<br />University of Maryland, Baltimore County - UMBC Transit<br />University of Memphis - U. of Memphis Transit<br />University of New Hampshire<br />University of New Haven - UNH Shuttle<br />University of North Alabama<br />University of North Florida - Osprey Connector<br />University of Rochester<br />University of Tennessee<br />University of Toledo - Transit Services<br />University of Vermont<br />University of Virginia<br />University of West Florida<br />University of Western Sydney<br />University of Wyoming Roundup<br />Virginia Commonwealth University<br />Widener University<br />Yale University - Yale Transit <br />厌倦了等待在公共汽车站,充满了焦虑?一个世界,你的梦想在哪里的问题,如“哪里是公交车?”和“何时会在这里?”可以不用水晶球和卫星侦察来回答?梦想没有更多;未来就是现在!该TransLoc应用程序的流行的车辆实时跟踪显示你所在的公交车,当它将会在站到达它的服务。凭借高达到了分钟的可视化,你终于可以猜测出公共交通。 <br />特点:<br />•实时公交,班车和火车跟踪在你的手中。<br />•预测技术,超越了简单的时间表,以提供非常精确的到达时间。<br />•关于立即发送到您的设备服务中断和更多的公告。<br />•可以让你直接消息TransLoc和你的中转商用户反馈选项。听到你的声音! <br />TransLoc是可用于以下公交公司: <br />阿德菲大学<br />大西洋站 - 免费乘车<br />奥本大学 - 老虎过境<br />鲍尔州立大学<br />比奥拉大学<br />波士顿学院 - 公元前班车<br />波士顿大学 - 总线<br />州立鲍灵格林大学 - BGSU班车服务<br />布兰代斯大学<br />巴克内尔大学<br />彗星<br />首都地区交通<br />卡里交通<br />教堂山交通<br />查普曼大学<br />芝加哥交通局<br />波士顿儿童医院 - CHB员工班车<br />市喜瑞都,加利福尼亚州 - 塞里托斯车轮上<br />市莫诺纳,威斯康星 - 罗娜快递<br />哥伦比亚大学 - 班车<br />杜克大学 - 杜克巴士<br />达勒姆区运输局<br />东康涅狄格州立大学 - 大学交通<br />埃默里大学 - 埃默里班车<br />费尔菲尔德大学<br />佛罗里达国际大学<br />佛罗里达州立大学<br />福特汉姆大学<br />哈佛大学 - 哈佛班车<br />高点家具展<br />高点大学<br />IndeBus交通系统<br />杰克逊维尔州立大学 - 斗鸡快递<br />杰克逊维尔大学 - JU班车<br />强生威尔士大学(普罗维登斯和北迈阿密校区) - JWU换乘<br />肯尼索州立大学 - KSU班车<br />拉萨尔大学 - 大学班车<br />拉马尔大学<br />劳伦斯理工大学<br />大学生活<br />路易斯安那州立大学 - 老虎足迹<br />MASCO - 波士顿 - LMA班车<br />曼斯菲尔德大学<br />美世大学 - 车<br />蒙哥马利县社区学院<br />摩根州立大学<br />NAIPTA - 山链接<br />北卡罗莱纳州立大学 - 的Wolfline<br />工程NC州立大学<br />NMDOT停车换乘<br />楠塔基特区域交通管理局 - 的NRTA波<br />纳什维尔国际机场<br />纽约大学 - 大学交通<br />北亚利桑那大学 - NAU交通<br />奥克兰大学<br />俄亥俄州立大学医学中心<br />宾夕法尼亚州立大学Hershey医疗中心<br />费城大学<br />普林斯顿大学 - TigerTransit<br />昆尼皮亚克大学<br />罗德岛学院<br />罗德岛设计学院<br />罗伯特莫里斯大学<br />罗伯特&middot;伍德拉夫W.图书馆<br />圣约瑟夫大学<br />圣何塞峰田国际机场<br />圣克拉拉谷运输管理局<br />蜜蜂线 - 艺术与设计(萨凡纳和亚特兰大校区)的萨凡纳<br />南伊利诺伊大学卡本代尔 - 萨路基猎犬快递<br />史蒂文斯理工学院<br />德克萨斯基督教大学 - TCU班车<br />三角交通 - GoLive中通过TransLoc<br />阿拉巴马大学 - CrimsonRide<br />阿拉巴马大学伯明翰分校<br />亚利桑那大学<br />芝加哥大学 - 总线系统<br />佛罗里达大学 - 区域交通系统(RTS)<br />肯塔基大学 - 猫跟踪<br />马里兰大学巴尔的摩县分校 - UMBC交通<br />孟菲斯大学 - 孟菲斯交通的U.<br />新罕布什尔大学<br />纽黑文大学 - UNH班车<br />北阿拉巴马大学<br />北佛罗里达大学 - 鱼鹰连接器<br />罗切斯特大学<br />田纳西大学<br />托莱多大学 - 运输服务<br />佛蒙特大学<br />弗吉尼亚大学<br />西佛罗里达大学<br />西悉尼大学<br />综述怀俄明大学<br />弗吉尼亚联邦大学<br />威得恩大学<br />耶鲁大学 - 耶鲁交通 <br />
  14. 情趣热享

    1470人安装 13.88MB
  15. 苍穹之剑

    108.7万人安装 179.78MB
  16. 新秦时明月

    1335人安装 274.33MB
    玩转诸子百家 陪你君临天下