1. 破碎小球

    615人安装 11.94MB
    《破碎小球 Rocking Ball》是一款有趣的休闲娱乐游戏。游戏中,小球在不同的轨道内滚动,你需要点击屏幕来创造绳索,让小球可以依附绳索前进。吃下道具时可增加时间,一定时间内无法到达出口就无法进入下一关卡。感兴趣的玩家快来挑战看看吧!
  2. 边画边学

    786人安装 3.96MB
    孩子们可以运用圆形,椭圆,正方形,长方形等超过10中形状进行作画,还可以在不知不觉的增加对形状的感性认识,Draw and Learn Shapes offers a pleasant way to help your children learn the shapes, how to draw them and how to combine them to create figures using their imagination.Simple user interface especially designed for kids.Draw Shapes: The child must draw on the pre-drawn outline of the shape to reveal it. As a reward, the child can draw then multiple shapes of different colors with hisher finger. Parents can customize the level of difficulty and colors.Shapes Collage: The child can combine shapes to create pictures. She can change the color, position, dimensions and angle of the shapes. The last 2 can be done using the two fingers gestures. The shapes can be deleted and lockedunlocked. The pictures can then be shared
  3. 简易赛车

    1077人安装 16.3MB
  4. 疯狂机械逃亡

    600人安装 4.79MB
  5. 核心无尽飞行

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  6. TV Guide & Tracker

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    TV Guide & Tracker lets you instantly manage your TV Listings for your favorite tv series for free!Check the TV Schedule to add shows to your `favs` and use the TV Tracker to keep track of which shows you have watched, how many are remaining and when the next episode is airing.Shows from most TV networks: FOX, ABC,NBC, CBS, CW, HBO, SHOWTIME, Warner Brothers, BBC, NICKELODEON, Cartoon Network, MTV, DISNEY, FAMILY, DISCOVERY, SPIKE, TLC, CTV, PBS, SHOWCASE.Top Shows in USA currently:Mad MenFreaks and GeeksRomeDeadwoodSix Feet UnderThe WireThe Venture Bros.FarscapeBreaking BadPlanet EarthPushing DaisiesBattlestar GalacticaAngelArrested DevelopmentThe Flight of the ConchordsCarnivàleFireflyTwitch CityDexterBand of BrothersThe X FilesThe No. 1 Ladies' Detective AgencyLife on MarsDead Like MeThe Twilight ZoneAlfred Hitchcock PresentsArcherSpacedTwin PeaksMillenniumSurvivorThe SopranosKolchak: The Night StalkerQuantum LeapBig LoveDamagesBoogiepop PhantomAngels in AmericaLostThe PrisonerERTremeBabylon 5The ComebackWonderfallsNorthern ExposureMisfits3rd Rock from the SunTales from the CryptTrue BloodX-MenBuffy the Vampire SlayerBatmanIt's Always Sunny in PhiladelphiaThe MunstersThe Addams FamilySpartacus: Blood and SandCapricaHerushinguHellsing Ultimate OVA SeriesThe GuildUnited States of TaraThe Amazing RaceDekalogCommunityRaising HopeBored to DeathParanoia AgentTiny Toon AdventuresThe Larry Sanders ShowGeneration KillThe Charlie Brown and Snoopy ShowThe OfficeParty DownSkinsWeedsRobot ChickenStudio 60 on the Sunset StripJohn AdamsThe SimpsonsCowboy BebopDeath NoteNip/TuckWolf LakeDariaKindred: The EmbracedThe Ren & Stimpy ShowScooby Doo, Where Are You!Eerie, IndianaSummer Heights HighShaun the SheepSwingtownAnimaniacsInvasion2 Stupid DogsOzGilmore GirlsDragon Ball ZExtrasThe Walking DeadPopularXena: Warrior PrincessI Love LucyGargoylesJustifiedWatchmenLifeJustice LeagueThe BorgiasHuman PlanetCelebrity DeathmatchThe Outer LimitsThe Real Adventures of Jonny QuestTom and JerryWacky RacesStar TrekLittle House on the PrairieThe Muppet ShowBattlestar GalacticaBrideshead RevisitedSmurfsFraggle RockThe Cosby ShowThe Bugs Bunny/Looney Tunes Comedy HourDragonballMarried with ChildrenTour of DutyWerewolfThe Wonder YearsForever KnightSeinfeldThe Fresh Prince of Bel-AirDinosaursShin ChanThe NannyRocko's Modern LifeFriendsMy So-Called LifeThe TickThe TickHercules: The Legendary JourneysNewsRadioCow and ChickenStargate SG-1South ParkPokémonSpawnTwo Guys, a Girl and a Pizza PlaceHisteria!From the Earth to the MoonFamily GuyFuturamaRoswellThe Lost WorldCourage the Cowardly DogMalcolm in the MiddleAliasThe Lone GunmenInvader ZIMEverwoodCold CaseReno 911!Desperate HousewivesEntourageRescue MeDrawn TogetherBleak HouseMediumMasters of HorrorMan vs. Wild30 RockFriday Night LightsThe TudorsIn TreatmentLife on MarsNurse JackieThe PacificRubiconThe KillingThe Life & Times of TimThe Brady BunchSoapThe Bullwinkle ShowGakuen mokushiroku: Highschool of the deadBrimstoneDream OnDollhouseThe ShieldFlashForwardBeing HumanSpartacus: Gods of the ArenaPsychScrubsPrison BreakKemonozumeThe Golden GirlsCharmedAmerica's Next Top ModelBig BrotherExpeditie RobinsonCherubSuburgatoryVeronica MarsNew GirlEnlightenedThe Amazing Race AustraliaPan AmParks and RecreationBoardwalk EmpireGame of ThronesAmerican Horror Story.All Genres Supported: Action, Animation, Comedy, Documentary, Family, Game Show, Horror, Adventure, Biography, Crime, Drama, Fantasy, History, Music, Mystery, Romance, Sport, War, Thriller, Western, Sci-Fi, Reality TV and Musicals.Manage your Queues more effectively with our app and use with Netflix, Vudu, iTunes, HULU.
  7. 铁人士兵

    555人安装 47.4MB
  8. 小鱼快躲

    555人安装 8.17MB
  9. 3D蜘蛛侠复仇者

    555人安装 20.85MB
    说明 《3D蜘蛛侠复仇者》现在玩这个免费的游戏,可以挑战极限,以成为一名超级英雄,专为Android!准备好高飞扬,巨大的跳跃,令人惊叹的3D直接在屏幕上的图形!下载免费版3D蜘蛛复仇者,并准备自己的行动! 你可以享受的建筑,桶,箱,硬币交互式3D图形!要非常小心的道路上通过损害建筑物,并收集尽可能多的硬币,你可以!你可以随处轻点屏幕上的超级英雄跳,并双击跳得更高!证明你是一个真正的复仇者!城市的骄傲,谁在这里救市,并完成所有的任务! 即使是最疯狂的小人是不会要能够站起来的超强实力让你的Android手机或平板电脑中最英勇的设备周围!整个世界将是观望,(和下载),这个免费的游戏3D蜘蛛复仇者!千万不要错过!立即下载! 全面的设备和平板电脑优化的!
  10. Key & Shield

    540人安装 26.48MB
    盾牌小豆丁(Key & Shield)是Fire Totem Ar
  11. 空间桥梁

    525人安装 25.79MB
  12. 纯色花:东方STG

    518人安装 17.74MB
    《纯色花:东方STG Pure Chromatic Bloom》是westernarc开发的一款动作类游戏。精选的东方同人音乐作为BGM,非常有代入感。游戏控制和其他触屏STG一样是触摸相对位置控制。控制自机来躲避弹幕,自机不能射击可谓一大遗憾。但你可以缩放双指来控制妖梦使用佩剑来击毁袭来弹幕.自机不会miss一次就挂了,大概是有2次及以上的触弹机会。每个关卡的弹幕设计思路都是取材自东方正作的相应关卡。
  13. 激撞

    531人安装 22.89MB
  14. 线条飞跃

    1046人安装 21.59MB
    《线条飞跃 Looper》是个操作易上手的无尽奔跑类游戏,游戏里控制两个线条移动,按下就是聚拢,松开就是分离,以此操作在游戏里躲开障碍,玩起来挺不错。
  15. 0rca

    1037人安装 25.79MB
    "Dive with lightning" 0rca is 3D Shoot 'em up designed for Android. Tap and beat enemies! Swipe and dodge attacks! You can choose language (English or Japanese). 0rca is in process of creation now. Would you give me some feedbacks, and help me do better work? ---- Tips--- - How to get high rank Rank depends on only Score and Score depends on Boost-rate. Therefore, it is important to get high rank to keep high Boost-rate. You need to defeat enemies quickly and get boost-item for raising Boost-rate. Boost-rate lowers with time and especially when you get damaged. - How to move and attack at the same time Drag to move and tap to attack at the same time. (maybe you need your both hands.) “俯冲带闪电” 0rca是3D射击游戏专为Android系统。点选并击败敌人!刷卡和闪避攻击! 你可以选择语言(英语或日语)。 0rca是在创造的过程中了。你能给我一些反馈,并帮助我做更好的工作? ----温馨提示--- - 如何获得高顺位  排名只依赖于分数和分数取决于升压速率。因此,要获得高排名,以保持高升压率是很重要的。你需要迅速击败敌人,并得到提升,项目筹集升压速率。升压率降低随着时间的推移,尤其是当你被损坏。 - 如何移动和攻击在同一时间  拖动来移动,然后点击攻击的同时。 (也许你需要你的双手。)
  16. 巴斯廷街道大战 完美版

    480人安装 16.55MB
    巴斯廷街道大战(Bustin Dustin Jieber)是weheapps开发的一款动作射击类游戏。 巴斯廷街道大战(Bustin Dustin Jieber)的官方介绍 类型跑酷但玩法又不同跑酷的一款游戏,玩法比较简单,适合打发时间!PS:小编认为这个游戏很拉风,你们知道吗? 巴斯廷街道大战(Bustin Dustin Jieber)的特色 1,一个非常简单和经典而上瘾的游戏。 2,您可以选择不同的角色。 3,很简单,玩法:只要将手指向四处移动。 4,高清图形和强大的配音。