1. 飞盘高尔夫

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    Scorekeeper, course mapper, statistics/charts/diagrams, throwing distances & much more!
    DiscGolf is an advanced disc/frisbee golf scorekeeper which offer great design coupled with tons of functionality for Android phones and tablets. If you're looking for disc golf tools, chances are we've got them. We continually add new features to the DiscGolf system, either because we want them or by user request(s). Please let us know if you feel there is something missing and we'll probably try and add it the the app.
    DiscGolf is slightly different from other frolf scorekeepers/scoring/caddy apps as we have made this app game-centric. You'll create a game/scorecard by choosing a course, select players then start the game. Created games are then located on the main screen so that you can easily resume or view scorecards and statistics when entering the app. We have put a lot of thought into the design and we try to keep up to date with Android design guidelines so you'll have the best looking app to work with.
    Lite vs Pro
    Lite is Ads funded and some features are locked. You can upgrade Lite to remove Ads and unlock all features (this makes Lite work the same as Pro, but the app is still DG Lite).
    - golfers can keep score (scoreboard/scoringboard style)
    - hole/par details (portrait)
    - clear and visible scorecard overview (landscape)
    - share scorecard: Image/CSV/Online map
    - shows player starting order for each hole
    - shows leading player(s) for each hole
    - resume games from history
    - finish/lock games from future editing
    - change course and edit players in ongoing game
    - map throws while playing and view it on a course overlay map
    - game types: Strokeplay, Matchplay, Bogeyplay, Stableford and Modified Stableford
    - review/find online reviews (DGCR)
    - 5500+ courses to download and choose from
    - course maps with locations and distances
    - find your way on the course map
    - plot course coordinates if none are available
    - create/edit and share courses
    - create private courses
    - find courses nearby your location
    - select courses in your region
    - driving instructions to course
    - diagram/chart views
    - scorecards/games
    - holes
    - players
    - courses
    - in game stats
    - simple measure and plot locations
    - view map
    - add/edit/delete
    - navigator: map GPS locations
    * MORE
    - create/edit/remove almost anything
    - lots of app settings
    - sign in to synch games across devices
    - dedicated webpage with all courses, scorecards and even more statistics
    - online course database
    - help: in-app, online, PDGA Rules and support
    - DiscGolf Scorekeeper (Sony SmartWatch Liveware using smart connect) companion app lets you manage your scorecards in Lite or Pro
    (Get DiscGolf Scorekeeper: http://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=se.codeunlimited.smartconnect.extension.discgolf)
    - DiscGolf Wear (Android wear companion app lets you track score from an Android wear Watch)
    - And always more to come...
    * UPGRADE (Lite only)
    Upgrade to unlock all features, DG Lite with Upgrade = DG Pro
    - remove Ads
    - unlock all settings
    - set Google account to cloud synch between all your Android devices
    - can be used offline
    - login on the DG Homepage
    -- view/edit scorecards and players
    -- view more statistics
    - more statistics
    - choose game type
    - share your scorecard on Google+, Facebook, Twitter, etc
    - measure distances using GPS
    - and more...
    We hope you like our app!
    Find out more on the links below.
    DG Homepage: http://discgolf.codeunlimited.se
    Google+: http://plus.google.com/105335929961393071092
    Contact us: contact.codeunlimited@gmail.com
    *游戏 - 记分卡
    - 高尔夫球员能保持得分(记分牌/ scoringboard风格)
    - 洞/ PAR细节(纵向)
    - 清晰可见的记分卡概述(横向)
    - 每股记分卡:图像/ CSV /在线地图
    - 显示每个孔的球员出场顺序
    - 显示领导者(S)每个洞
    - 从历史的简历游戏
    - 从未来的编辑完成/锁游戏
    - 变化当然和编辑玩家在游戏进行中
    - 地图抛出,同时播放并查看它的课程覆盖图
    - 游戏类型:比杆,比洞赛,Bogeyplay,净杆和修改净杆
    - 审查/在网上找到的评论(DGCR)
    - 5500+课程下载和可供选择
    - 与位置和距离的过程中映射
    - 找到你的方式的过程中地图上
    - 当然情节坐标如果没有可用
    - 创建/编辑和共享课程
    - 创建私有课程
    - 寻找附近的位置课程
    - 选择课程,在你的地区
    - 驾驶指示,当然
    - 图/图表视图
    - 记分卡/游戏
    - 孔
    - 玩家
    - 课程
    - 游戏统计
    - 简单的措施和情节的位置
    - 查看地图
    - 添加/编辑/删除
    - 导航:地图GPS位置
    - 创建/编辑/删除几乎所有的东西
    - 大量的应用程序设置
    - 登录同步跨设备的游戏
    - 专题网页的所有课程,记分卡,甚至更多的统计数据
    - 在线课程数据库
    - 帮助:在应用程序,在线,PDGA规则和支持
    - DiscGolf记分员(使用索尼的SmartWatch智能活件连接)配套应用程序可以让你管理你的记分卡的精简版或专业版
    - DiscGolf磨损(磨损的Andr​​oid应用程序的同伴可以让你追踪分数从Android的磨损观察)
    - 而且总是更多的惊喜...
    升级解锁所有功能,DG精简版与升级= DG临
    - 移除广告
    - 解锁所有的设置
    - 设置谷歌帐户,您的所有Android设备之间的同步云
    - 可脱机使用
    - 对DG首页登录
    - 查看/编辑记分卡和球员
    - 查看更多统计数据
    - 更多的统计数据
    - 选择游戏类型
    - 分享你的记分卡在Google+,Facebook和Twitter的,等
    - 利用GPS测量距离
    - 以及更多...
  2. 高尔夫平台

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  3. 高尔夫指标

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