1. Z War-Zombie Modern Combat

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    In 2017, experience true fear as you lead the last empire on earth to salvation from the zombie horde in Z War. Utilize missiles, artillery and tanks to wage a deadly campaign for the restoration to reach your target of a peaceful society in an online military thriller which pits you in a battle against countless evil undead. Can you achieve domination and ensure the survival of humanity? World War Z is upon us and a gruesome infection has swept across the world. It’s a time for strength and leadership as you fight for survival. Can you can handle the responsibility of rebuilding, restoring discipline, fighting, and commanding a society in the name of a united humanity. Build up your settlements and defences, gather resources, upgrade your arsenal and research technologies in order to bring back a united world. Command your troops and battle the undead, before targeting new territory to ensure your empire’s continued expansion. Train in the arts of modern combat and develop your skills and you just might be able to rebuild civilization from its impending doom. In the face of such an evil threat, many survivors have united as allies and factions are beginning to form. Choose to join an alliance and if you do, alongside your new allies, compete against others in online military PVP action. Upgrade and enhance your arsenal, pilot your helicopter above the battlefield, battle tank squadrons and massacre your enemies to restore a new world order. Claim crucial resources as the spoils of war and use them to increase your chances of survival over New Year! Recruit players experienced in campaign warfare and make them your ally to gather resources and increase your resistance abilities alongside one another. Target and send hordes of supernatural zombies to their deaths. It’s down to you, alongside your allies, to bring back discipline and rule of law to the world! Features Overview -Download this totally free to play military and zombie themed game and start the adventure this New Year! -Seek out a trustworthy ally and go into battle united with millions of other players worldwide in combat. -Build a strong arsenal and stable city to protect your allies and faction from the evil, flesh hungry undead. -Research different technologies that will improve your resource production, reduce your building and recruiting times and increase your fighting effectiveness and ability to overcome the infection. Become a true leader in this zombie themed game! As leader it’s up to you to command a united force and stay alive in the face of World War Z: hordes of terrifying, evil, undead zombies. Utilise your leadership instincts, upgrade your buildings and research new technologies to save your people from a supernatural doom and bring order and peace back to your empire and then the world. Recruit elite troops! Give your people the chance and experience to become capable of protecting your city and claiming new territory. Form huge alliances! Resist the infection by joining with players from around the world to make friends and become allies to rival other factions. Command your troops! Select the right tactics for the enemy you face and you will soon be on a path towards domination of the post-World War Z, supernatural world. Watch on as your well trained men drive tanks to target and massacre your rivals before claiming their territory. Research cutting edge technology! Researching technology can have a dramatic effect on your faction and your ally’s resources, tank squadron, building and recruitment times and battle capabilities. This year, civilization and humanity are counting on you to return peace post-infection! Rebuild your city and use your expertise to begin the quest to restore world order! Check out our official Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/zwar2015 1.The introduction of the Christmas Event - Save Santa 2.Added Alliance Christmas Trees 3.The addition of numerous special Christmas items 4.Added a festive Christmas background 5.Say hello to a new monster -- Santa Claus 6.Updated the unique Christmas game UI 7.Added massive Christmas sales and discounts! Christmas Sales(11/29/2016 12pm PST-1/2/2017 3pm PST) Price: $9.99 Base: Golds 1500 Extra: Golds 1500 Gold Bars*2 70 Vip Points Resource Chest10K*20
  2. 僵尸电梯

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  3. 巨魔大战维京人

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  4. 僵尸棍子英雄

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  5. 像素军队

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    《像素军队 Army of Pixels》是一款独立的像素风策略游戏.发展你的战略,升级你的军队,在战斗中占据上风。结合9派别打造极致的军队!使用法术战术来改变战争的浪潮。 像素军队游戏特色: - 丰富的战斗画面,迷人的像素艺术 - 回合制战斗结合实时元素 - 独特的游戏,其中单位安置和反单位是胜利的关键 - 9派系完美,无论是吸血鬼,僵尸,天使或魔鬼,各有其独特的能力 - 选择派系中的任何3种使用或者结合 - 没有IAP,免费游戏 【基本信息】 作者:来自Google Play 更新时间:2015-10-26 版本:1.105 系统:Android 2.3以上 语言:英文
  6. 僵尸陷阱

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  7. 植物射僵尸

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  8. 僵尸外科医生X Zombies Doc

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  9. 丧尸屠城

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  10. 僵尸召唤:死亡射手 Zombie Call: Dead Shooter

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  11. 僵尸冲突守卫战

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    说明 《僵尸冲突守卫战》这是一款紧张刺激的以超级英雄对抗僵尸为题材的末世战争策略游戏! 你想招募钢铁侠,绿巨人,雷神,死神,宇智波或其他超级英雄对抗僵尸吗? 快来下载僵尸冲突吧!比起部落冲突,在这里你将能招募更多的英雄,体验更多有趣的玩法! *评论* --僵尸冲突是一款刺激的末世题材策略游戏. --如果你在寻找一款轻科幻策略战斗游戏,僵尸冲突是你的首选. --如果你喜欢僵尸电影,超级英雄电影等,僵尸冲突对你来说绝对是一款惊喜之作! 世界末日,僵尸灾难爆发!建造基地,训练军队,招募超级英雄及完美更多科技来防御僵尸的进攻!带领你的军队来保卫人类! *特色* --完全免费! --20个以上超级英雄:钢铁侠,绿巨人,雷神,超人,美国队长,宇智波,孙悟空,死神等 --数以百计的游戏元素:变异人,高科技,僵尸,英雄等; --创建联盟和盟友一起参加联盟战斗、联盟副本! --参加竞技场比赛,赢取大量能量晶石! --参加僵尸挑战,捕获僵尸为你战斗! --参加BOSS挑战,赢取功能强大的神像帮助你发展; --拯救X博士,他能帮助你加快基地建设! --僵尸冲突比部落冲突拥有更多刺激的玩法、吸引人的游戏元素,赶快加入我们吧!
  12. 极道之旅 Extreme Bike Trip

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  13. 不死(含数据包)

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    《不死 Age of the Dead》是一款恐怖的生存类游戏。 僵尸消灭人类。目前只有极少数人在生存线上挣扎。主角 - 其中之一。住一天他的生活。你必须去寻找物资,搭建营地和生存。请记住:活死人到处都是。 特点: ?冒险点和点击游戏 ?动作元素 *后拳的残酷的世界 ?僵尸无处不在!
  14. 打僵尸:英雄战争

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    《打僵尸:英雄战争 Tap Zombies: Heroes of war》是一款像素风格的射击游戏,全新的武器设备,华丽酷炫的射击体验,多种强力BOSS震撼来袭。游戏可玩性极高,可以和好友一起作战,多人合作共战僵尸。 打僵尸:英雄战争游戏特色: 1、独具特色的像素风格,看起来非常有趣; 2、武器十分华丽,地图多样,可玩性极高; 3、和好友一起作战,疯狂射击世界BOOS。
  15. 香蕉岛:波波的传奇故事

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  16. 棒球大战僵尸 Baseball Zombie War

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