1. 开心消水果

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  2. 儿童游戏捉迷藏 多米

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  3. 一块到底

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  4. 虚拟乞丐

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    There's a beggar in every device. Your goal is to help him out of the poverty.- Tap the screen to throw coins to the beggar and collect all the valuables thrown by generous passers-by. - Found a company and expand your business by building new rooms and hiring workers from 14 different professions. - Train your workers for more demanding assignments. - Spend your money the way that suits you the best; buy new houses, pets, cars or clothes - or visit different places such as the moon. - Customize your beggar's look. - Decorate your own place as you like and invite other players to it. - Level up and unlock new things. - Participate in random events and secrets. - Google Play leaderboards let you see how beggars in other devices are doing. - Chat with random beggars from all around the world. 2.51: - Balance improvements - Minor bug fixes 2.5: GARAGE - Get your own garage and decorate it as you like; buy cars, aquariums, swimming pools and much more. Make it the coolest garage around! - Drive your car to gain some extra xp - Invite other players from begchat to your garage MORE - Skipping workers' work task now gives them xp - You'll now keep your bus crew after the Ultimate Donation - Graphical improvements - Begchat improvements
  5. 听歌猜古诗

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    无论是小学,中学,高中,甚至大学里都在学古诗, 很多古诗我们可以已经背的滚瓜烂熟,为了更好的学习古诗, 已经人已经把古诗改编成歌曲, 听歌猜古诗,你都能猜对吗?
  6. Super Bubble Shooter

    7305人安装 11.6MB
    Enjoy the classic bubbles match 3 shooter game which now contains more than 1000 levels!!
    How to play:
    - Your goal is to clear all the bubbles before they overflow the bottom line
    - Tap the screen, where you specifically want the bubble.
    - Make combinations of 3 or more bubbles to pop them.
    - 1000+ levels of serious bubble-popping fun
    - visual effects
    - Realistic game physics
    - Accurate controls, just tap on the game board where you specifically want the ball.
    - Addictive and easy gameplay
    - 你的目标是清除所有气泡溢出,他们的底线之前,
    - 点击屏幕,在那里你特别想要的泡沫。
    - 使3个或更多的气泡组合弹出他们。
    - 1000 +的水平的严重泡沫大跌眼镜的乐趣
    - 视觉效果
    - 逼真的游戏物理
    - 精确的控制,只要在游戏板上点选您特别想要的球。
    - 成瘾性和方便游戏
  7. 太空VR过山车

    7260人安装 42.49MB
        《太空VR过山车》是一款虚拟现实类的游戏。,同其它vr游戏一样,需要带上虚拟现实眼镜才能体会到身临其境的感觉。游戏中,你将乘坐过山车漫游太空,穿越漫天繁星,躲过危险的陨石,从巨大恒星的表面划过。在这个过程中,你可以遍览周边360度全景。游戏带给你的不仅仅是太空的玄妙,还有过山车的惊险刺激。     游戏分为普通模式和VR模式,如果没有VR眼镜,用普通模式也可以进行游戏。     VR模式下,你可以通过游戏手柄的上下按键来调节过山车的速度。     游戏特点:     1)采用VR虚拟现实技术全心打造,全景体验带你沉浸其中;     2)酷炫的宇宙场景,精美华丽的界面     3)带上你的VR眼镜,快来体验一把吧 【基本信息】 作者:蜗牛工作室 更新时间:2016-01-18 版本: 系统:Android 2.3以上 语言:中文 【更新内容】 1)采用VR虚拟现实技术全心打造,全景体验带你沉浸其中; 2)酷炫的宇宙场景,精美华丽的界面 3)带上你的VR眼镜,快来体验一把吧
  8. 消灭星星传奇

    7080人安装 9.47MB
  9. 阿毛的玩具屋

    6840人安装 37.88MB
    宝宝做事不专心、喜欢丢三落四?没关系,快到阿毛的玩具屋里来做练习吧!四只可爱的小动物带着玩具、鲜花和点心欢迎宝宝来玩哦,不但教会宝宝认识不同的颜色、形状、物品种类名称,更可以锻炼记忆力呢!更有中英双语语音提示,是教育宝宝“一举数得”的好机会! 注册成为Youwill会员,更可以将孩子的使用记录融入学习进度中,帮助宝宝更快地进步!更可以让家长随时随地掌握孩子的游戏时间,不用担心宝宝偷偷玩个不停! 游戏特色: -- 循序渐进,宝宝很有成就感:难度慢慢加深,先对颜色、形状、种类等进行练习,再考察记忆力,一步一个脚印,成长更扎实 -- 潜移默化,英语句子轻松学:在宝宝的学习过程中,四只可爱的卡通动物会根据答题情况用英语做出提示或表扬。反复提示,加深印象,只要多玩几次,聪明的宝宝就能学会说英语喽 -- 多种玩法,每一关都有新惊喜:分类、记忆、按物说数、物品分配,每一关都有不同规则,全方面帮助宝宝成长 -- 中英双语,游戏还能练听力:小朋友在答对问题时会有中英语音,让宝宝在轻松愉快的环境下接触双语学习 -- 过五关斩六将,付出才会有结果:只有前一关通关后才能玩下一个单元的游戏,从小培养宝宝只有付出才有收获的概念 -- 劳逸结合,学习不再单一无味:每一个练习结束后才可以玩DIY小游戏,动脑之后可以动动手,用游戏中获得的小零件拼出漂亮的图画哦 -- 简单操作,手脑并用:点、拖、划动,有效锻炼宝宝的眼手协调能力,多动手才会变聪明啦 -- 加入Youwill,学习资料带着走:注册Youwill会员,客户端和网站中都可以随时查看宝宝的游戏、学习记录,家长和宝宝的互动只需要简单动动手指哦 更多精彩应用,敬请关注优悦教育 “Play and Learn, Learn by doing” 让孩子快乐成长! 游戏式学习,让您的孩子玩出大未来!
  10. 超凡双生控制器 Beyond Touch

    6825人安装 13.1MB
    Use the BEYOND Touch™ app to control your BEYOND: Two Souls™ game on PlayStation®3 system. The app can be used on Android™ devices to replace your wireless controller. All you’ll need is for your PlayStation®3 system to be on the same WiFi network as your Android™ device and you’ll be ready to play the game with touch controls.
    Please note: This app acts only as a controller. In order to play the BEYOND: Two Souls™ game, you will need a PlayStation®3 system and the game, purchased separately at any participating retailer.
    BEYOND Touch Features:
    • Play the game on your PlayStation®3 system with intuitive touch controls designed for your Android™ device;
    • Easy to play, even if you’ve never played a console game before;
    • Easy to connect to your PlayStation®3 system;
    • Play the adventure in Solo mode, or in Duo mode with a friend using your preferred device.
    The following Terms of Use and Privacy Policy apply to use of this App, depending on your country of residence:
    About BEYOND: Two Souls™:
    From the visionary mind of David Cage, director of the award-winning Heavy Rain™ game, comes the most powerfully emotional experience on the PlayStation®3 system. A singularly unique, psychological action thriller featuring ELLEN PAGE and WILLEM DAFOE, the BEYOND: Two Souls™ game takes you on emotional journey through the remarkable life of Jodie Holmes.
    • Dive into a gripping and unpredictable, psychological action thriller starring ACADEMY AWARD® nominated actors.
    • Explore stunning and varied settings across the world in an epic journey through 15 years of a character's life.
    • Control Jodie and an invisible entity through spectacular action sequences and puzzles with unique controls.
    • Experience cutting-edge technology from Quantic Dream in one of the best-looking games ever seen on the PlayStation®3 system.
    With the BEYOND Touch™ application, experience this unique adventure playing with your Android™ device.
    The application can be used in the following languages :
    French, English, German, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Portuguese, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, Finnish, Russian, Polish, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Greek, Czech, Hungarian, Croatian, Turkish.
  11. 永久迷失:第一章

    6765人安装 45.27MB
  12. 开心五子连珠

    6585人安装 9.35MB
  13. 块拼图王

    6570人安装 8.06MB
  14. 智力拼图 Jigsaw Puzzle

    6510人安装 39.96MB
    Jigsaw Puzzle is a beautiful recreation of real jigsaw puzzles.
    Every puzzle is cut differently, so no two are the same. You can choose from 4 to 400 pieces on tablets or up to 100 pieces on phones. Move loose pieces to the margins and zoom in and out to focus on one area. Assemble pieces into groups, then move and connect the groups. Jigsaw Puzzle saves your works in progress so you can return and work on them any time.
    Solving puzzles is relaxing, rewarding, and keeps your brain sharp. If you want a greater challenge, turn on Piece Rotation. For the truly ambitious, there are also Tournament and Patterns packs.
    More than 10,000 jigsaw puzzles are available for download including lots of free packs, and new puzzles are added weekly. You can even make puzzles from your photos. There are more than 40 achievements to be earned and you can share completed puzzles with friends and family on Facebook.
    Download Jigsaw Puzzle today and see you've been missing.
    • You can play on your phone or tablet!
    • Free Puzzle of the Day
    • Over 10000 beautiful, high-definition jigsaw puzzles!
    • Downloadable content (including FREE puzzles)
    • Constantly updated puzzle packs
    • Play puzzles up to 400 pieces!
    • Turn your personal photos into your own custom puzzles!
    • Move pieces in groups
    • Scatter pieces out of the puzzle area with a single command
    • Optionally rotate pieces for a greater challenge
    • Challenge yourself with the special Tournament Pack
    • Randomized pieces -- no two puzzles are the same
    • Work on more than one puzzle at a time
    • Saves every puzzle you've ever solved
    • Share completed puzzles with your friends
    • 40+ distinct achievements to unlock
    • Supports Samsung "S Pen" functionality
    •随机配件 - 没有两个难题是相同的
  15. 全民切水果

    6435人安装 7.56MB
  16. Angel Beats

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