1. 网络共享

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    WebSharing enables you to wirelessly transfer files to and from your phone or tablet using a web browser. You can play and manage music, view your photographs, and manage files on your device using your Wi-Fi network. It additionally features the ability to browse/manage your phone as a WebDAV share.

    * FILE MANAGER: Use the file browser to upload and download content to and from your device. The file browser is a fully functional file manager, with the ability to move, copy, rename, and delete files and folders on the phone. A multiple file upload feature allows you to quickly upload many files to your device at the same time.

    * MUSIC: A built-in music player enables you to stream music from your device to your computer. The music tab features the ability to browse by album, artist, and playlist. Tracks can be uploaded and downloaded wirelessly, with the capability to send/receive multiple tracks at once.

    * PHOTOS: The photo browser lets you display and download photos to your computer. A built-in image viewer provides the ability to display large photos with pan and zoom capabilities.

    * VIDEOS: The video browser displays videos stored on the phone and/or taken by the camera. Videos may be downloaded or viewed directly using both HTML5 and Flash-based video players. The HTML5 player has streaming support, letting you quickly skip to a position inside large movies.

    * WEBDAV ACCESS: WebDAV support enables you to mount your phone/device from Windows, Mac, and Linux computers in much the same manner as you would a USB disk or network shared folder.

    * GUEST MODE: Two configurable user accounts, "owner" and "guest", allow fine-grained control over what content is accessible through WebSharing. The owner account can see all content on the device, while the guest account can only view certain items that you specify. Each account has its own password and can be quickly enabled or disabled from the main screen of the application.

    * PRIVACY AND PERFORMANCE: Your data never leaves your Wi-Fi network when you use WebSharing. It does not use the Internet / cloud to perform transfers. Your computer and phone/tablet will communicate directly and privately. And because your data doesn't go over the Internet, transfers happen at local network speed.

    Network support: WebSharing is intended for use on Wi-Fi networks, but can work over cellular networks if your carrier allows direct access to phones/devices on their network. Most carriers do not allow cellular access.

    Browser support: WebSharing supports modern web browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explorer.
    The music player requires Adobe Flash. The video player can use either HTML5 or Flash. The multiple upload feature requires Adobe Flash.

    Video format support: WebSharing can play videos using either an HTML5 or Flash-based video player. Video format support varies by browser and operating system. Most current browsers will play MP4 files using HTML5. The Flash player is capable of playing MP4, 3GPP, and FLV files.

    More information and documentation are available on our web site: http://android.nextapp.com/site/websharing






    *视频:视频浏览器存储在手机上和/或由相机拍摄的视频显示。影片可以下载或使用HTML5和基于Flash的视频播放器直接观看。 HTML5播放器,流媒体支持,让您快速跳到大电影里面的位置。

    * WebDAV访问WebDAV支持,使您能够安装你的手机/设备,从Windows,Mac和Linux电脑,在大致相同的方式,当你将一个USB硬盘或网络共享文件夹。




    浏览器支持:We​​bSharing支持现代Web浏览器,包括Chrome浏览器,火狐,Safari浏览器,和Internet Explorer。
    音乐播放器需要安装Adobe Flash。视频播放器可以使用HTML5或Flash。多个上传功能需要安装Adobe Flash。

    视频格式支持:We​​bSharing使用HTML5或基于Flash的视频播放器可以播放视频。视频格式支持不同浏览器和操作系统。目前,大多数浏览器将使用HTML5播放的MP4文件。 Flash播放器能够播放MP4,3GPP和FLV文件。



  2. 音量调整

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    Volume Ace is a Volume Manager that allow you to fast and easily manage your device volume levels. You can create profiles and switch or select them straight from the widgets. Schedule profiles to apply automatically.
    • Create your own presets. Now each profile can save his own Ringtone, Notification and Alarm tone.
    • Scheduler : Schedule profiles to apply automatically at the time and day you choose.
    • Timer: Set a profile temporarily for x hours and minutes. Useful for meetings, movies etc. so you don't forget to turn off the "silent" profile.
    • Plugs : Automatically switch to profiles of choice when plugging Earphones, Desk or Car.
    • Set Mode(From widget too): Silent, Vibration & Normal.
    • Cycle through profiles by tapping widget
    • Tone picker for Ringtone, Notification and Alarm
    • Sounds while adjusting volume (using the actual tone)
    • 10 Widgets with levels and profiles
    • Custom colors/style to widgets and main screen (Orange, Azure, Green, Red, White, Vintage, Blue Yellow, Pink and Purple)
    • Locker: Prevent ringer and/or media volume to be changed outside the app.
    • Bluetooth volume
    > If you have questions or problems, please consider to E-Mail us before leaving negative comments...
    * Tablets aren't fully supported.
    *** App functionality may vary based on Android version in use ***
  3. 雫的日常 ShizukuTalk

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    雫的日常 ShizukuTalk是一款Android平台展示Live2D技术的应用,软件内置了大量免费的话题,会不定时更新。请保持 wifi 以下载语音,否则会无声主人公的自我介绍:http://static.youku.com/v1.0.0296/v/swf/loader.swf?VideoIDS=XNDY2ODE5NTU2&embedid=MTgwLjExNi4yNS43OAIxMTY3MDQ4ODkCd3d3LmNvb2xhcGsuY29tAi9nYW1lLzY5ODUv&wd=Live2D介绍:http://static.youku.com/v1.0.0296/v/swf/loader.swf?VideoIDS=XNDY2ODE0NTA4&embedid=MTgwLjExNi4yNS43OAIxMTY3MDM2MjcCd3d3LmNvb2xhcGsuY29tAi9nYW1lLzY5ODUv&wd=
  4. 炫彩眼妆Fun! 真人化妆游戏

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    想体验美妆大师专为您打造的 130 款超级漂亮的艺术彩妆吗? 何必去商场把它们统统买回来, 这款美容软件立刻让您拥有全球顶尖艺术眼妆! 只需动动手指, 将它们拖到照片上, 哇! 瞬间变身封面模特, 惊艳光彩耀人! 高雅气质的完美表想体验美妆大师专为您打造的 130 款超级漂亮的艺术彩妆吗? 何必去商场把它们统统买回来, 这款美容软件立刻让您拥有全球顶尖艺术眼妆! 只需动动手指, 将它们拖到照片上, 哇! 瞬间变身封面模特, 惊艳光彩耀人! 130 种全新风格, 无数种全新体验! 作为时尚达人的你一定不会错过, 为您和您的朋友们开始化妆吧, 送给Ta一个大大的惊喜!
    ★ 130 款美丽眼影与潮流美睫, 震撼登场!
    ★ 25 款闪亮美瞳, 给力推荐!
    ★ 眼影与睫毛包含上下两部分, 改变其中一部分即可搭配出无数全新效果!
    ★ 支持旋转元素至任意角度, 与眼部完美融合!
    ★ 支持移动、水平翻转、缩小元素!
    ★ 支持调整元素透明度, 看起来更自然!
    ★ 支持存储相片或通过电邮分享!
    ★ 与微博、微信等交友平台紧密整合, 轻按一下即可分享!
  5. 超级彩票助手

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  6. OSU

    4.1万人安装 4.44MB
    什么是OSU app? OSU是一款专属空手道爱好者的社交应用,并且更加个性化。 它帮你和家人、朋友、爱好者建立了一个更加亲密的沟通方式。 对于空手道爱好者来说,OSU的社交方式是唯一的,每天和你的 师傅、指导、朋友、家人说声OSU吧! 身份会员卡 第一时间向朋友展示你的身份,卡面上将展示你全面的信息,姓名,段位,所在城市与道场。全面的标签应用 很多人不认识你,不了解你的身份? 没关系,现在就把更全面的自己展示给朋友吧! 你所在的道场、段位、姓名、电话,快速添加,轻松搞定, 不要再担心别人不了解你了。 每天说声OSU 每天都可以收到来自师傅、指导、朋友、家人 发来的OSU,回复他们,增进之间的友情和亲情, OSU不只是一个简单的问候,而是一种生活方式!
  7. LifeSmart

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  8. 爱宝贝早教全计划

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  9. 熊猫的小小家 Home

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    《熊猫的小小家 Dr. Panda's Home》是一款休闲游戏,这里有满满四层楼的乐趣和惊喜等着小小的手指去探索哦!孩子们可以独当一面,帮助那些小动物家庭们完成任务清单,在快乐的游戏过程中熟悉各种家务并培养责任感。孩子们将会打理一切家务活动,和可爱的小动物们一起晾衣服,拖地板和做早餐等等。在完成家务的同时,孩子们将会赚得硬币作为辛勤劳动的奖励并存入小猪储蓄罐,稍后孩子们可以用积攒的硬币来购买游戏中有趣的小玩具,比如:萨克斯管,太空火箭等等。同时别忘了给Dr. Panda家门前可爱的小兔子们喂食并照料它们! 

  10. 魔笛

    3.6万人安装 196.29KB
    Magic Flute是一款可以模拟笛子发音的软件。 通过触屏操作摁住屏幕上的几个音位,接着就可以对充电的usb口吹气了,不同的力度可以模拟出不同的笛音。
  11. 长江云

    3.6万人安装 22.27MB
    荆楚风·长江云。 “长江云”是由湖北省省级移动政务客户端,集政务办事、新闻资讯、生活服务三大功能于一体,是覆盖湖北全省的长江云系列一百多个移动政务服务终端入口。 功能介绍: 政务:问政投诉全督办,24小时回复响应。 新闻:即时权威全方位,24小时可视直播。 服务:方便快捷全生活,24小时随时随地。
  12. 百度医生(医生版)

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  13. 夜夜

    3.4万人安装 33.24MB
    【夜夜】人人都是美食家。 【夜夜】是一款专注于朋友间美食推荐与分享应用;提供了美食分享和约局两大功能。 1. 约局开pa:这里聚集着一群有素质的吃货,强大的约局功能让你省去各种通知确定的烦恼,饭局、看电影、打球、party、ktv...一键约起,省心省事又省力。 2. 深夜“放毒”:随手拍下身边美食并且晒出来,不仅享受深夜“放毒”的快感,跟享受跟帖的朋友们各种羡慕嫉妒恨。 3. 吃货社区:这里汇集全国各地的吃货,各自分享着当地的特色美食。有时候真的忍不住,那就问一句:约......吃么? 4. 附近美食:当你去玩或者出差,来到一个陌生的地方,肚子也饿了,不想匆匆糊个饱,难得来一趟,怎么也得尝一下当地特色美食吧。夜夜强大的搜索会让你迅速从味觉上融入这个陌生的环境。 5. 美食日记:记录你点点滴滴的口福,记录你去过的不同餐厅,是高贵冷艳,还是低调奢华,点滴彰显独特品味。 6. 积分商城:想要咖啡机?想要手机外置摄像头?想要酷炫水杯?夜夜都给你。只要你在夜夜上晒美食、邀请好友来晒美食,你都可以获得相应的积分,积分越多,礼品逼格越高。
  14. Sunnycomb天气

    3.3万人安装 7.04MB
  15. 嗨个购

    3.3万人安装 5.83MB
  16. 疯狂老师

    3.2万人安装 13.41MB