1. Elves Union

    461人安装 39.8MB
    ☆Game Background <br />There is en evil Boss trying to destroy this world! Summoners need to summon elves partners and form a team to fight against it! <br />☆Game Features<br />This game is made by super cartoon fanatics. You can experience a wonderful game with exquisite graphic, cute characters, whole new designed Capturing System and Instance Exploring System! Come! Just start your surprising adventures with more than 200 lovely elves! <br />☆Featured Systems<br />1. Three levels of elf evolution 
<br />The lovely elves become powerful warriors. More than 200 monsters to capture and build up a greatest adventurous team for your own.<br />2. Famous Japanese voice actors joined<br />Japanese voice actors perform their voice and act those elves in this game which make elves more vivid. <br />3. Pioneer instance exploring system<br />Get rid of the traditional instance mode! Dungeons and more than 100 active events surprise you every minute. Pass them to earn great treasures.
<br />4. Magic skills ready to cast<br />Evolve your elves to learn more powerful magic skills. Hold your fire and cast it on the right time to make biggest damage to Devils. Show us a epic battle!<br />5. Boss elf capture system<br />Wanna have your owned Boss elf? Boss elf shows randomly in game. They are so beautiful and deadly. Just jump into the combat and capture one! <br />☆Contact Us<br />Official Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/gamedreamer.kdlm <br />☆游戏背景 <br />有恩恶老板试图破坏这个世界!召唤师需要召唤精灵的合作伙伴和组成一个团队进行斗争! <br />☆游戏特色<br />这个游戏是由超级卡通的狂热分子制成。你可以体验精彩的比赛以精湛的图形,可爱的人物,全新的设计,捕获系统和实例探索系统!来!刚开始的200多个可爱的精灵令人惊讶的冒险! <br />☆特色系统<br />1.三级精灵进化<br />可爱的小精灵成为强大的战士。超过200怪物捕捉并建立一个伟大的冒险团队,为你自己的。<br />2.日本著名配音演员加盟<br />日本声优履行自己的声音和行动在这场比赛中的精灵这使得精灵更生动。<br />3.先锋实例探索系统<br />摆脱了传统的实例模式!地下城与超过100个活动事件会让你大吃一惊的每一分钟。通过他们赚取巨大的宝藏。<br />4.魔法技能准备投<br />发展你的精灵学习更强大的魔法技能。握住你的火,将其丢在正确的时间做出魔最大的伤害。我们展示一个史诗般的战斗!<br />5.老板精灵捕捉系统<br />希望有你的老板拥有的小精灵?老板精灵随机显示在游戏中。他们是如此美丽而致命。刚刚跳进打击和捕获一个! <br />☆联系我们<br />官方Facebook:HTTPS://www.facebook.com/gamedreamer.kdlm <br />
  2. 萌龟诱饵

    564人安装 40MB
    • Become the bait in this intense survival adventure. <br />• Swing on the rope and dodge as many fish attacks as you can. <br />• Use your stamina wisely or soon you will become a dangling shell. <br />• Overcome your fears and collect the magic coins to improve your skills overtime. <br />• Join the leaderboards and compete with the best from around the world. How long can you survive? <br />• Above all, beware of The Great White... <br />•成为这个激烈的生存冒险诱饵。 <br />•摆动绳子和躲闪尽可能多的鱼攻击,你可以。 <br />•明智地使用你的耐力或很快你就会成为一个悬空的外壳。 <br />•您克服恐惧和收集魔法硬币,以提高自己的技能加班。 <br />•加入了排行榜,并用最好的来自世界各地的竞争。你可以生存多久? <br />•最重要的是,要注意白色大的... <br />
  3. 痴人说梦

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    本款APP的功能是让大家发布信息交流,记录帐单,同时用于公益事业。<br />应用共分:创客,公益,公共账单,悬赏四个模块,<br />你可能需要它。
  4. Grandma's Cakes

    591人安装 31.26MB
    Make and decorate wonderful cakes with Grandma using real recipes! Play in the kitchen and learn how to create an ANGEL CAKE, an APPLE PIE, a SACHERTORTE (chocolate cake) and a big WEDDING CAKE for a special event! <br />Dress up Grandma with your favorite chef clothes and play the cake of fortune to unlock new outfits! <br />GAME FEATURES <br />Cakes:<br />- Pick your favorite cake: Angel Cake, Wedding Cake, Sachertorte or Apple Pie.<br />- Put ingredients in the cart.<br />- Follow the recipe on the blackboard.<br />- Mix ingredients.<br />- Use kitchen tools to mix the dough, cut the butter, peel the fruit, make a whipped cream, make the pastry cream, &amp; much more!<br />- Put the cake in the oven &amp; bake it.<br />- Decorate the cake &amp; see the result! <br />Play the Cake of Fortune<br />Catch and collect all slices of the green cake and earn more coins. Complete all three levels! <br />Dress up Grandma<br />Choose from chef dresses, glasses, hats and shoes and dress up grandma with your favorite style. Take a picture and play again! <br />Grandma's Cakes is a beautiful cooking game for kids, toddlers and parents with real recipes inside. Choose your favorite cake or pie and make it at home with your family! <br />制作和装饰蛋糕的精彩用奶奶真正的食谱!游戏在厨房里,学习如何创建一个天使蛋糕,苹果派,一个萨赫蛋糕(巧克力蛋糕)和特殊事件大的结婚蛋糕! <br />扮靓奶奶用你喜欢的厨师的衣服,玩财富的蛋糕来解锁新衣服! <br />游戏特色 <br />蛋糕:<br />- 挑选您最喜爱的蛋糕:蛋糕的天使,婚礼蛋糕,萨赫蛋糕或苹果派。<br />- 将原料放入购物车。<br />- 按照黑板上的配方。<br />- 混合成分。<br />- 使用厨房用具混合面团,切黄油,剥水果,做奶油,做糕点馅料,和更多!<br />- 把蛋糕在烤箱烤与它。<br />- 装饰蛋糕和看到的结果! <br />发挥财富的蛋糕<br />捕捉和收集的绿色蛋糕的所有切片,赚取更多的金币。完成了三级! <br />扮靓奶奶<br />选择厨师服装,眼镜,帽子和鞋子,打扮奶奶用自己喜欢的风格。拍摄一张照片,再玩吧! <br />奶奶的蛋糕是一个美丽的烹饪比赛的孩子,幼儿和家长真正内的食谱。选择你喜欢的蛋糕或馅饼,并与您的家人在家里! <br />
  5. 单相思的故事

    461人安装 16MB