1. 么么哒养成计划

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  2. Party Starter (drinking games)

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    Party starter is just what you need to get your party started, whether you're drinking beer or shots. It comes with interactive/playable drinking games, most of them customizable, and a rulebook with some of the best drinking games for those who can't get enough. You might be familiar with some of the popular games included such as "High or Low" or "King's cup". This party collection also include drinking games which can't be played with regular cards or dice.
    Party Starter includes the following interactive games:
    - Across the bridge
    - Countdown
    - High or Low
    - King's Cup (also known as Kings, Waterfall, Ring of Fire, Circle of Death)
    - Kings: Custom - Make your own game modes
    - Meier (also known as Mia)
    - Sixes
    - Three Man (3 man)
    All of this is a must have for any university/college student if you want to get drunk.
    The Rulebook includes a full featured search function so you can find the games you're looking for easily. Don't know what you're looking for? Simply use the filters and you will find a game which fits your current party situation!
    The categories include: card games, coin games, coordination games, dice games, endurance games, luck games, skill games and more.
    Some of the games included in the rulebook: Beer Roulette, Beer Pong, Super Bowl, Finger it, Kings and Blood, Sixes, Buffalo, Viking, Beer Relay, Black or Red, Quarters, Catch the Pig, Flip Cup, Indian Poker, Pyramid, Go fish
    Please send any suggestions, bugs and feedback to PartyStarterApp@gmail.com
    Disclaimer: This application is intended for audiences of legal drinking age and for entertainment purposes only. Drink Responsibly.
    Terms of use: This application collects anonymous usage statistics to help improve the application. This can, at any time, be disabled in the settings menu.
      - 跨桥
      - 倒计时
      - 高或低
      - 国王杯(又名国王,瀑布,火圈,死亡之环)
      - 国王:自定义 - 制作自己的游戏模式
      - 迈耶(又称米娅)
      - 六人
      - 三个男人(3人)