1. 拼图大比拼进化

    1.1万人安装 9.16MB
    “Addictive... interesting and challenging” TopApps.net
    “Starts out easy and gets increasingly harder as you progress.” AndroidGuys.com
    Over 20 million Google Play downloads and counting!!
    Block Puzzle is the tangram-inspired puzzle game sensation that’s taking Google Play by storm. Fill the board by dragging different shaped blocks into the correct place to make a single larger shape. If you think it sounds simple then think again! There’s only one correct solution for each level and pieces can’t be rotated.
    Block Puzzle is amazing value, packed with over 6000 FREE mind-bending levels of increasing difficulty that’ll keep you busy for hours. For even more replayability, there’s also Time Attack Game Mode - play against the clock with millions of automatically-generated combinations that need to be solved. Block Puzzle is incredibly intuitive and fun for all ages and skill levels. Once you’ve tried, you’ll be hooked!
    Key Features:
    ★ 6000 FREE puzzles!
    ★ Three game modes
    ★ Each puzzle has only one solution
    ★ Five difficulty levels
    ★ Infinite Challenge against the clock
    ★ Rank up in the leaderboards, challenge your friends via Google Play Games
    ★ 25+ achievements to win
  2. 以数绘画

    9825人安装 12.12MB
    The best app ever for Nonogram! - About 1000 puzzles of 10x10, 15x15, 20x20, 25x25, 30x30 pics. - Touch and virtual Joypad support. - Sync with Google Play Game. - Google Play Game Achievements! - Fix some puzzles that have too much hint lengths.
  3. 3D停车

    9495人安装 33.11MB
    Parking 3D - Car Parking is the latest parking game filled with 50 exciting levels and stunning environments. But are you a precision driver or can you park before the time run outs? Take the challenge and test your racing and parking skills now! 
    This is an easy to play but hard to master game. Overcoming obstacles like roadblocks,bumps, tyres and mastering the levels in time is more like a car stunt. Game gets challenging as the speed of the cars increases with each level. 
    It’s a crazy physics based game where you show your skills as the instructor guides you through the game. Steer and adjust camera for behind the car view, top view or the first person view. Also make sure to go through all the checkpoints and quick fix your car every time you get hit. Unlike other easily-get-bored unblock games, this game lets you upgrade your cars and park more faster. 
    ____3 Cool Game Controls: ____ 
    Tilt -Tilt the device to left or right to move 
    Slider- Drag slider to accelerate reverse 
    Fixed - Toggle Button to Drive/ Reverse then use accelerate/brake 
    ____GAME FEATURES:____ 
    * 50 Challenging Levels 
    * A no hit challenge game 
    * Race against AI 
    * 3 Exciting vehicles with varying speeds 
    * 3 Interesting Environments (Residence, Office, Circuit) 
    * Different Type Of Obstacles (Tyres / Fence /Roadblocks / Lines /Containers/checkpoints / Direction Indicators / Bumps / Grass/road dividers) 
    * Game Modes (Career & Challenges) 
    * 3 amazing control (Tilt, Fixed & Slider) 
    * Adjustable camera with different kind of views 
    * Upgrade your cars & park more faster 
    * Unlock cars, repair and buy vinyls from store 
    ____DRIVING TIPS____ 
    Take your time, avoid hitting obstacles, make use of different kinds of controls and camera views. But above all, make sure to park your car before the time runs out!! 
    From the makers of highly popular games - Dark Runner, Football Kick Flick and BasketBall 3D comes a brand new frenzy sports game - Parking 3D - Car Parking ! 
    Get ready to feel the adrenalin rush...drive down the highway with full madness and park before the time runs out! Tough and interesting challenges awaits you…!!
    停车3D - 停车场是最新的泊车场比赛充满了50令人兴奋的水平和令人惊叹的环境。但你是一个精密的驱动程序还是可以的运行时间超时前停?接受挑战,现在测试您的赛车和停车技巧!
    倾斜 - 倾斜设备向左或向右移动
    固定 - 切换按钮来驱动/逆向然后使用加速/制动
    * 50具有挑战性的水平
    * 3激动人心的车辆不同速度
    * 3有趣的环境(住宅,办公,电路)
    * 3惊人的控制(倾斜,固定和滑块)
    ____DRIVING TIPS____
    从广受欢迎的游戏厂商 - 暗亚军,足球踢弗里克和篮球3D而来的全新狂热的体育游戏 - 3D停车场 - 停车场!
  4. 打我呀

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  5. 符文重生

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  6. 扔飞刀2

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    “飞刀” - 新版本的模拟器,刀扔在移动目标。 什么是新的? 1.你可以选择不同的刀 2.更原始的目标 我们的目标 - 获得最高的分数。 您可以选择的三把刀之一。刀是不同的质量。更重刀不再飞的目标,所以我们应该采取更加积极主动的瞄准。 您可以选择7个目标之一。 此外,您可以设定的目标的方向和速度。 对于每一个状态,保存的设置本场比赛他的最好成绩。 HOW TO PLAY : 触摸屏幕。移动你的手指,使叶尖移动到你想扔刀的位置。将你的手指从屏幕上。刀抛出。 当目标注意的目标的方向和速度。目标应该是主动。 请注意,飞刀是不存在的,是手指的刀何处是尽头,当你释放你的手指。此外,由于面板的目标旋转,沾刀的地方,这将在前面盾构刀的时候他与目标接近盾。 计分: 游戏采用的彩色目标。 击球点被授予: 绿色+ 1 蓝色+ 2 红+ 5 黄色+ 10 白 - 25 %的点 特点目标: 1。当注入牛仔,他开始拍摄。每2次射门1 ,降低你的分数。于是,他停止拍摄做有效的投,即绿色,蓝色,红色或黄色的颜色的目标。 2。当注入的妖精,游戏结束。 3。当注入的炸弹爆炸,游戏结束。 4 。当计时器显示为0炸弹,炸弹爆炸,游戏就结束了。 如果任何目标刀落入4秒时,定时器计数器递增。 5 。当注入目标刀跳弹的金属部分。 奖金: 邀请您击中目标的某种颜色。如果你这样做,那么你会得到一个额外的刀。这将让你做出更多的出手机会,并获得更多的积分。 视频审查的游戏: http://youtu.be/v_WAYD5E-Ow
  7. 不可能的跳跃

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  8. G-Stomper DEMO - Drum Machine

    4710人安装 75.87MB
    G-Stomper Studio is a Music Production Tool, highly optimized for doing Electronic Live Performances in Studio Quality. It's a feature packed, Step Sequencer based Drum Machine/Groovebox, an Analog Modeling Synthesizer (VA-Beast), a polyphonic + a monophonic Step Sequencer for melodies, a Track Grid Sequencer for Beats, a Piano Keyboard, 24 Drum Pads, an Effect Rack, a Master Section, a Line Mixer and a Live Pattern/Song Arranger. Wherever you are, take your mobile device and start straight away creating your own music.
    The integrated VA-Beast is a polyphonic virtual analog Synthesizer to produce complex synthetic sounds of any variety, designed for experienced sound designers as well as for complete beginners. So it's up to you if you just explore the Factory sounds or if you start right away with designing your own sounds in impressive studio quality. Its sound capabilities paired with the intuitive and clearly laid out interface simply makes G-Stomper VA-Beast to the ultimate Mobile Synthesizer. You will be able to create the sounds you want, and you'll do it faster than on any other mobile synthesizer.
    ** settings > sound > auto-haptic > disable **
    If you have any issues, please check the FAQs at http://www.planet-h.com/faq
    For further support join the Support Forum at: http://www.planet-h.com/gstomperbb/
    Demo restrictions: 12 Sampler Tracks, 5 Synthesizer Tracks, Limited Load/Save and Export functionality

    Drum Machine : Sample based Drum Machine/Step Sequencer, max 24 Tracks

    Sampler Track Grid : Grid based Multi Track Step Sequencer, max 24 Tracks

    Sampler Note Grid : Monophonic Melodic Step Sequencer, max 24 Tracks

    Sampler Drum Pads : 24 Drum Pads for live playing

    VA-Beast Synthesizer : Polyphonic Virtual Analog Performance Synthesizer (Advanced FM support, Waveform and Multi-Sample based Synthesis)

    VA-Beast Poly Grid : Polyphonic Step Sequencer, max 12 Tracks

    Line Mixer : Mixer with up to 36 Channels (Parametric 3-band Equalizer + Insert Effects per Channel)

    Effect Rack : 3 chainable Effect Units (43 Effect Types)

    Master Section : 2 Sum Effect Units (39 Effect Types)

    Pattern Set : Live Pattern/Song Arranger with 64 concurrent Patterns

    Timing & Measure : Allows almost every Beat Signature and complex Swing Quantization

    Piano Keyboard : On various Screens (8 Octaves switchable)
    • Full round-trip MIDI integration (IN/OUT) over USB OTG for devices with USB host support
    • High Quality Audio Engine (32bit float DSP algorithms)
    • Effect Types: 4 Compressor/Limiter types, 4 (8-Band) Vocoders, 7 Resonant Filters, Gate, Transient Shaper, Chorus/Flanger, 2 Phasers, Vibrato, Auto Panner, 5 Delays, 2 Reverbs, Pitch Shifter, Granulator, Stereo Enhancer, Exciter, Bottom Booster, Bit Crusher, Waveshaper, Distortion, 2 Overdrives, Saturation, Bender Distortion, 2 Equalizers
    + Side Chain Support, Tempo sync, Tempo synchable LFO's, Envelope Followers
    • Per Track/Voice Multi-Filters
    • Real-Time Sample Modulation
    • User Sample Support: Uncompressed WAV or AIFF up to 64bit (any Samplerate)
    • Tablet optimized, Portrait Mode for 5 inch and bigger screens
    • Full Motion Sequencing/Automation Support
    Full Version only:
    • Support for additional Content-Packs
    • WAV File Export, 8..32bit up to 96kHz: Sum or Track by Track Export for later use in Ableton, FL or any Digital Audio Workstation of your choice
    • MIDI File Export: Pattern MIDI Export for later use in your favorite DAW or MIDI Sequencer
    • SoundCloud Upload Integration
    For more details, check out the Documentation at http://www.planet-h.com/documentation/
    Minimum device specs:
    1000 MHz dual-core cpu
    800 * 480 screen resolution
    Headphones or external speakers
    SdCard read/write: to load/save all related data
    Internet Access and View Network State (Adverts+Analytics)
    **重要的GALAXY S3:禁止自动HAPTIC **

    • VA-野兽合成:和弦虚拟模拟性能合成(高级FM的支持,波形和多重采样合成基础)
    • VA-野兽聚网:和弦步进音序器,最大12曲目
    •全往返MIDI集成(IN / OUT)了USB OTG与USB主机支持设备
      +侧链支持,速度同步,天宝synchable LFO的,信封关注
    800 * 480的屏幕分辨率
  9. 接蛋游戏

    4590人安装 3.91MB
           《接蛋游戏 たま Go!Go!》是一个接鸡蛋的游戏!您要把掉下来的鸡蛋接到篮子里,不要让它摔破。如果接到金蛋您还能得到更高的分数喔!用篮子把掉下来的鸡蛋接住,不要让它摔到地上,不然您就会被扣分数。偶然会有金蛋掉下来,接到它就会有赠分,所以您一定要把它接住喔!另外,您还可以将分数分享到Game Center,和朋友们比一比!
  10. 装扮凯蒂猫

    4530人安装 50.37MB
  11. 阻止金三胖 Stop Kim!

    4230人安装 7.43MB

    点击右侧导弹,趁金三胖不注意时破坏导弹发射架,从而阻止核弹危机! 金大将军最近非常活跃,不停扬言要放几个大炮仗。现在,金将军的模样成为全世界人民恶搞的对象。而这款游戏中我们就要趁金将军不注意时破坏导弹发射架,从而阻止核弹危机! 小心,一旦惊动了他,他就会发射导弹!而当破坏导弹的进度条满了后就完成任务了! 小提示:间断的点击导弹,将军扭头的时候千万要小心!别让金将军发现了你的企图!

    下载 ' ;&+"vHE' ;&+"
  12. 天天爬楼梯-挑战极限

    4185人安装 21.14MB
    简单并令人爱不释手的游戏!控制角色向着世界的巅峰不停的攀爬阶梯。游戏中只有攀爬和转身两个动作,看似简单,实际不然,非常考验反应力,而且随着游戏的持续时间是越来的越紧。一个不留神就可能会掉下去,导致游戏失败。尽可能攀爬更高获取更多的分数! 攀爬过程中可收集金币,金币可用来解锁新的角色,场景,萌宠。这些角色和萌宠个个身怀绝技,呆萌十足。 玩家可以在特定时间内收到礼物盒子,打开会获得不定额的金币,用金币可以抽取新奇小角色和萌宠。 独特创新的玩法,紧张刺激的挑战,绝对给你意想不到的爆笑体验。 更新内容: 优化体验,增强稳定性。
  13. 叫叫接金蛋

    4035人安装 20.63MB
    【内容简介】 这是一款专为儿童打造的敏捷小游戏。操作简单,只需左右晃动移动设备接住掉落的金蛋,即可获得金币。同时躲避减分的红蓝刺球和巨人大脚。通过积累金币,还可换取漂亮的皮肤哦!小朋友,你的双手和大脑准备好开始了吗? 更多铁皮人精彩好玩儿童游戏,即将推出,敬请期待。 【精彩看点】 1.反应力大挑战:不断掉落的物体里,有金蛋、有减分的红蓝刺球、有加能量的宝瓶、有讨厌的巨人大脚、有惊喜的彩虹……小朋友需要集中精神迅速反应,才能得到更多的金币。 2.体验成就感:小朋友可以通过游戏得来的金币,为叫叫换上各种好看的皮肤。让宝宝自主游戏的同时,体验成就感。 【关于我们】 铁皮人科技专业从事高品质儿童应用开发, 有多年儿童图书的编辑出版经验,图书全球发行量超过二千万,对儿童的的学习和认知方式有深入的研究。我们致力于打造移动互联网品质高、内容全的儿童数字早教产品。 【联系我们】 1、QQ群: 146691576 2、微博: @TinmanArts 3、邮件: mail@tinman.cn 4、网站: www.tinman.cn
  14. 一笔画2048

    3660人安装 4.1MB
    一笔画2048是一款休闲益智小游戏,适合各个年龄段用户玩,媲美开心消消乐,糖果粉碎,消灭星星,2048,一个也不能死,别踩白块儿,保卫萝卜,走你妹,神庙逃亡,地铁跑酷,天天爱消除等休闲游戏。 超级简单的玩法,非常有趣的游戏,开动你的脑筋,尽情的享受吧。培养你的智商游戏来了,赶快行动吧。总共180个关卡,6个大关卡,每个大关卡里有30个小关卡,后续会增加关卡。让你根本停不下来。 【游戏特色】 按顺序连接数字,从小到大,并且要填满所有的格子哦。 对于产品的各种意见均可以通过在线客服(QQ:1739970582)、亲子游戏群(QQ群:206283006)与我们沟通。
  15. 手机淘宝优惠券

    3600人安装 5.74MB
  16. 猫爪

    3540人安装 7.35MB
    国内最大、最专业、最有爱的,女性专属时尚APP。 大量免费活动,总有一款适合你,变美如此简单(这不是广告语!) 海量真实变美案例分享,社区群组“无下限”交流,杜绝营销广告。 猫爪是什么意思? 地球上最像女人的动物就是猫,爱美的喵星人最爱做的是就是用爪子打理自己的容颜,时刻保持颜值90分以上,大家要多学习哦。 分享变美的秘密: 这里只允许女生进入,私密的社区氛围,让我们可以畅聊“小圈子” 话题,屌丝男勿扰(附赠介绍高富帅!) 杜绝讨厌的推销: 讨论美丽的话题最头疼的是什么?一定是冒出很多营销号围着你刷屏,疯狂要电话。猫爪坚决禁止营销号打扰,这里是最干净的女性社区。