1. 圣诞礼物清单

    608人安装 4.17MB
    Christmas is almost here! Track xmas gift ideas as you receive them by quickly entering them in the app. Set a gift budget for each person and mark the gift as purchased as you do your shopping!
    - Password protect your xmas list
    - Send xmas list via email, Twitter, Evernote, etc...
    - Automatically archives your gifts once the new year rolls around
    - Add/edit people to your xmas list
    - Add/remove gifts for each person on your list
    - Provide a money amount per person and per gift to help budget for Christmas
    - Each gift can include a picture, a personalized note, and a link!
    - Supports multiple currencies and languages
    - Useful stats such as money spent so far and total budget
    - Mark the gifts as purchased as you buy them... then mark them as wrapped as you get around to wrapping them!
    - Backup/restore functionality using Google Drive
    Download now and start recording gift ideas so you're not caught at the last minute when Christmas arrives!
    Contact us if you forget your password and get locked out, we'll help you out!
    - 密码保护你的圣诞节清单
    - 发送圣诞节名单通过电子邮件,微博,Evernote的,等等。
    - 自动归档你的礼物,一旦在新的一年来临时
    - 添加/编辑人们到你的圣诞节清单
    - 添加/删除礼物每个人在您的名单
    - 提供每人金额和每个礼物,以帮助预算圣诞
    - 每个礼品可包括图片,一个个人化的音符,和一个链接!
    - 支持多种货币和语言
    - 有用的统计信息,例如花的钱,到目前为止,总预算
    - 标记为你买他们购买的......那么作为包装成你周围包裹他们庆祝他们的礼物!
    - 使用谷歌驱动器备份/恢复功能