1. 汉兰达任务

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    Enjoy the battle dynamic with a combination of equipments, which is also more than 2000! If you start now this game , you get a rare equipment Grimoire! ■ Compatible models : Android 4 ~ Attention! The model other than the above , is outside the scope of the operation guarantee . Smartphone RPG has evolved to be surprised! Highlander Quest has adopted a 2.5D animation. It is a real RPG for feeding a high quality battle that take full advantage of the convenience of mobile-specific game, the performance of the smartphone. The most attractive point is that this game has the large number of weapons and equipments. From the equipments of more than 2000, you can choose the equipments you like and create a character. And then you will challenge the exhilarating battle crossing magic and sword. ■Important Information■ This requires communication with the server. Please make sure it is capable of communicating environment,when you play this game. ●○●We are celebrating our release and practicing a campaign that you can get doubling gold.●○● [ Story ] Once , the books of magic , grimoire, sealed the power of the false god were hidden in the certain land to the north. While the tension of the four major powers have continued , a north country " Garikia " trying to get the grimoire and sent soldiers . Three other countries also began to send fighters after another . You will head to the land " Vorace " , choose the country to which you want to belong among the three countries . Let's go to get the grimoire faster than any other country ! ■ Equipped with the total number of more than 2000! You have many chances to get weapons and armors. For example, a quest, arena and shops. You make the equipments more power whenever you repeat the synthetic! Powerful skill is released when rank goes up! ■ Let's make a character of your own! Combination of equipment is endless! The character immediately change their job! If you equipped with a cane, they are witches. if equipped with a sword, they are soldiers! You can enjoy thinking the combination of skills,looks and so on ,too! ■ Battle scene is great! 3 characters VS 3 characters(+α) battle is more powerful in the smartphone app ever!
This has Auto battle system,so you can easy to play. Enjoy the battle using the powerful magic or swordsmanship, and try to win! ■ Stand up the huge boss! There are powerful bosses such as Giant and Dragon in the middle of the journey. Enhanced equipment or in cooperation with friends, try to defeat the strong bosses! ■ Win in the arena! ! In the arena, various tournaments will be held every day! The fight with other players, so you aim at the top so as to overlap the victory! ======= 
 Because of the play data protection, when you, or [Delete the app] to [reinstall], on 
 game restart, after you tap the GameStart in the title screen, you can exit from 
 game, or remove, please re-install will. ※ Even if data loss without the methods described above, it is not possible to guarantee the Company. ■Game basic information
 http://info.hangame.co.jp/gamedata/s/joga.nhn?svcid=SJHIGH ■Sales management policy
 http://support.touch.hangame.co.jp/agree/salespolicy.nhn 享受战斗的动态与设备的结合,这也是2000多! 如果你现在就开始这个游戏,你就会得到一个稀有装备魔典! ■适合机型:Android的4〜 注意! 该模型除上述以外,是操作的保证范围之外。 智能手机RPG游戏已经发展到很惊讶! 汉兰达任务采用了2.5D的动画。这是一个真正的RPG喂养高品质战,充分利用手机专用游戏,智能手机的性能方便的。 最吸引人的一点是,这个游戏有大量的武器和装备。 从2000多的设备,你可以选择你喜欢的设备,并创建一个字符。然后你将挑战令人振奋的战斗穿越魔法和剑。 ■重要信息■ 这需要与服务器进行通信。请确保它是能够沟通的环境,当你玩这个游戏。 ●○●我们庆祝我们的发布和实践的运动,你可以得到双倍金币。●○● [故事] 有一次,魔法,魔典册,密封的假神被隐藏在若干土地到北部的力量。 虽然四大国的紧张局势仍在继续,一个北方国家“Garikia”试图让魔典和发送士兵。其他三个国家也开始陆续派出战斗机。 你将前往的土地“Vorace”,选择您希望三国之间属于该国。 让我们去拿到魔法书比任何其他国家更快! ■配有超过2000的总数! 你有很多机会来获得武器和装备。例如,一个任务,竞技场和商店。 你使设备更省电,每当你重复合成! 强大的技能释放时,排名上升! ■让我们把自己的性格! 设备的组合是无穷的! 字符立即改变他们的工作!如果你配备了拐杖,他们是巫婆。如果配用剑,他们是军人! 您可以享受思维的技巧,外型美观等特点相结合,太! ■战斗场景是伟大的!  3个字符VS 3个字符(+α)的战斗更强大的智能手机应用程序永远!这有自动战斗系统,让您可以轻松播放。使用强大的魔法或剑法享受战斗,并试图赢得! ■站起来的庞大的老板! 有在旅途中强大的老板,如巨人和龙。 增强的设备或与朋友合作,试图打败强大的老板! ■竞技场获胜! ! 在舞台上,各种各样的比赛将每天举行! 与其他玩家战斗,所以你的目标是在顶部以重叠的胜利!  =======   
======= 因为剧中的数据保护功能,当你,或者[删除应用程序]到[重新安装],在
游戏退出,或删除,请重新安装意志。 ※即使没有上述方法的数据丢失,这是无法保证的公司。 ■游戏的基本信息 http://info.hangame.co.jp/gamedata/s/joga.nhn?svcid=SJHIGH ■销售管理政策 http://support.touch.hangame.co.jp/agree/salespolicy.nhn
  2. 三国杀杀杀

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  3. 地球防卫

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  4. 兵临城下

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  5. 保卫苹果

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  6. 全民僵尸枪战

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  7. 熊出没大冒险-礼包版

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  8. 塔防传说攻略

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  9. 怒射吧水果

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  10. 蚂蚁回家

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  11. Platform Defense: Wave 1000 F

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    ★★ Super Awesome game! ★★ ★★ Brand new type of game play! ★★ ★ You should really try this game :D ★ Can you be the hero? Monsters are kidnapping people! You are the only one left. Defend yourself against monsters. And survive through 100 waves! - Special heros to unlock - Source pans to shoot - Unique traps to place - All different elemental monsters to DEFEAT! Trap Description - Spike: Gives damage to enemies that step on. - Freezer: Freezes enemies that are in front of it when it opens .(Ice element) - Wall: Stops enemies for a while. - Wall Spike: Attacks slowly but gives heavy damage. - Flask: 1 time use bomb. - Gas Burner: Fire damage to enemies that step on.(Fire element) - Spike Drop: Spike drops are falling on enemies' head. - Bomb: Blows after a second when a enemy touches it. - Ice ball: Fires an ice ball. (Ice element) - Boulder: Press enemies so that they can move for a while. - Fire: Upgrade version of Gas Burner(Fire elemenet) - Big Hand: Push enemies to a lower level. Element description - Fire: Gives 2x damages when enemies start to burn. Gives damages gradually until the fire is extinguished. - Ice: Freezes enemies and extinguishes fire. Next Update: - Antiaircraft gun - Achievement - Friends to fight together ※ Free version includes the minimum ads to maintains the game ※ Free version does not have 2x play function. ※ Free version does not have the cloud save function. ※ Free version does not have coin doubler. ※ It would be wise to get a paid version if you think you will enjoy this game so much :) * Permission Notice This game requires READ/WRITE to your storage to save/load scores. 1.68 Star-hero bug fixed 1.67 Mini Game added. Spend your stars. 1.62 Minor bug fixed ... 1.55 Daily reward bug fixed 1.54 Sdkbox updated 1.53 Shooter bug fixed 1.52 Timer bug fixed 1.51 Minor bug fixed 1.49/1.50 Performance improved/Revive-Enemy kill bug fixed 1.47/1.48 Device bug fixed 1.46 UnityAds lib updated 1.45 Crash bug fixed 1.44 Video reward buf fixed 1.43 Performance Improved/Minor bug fixed 1.42 Crash bug in a few device fixed
  12. 精灵总动员

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  13. 蜗牛战争

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  14. 单机刀塔防御

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