1. 童话公主

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    Build a beautiful magical castle in Fantasy Fashion: Fairy Town! Dress up & Makeup your fairy tail town with stunning decorations. Check out our fairy farm and build skyscrapers of fruits and vegetables. Sparkling fairy dust everywhere to see. Grow fairy magic poison potion and scare off the village witch. In Fantasy Island you can build your very own fairy kingdom. Girls and Boys play fantasy fairy kingdom island with family and friends. Discover the unicorn kingdom of fairy friends. Rescue your fairies from the big bad witch. Be not the princess in the game but a beautiful flower Fairy Be one of the fantasy heroes , come on Join us in Fantasy Fashion: Fairy Town to enjoy every fairytale moment ever after. Design your imagination island of dreams! Meet and care for cute lovely creatures! Make beautiful magic potions and dresses! Play the best imagination island of dreams game and have fun! Meet and care for a fairy helper, a fairy tale queen, and a witch! Meet their friends! Design & explore beautiful fairy castles, find secret treasures, meet new types of lovely creatures! Build the perfect fantasy kingdom & fairy house for your fairies! In Fairy Fantasy Island everyone lived in harmony together, all young fairies enjoyed going to school to learn new magic potions recipes. The nasty witch from the valley of darkness didn't enjoy seeing how happy everyone was. On a very beautiful summer’s day, the witch decided to enter the village but she knew she had to disguise herself, because the witch isn't allowed in the Village. The witch disguised herself as a music teacher and told all the village kids in town to follow her into the forest of magic. Suddenly the beautiful day turned stormy, one fairy got afraid and ran back to the Fantasy Island to ask for help. When the parents arrived in the fantasy forest of magic the witch had snatched all magic potion recipes and flew away into her valley of darkness. The little fairy in the fantasy story that ran away still had one recipe in her pocket. The last hope of recreating Fantasy Island lies with you! Play the magic tree of fortune to earn fantastic gifts. Enjoy our whack a witch game and protect your village. Discover fairytale island with many different magic potion factories to build. Experience a family fun kids adventure in our fairy tale game! Magic fairy island awaits your arrival! Be quick, the fairy makers want to explore fairy world with you! Watch the Fairy’s Mix with their Friends & have fun You’ll love the fairies in this game more than the disney fairies Play with your friends and visit their magic island in the sky, too! Features: * PLAY OFFLINE! No internet connection required * Design beautiful coral reefs * Meet fairy helper, a fairy queen and a witch * Discover beautiful and cute lovely creatures * 2 FREE mini games to enjoy! * DAILY FREE GIFTS to send to your friends & family! * UNLOCK more decorations & lovely creatures to meet as you level up your magic island in the sky! * Explore & DECORATE your own fantasy kingdom just the way you want it! Make your visitors happy - show them your beautiful fairies, magic gardens and decorated beautiful fairy castles. See you all soon in the fairy tail game and don't forget to come and visit my imagination island of dreams! In this game, you will meet beautiful fairies, explore, build and design fantastic-looking beautiful fairy castles & fairy house in a imagination island of dreams. Design, plan and build your own fantasy kingdom! Populate it with many fairy helper, fairy queen, and all kinds of fairies you can think of. Decorate your magic island & Magic garden in the sky and have fun meeting new types of fairies. Show your magic island in the sky to your friends, too! Invite them to play with you and explore the fantasy kingdom together. Fantasy Fashion: Fairy Tail is like a Princess game for Girls except there in no Princess but a fairy. This Fantasy Story in the Fantasy Town has a Happy Ending!
  2. 设计你的鞋子

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  3. 帕拉狗骑士在线版 LINE PALADOG

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  4. 小时代

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  5. 萝莉摇滚

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  6. 发型设计

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  7. Hair Do Design

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  8. 保龄球3D

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  9. 完美的角度VR

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  10. 中国达人秀

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    中国达人秀android版 专为android手机用户量身打造的免费、高清在线视频客户端,操作流畅、设计简洁。 依托风行网与上海东方卫视的资源优势,数月开发,提供视频直播,点播,下载,花絮,精彩节目观看,分享等其它内容。每日持续更新,第一时间观看中国达人秀。先进的影片压制和传输技术,使影片播放更高清更流畅。
  11. 蛋糕设计师!

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  12. 看图猜词

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    图片智力-猜单词 这四张照片如何相互关联的?猜单词!看看你能坚持多久! 许多新的难题,每周增加!
  13. 格林童话201篇

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    介绍 <br /> 格林童话201篇 <br /> 1,青蛙王子 <br /> 2,猫和老鼠合伙 <br /> 3,圣母的孩子 <br /> 4,傻小子学害怕 <br /> 5,狼和七只小山羊 <br /> 6,忠实的约翰 <br /> 7,好交易
  14. 爱设计

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  15. 点击大曲奇

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    No need for another trip to the Chinese buffet for your daily bit of wisdom and lucky numbers, just download this free app and Tap Da Cookie as often as you like. Calorie free, rich with insight (or not), Tap Da Cookie is full of mPOINTS mobile rewards that you can cash in for dinner, some new tunes, or even a TV. <br />FUN FACTS: <br />3 billion fortune cookies are made each year, the majority of them distributed in the US by Chinese restaurants. <br />Fortune cookies are absent in China, but seem to originate from Japanese tea cakes served in Kyoto, Japan in the 19th century. <br />Modern day fortune cookies were first served in the US in San Francisco and Los Angeles in the late 1800's and early 1900's. <br />Other Small Fortune Company Apps Featuring mPoints: <br />Flip Da Coin<br />Zap Da Bug<br />Blast Da Zombie <br />无需再次访问中国的自助早餐,为您的日常位智慧和幸运数字,只要下载这个免费的应用程序,点击大曲奇,往往只要你喜欢。卡路里,丰富的洞察力(或不),塔达曲奇是M点移动的回报,你可以现金吃饭,一些新的曲调,甚至电视。 <br />有趣的事实: <br />每年3亿幸运饼干,其中大部分分布在美国的中国餐馆。 <br />幸运饼干在中国缺席,但似乎来自日本曾在日本京都,在19世纪的茶饼。 <br />现代幸运饼干是在1800年代后期和1900年代初期在美国旧金山和洛杉矶先得。 <br />其他一笔不小的公司应用程序拥有M点: <br />翻转硬币大<br />扎普大问题<br />高炉大僵尸 <br />
  16. 彩砖2048:Color Match

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    彩砖2048 Color Match <br />对数字游戏感到厌倦了吗? 尝试搭配一些颜色吧! <br />2048 Color Match是在2048游戏的基础上衍生的一个很过瘾的配色游戏。 <br />只需轻扫屏幕来移动彩色瓷砖。 当两个瓷砖碰在一起,就会变成下一个颜色。 您可在界面板上方查看各种色调及最常见的颜色。 <br />简易,但充满乐趣!