1. 魔幻粒子-光彩奇迹

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  2. 智龙迷城

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  3. 肌肉先生

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  4. 天兵公园 恶作剧大战

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  5. 飞龙模拟 Dragon Flight Simulator 3D

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    It is time to fly the fire breathing legendary creature from the medieval fantasy times! Dragon Flight Simulator is your perfect chance to feel the terror and menace of being a dragon warrior and fly high into the sky. Let all the myths and stories come alive with this exciting simulation game that will give you a one-of-a-kind Dragon Flying experience. Playing as this humongous beast will be a treat for you as they are as deadly and wild as your imagination. With epic flight missions, Dragon Flight Simulator 3D is going to take you on a grand ride with the control of this majestic creature right in your hands. Feel the power and the gust of wind as you flap your enormous wings and fly over water, land and across the sky. Experience the massive size from all the folklore that surrounds the dragon myths. Complete exciting flight simulation missions for FREE. Dragon Flight Simulator 3D features include: • 3 types of 3D Monstrous Dragons for you to control and fly • 20+ thrilling dragon flight missions to master your dragon flying skills • 3D Astonishing graphics of the medieval ages with extraordinary animations • Fantastic flight simulation gameplay that is entirely free You simply CANNOT miss on this entirely new saga of Dragon Flight Simulator 3D which is brought to you by Tapinator. Don't forget to like us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/Tapinator 现在是时候飞火从中世纪奇幻次呼吸传奇生物!龙飞行模拟器是你完美的机会去感受身为龙血战士的恐怖和威胁,高飞向天空。让所有的神话和故事活现了这一激动人心的模拟游戏,会给你一个一类的龙飞行经验。 打,因为这真是巨大的野兽将是一种享受你作为他们的致命野为你的想象力。随着史诗飞行任务,龙飞行模拟器的3D将会带您隆重骑的这个宏伟的生物就在你手中的控制权。你扇动巨大的翅膀,在水,土地和在天空中飞翔的感觉的发电和风力的阵风。所有围绕着龙的神话传说经历了大量的大小。完成精彩的飞行模拟任务免费。 龙飞行模拟器的3D功能包括: •3种3D滔天龙为你控制和飞 •20 +惊险刺激的龙飞行任务,掌握你的龙的飞行技能 •中世纪时代具有非凡的动画3D图形惊人 •神奇的飞行模拟游戏是完全免费的 你根本就不会错过在这个全新的龙飞行模拟器的3D是由Tapinator赞助商的传奇故事。 不要忘了像我们在Facebook的https://www.facebook.com/Tapinator
  6. 宾果消消消

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  7. 宝宝拼拼乐

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  8. 万能密码管理-1Password

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  9. 3D Tuning

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    Unique 3D car configurator! <br />More than 1000 cars in photorealistic quality! <br />1. Huge selection of cars, exterior design and tuning options;<br />2. Brand new car models, as well most popular cars of the 20th and 21st century;<br />3. Unique collection of wheels, front and rear bumpers, grills, headlamps and tail lamps, spoilers, fenders, mirrors, as well as a variety of air intakes and much more;<br />4. Available features include exterior color change, suspension level customization, car paintings and many more;<br />5. Application is integrated with 3DTuning.com, so your unique car garage is always at your disposal, while constant and frequent site updates are immediately available on your mobile devices. <br />Create and share your garage of unique cars with individual tuning projects! <br />独特的3D汽车配置! <br />有超过1000辆的照片般逼真的质量! <br />1.巨大的选择轿车,外观设计和调整选项;<br />2.品牌新车型,以及20世纪和21世纪最流行的车;<br />3.独特的收藏轮毂,前后保险杠,格栅,前大灯和尾灯,扰流板,挡泥板,后视镜,以及各种各样的进气口和更多;<br />4.可用的功能包括车身颜色的变化,悬架高级定制,汽车绘画和更多;<br />5.应用集成了3DTuning.com,让你的独特的汽车车库一直在你左右,同时不断和频繁的网站的更新立即在移动设备上使用。 <br />创建和个别调整项目分享您的独特的汽车车库! <br />
  10. 无人岛大冒险

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    "Survival Island !" is a free escape RPG game that anyone can enjoy playing. Your goal is to escape from the desert island by solving problems with retro style pixel-art like old console games. *Can you escape from the desert island? A luxury cruise liner sank! You woke up on a little desert island...! Can you escape from the island?! *Find the hidden items on the island! You are stuck there with no food and tools. Cut down trees or hunt for fish... Explore the desert island and look for the hidden items! Collect materials, create tools, and you may be able to find the way out! *Plenty to solve! Can you figure out? Items may be found in unexpected places! Can you find your way out? This escape RPG game provides you plenty of problems to solve!
  11. 作弊的汤姆

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  12. 小花仙奇遇

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  13. 我的猫在哪里?

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    猫是很可爱的。但有时,他们都很难找到。 在这个游戏中,你能找到猫吗? 试着找猫,用最少的点击次数。分享你的分数。
  14. 公主故事

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    女孩子必读的100个公主故事:有声精选集、给小朋友一个公主梦 *、二、三卷中*的100个故事,重新编排,讲述白雪公主、仙蒂公主、爱洛公主、爱丽儿公主、花木兰公主、贝儿公主、茉莉公主、宝嘉康蒂公主的故事,展现八位公主各自不同的魅力和气质,在为读者打开一扇粉色梦幻之门的同时,教会读者做一个宽容、善良的人,也交给她们解决麻烦、战胜困难、驱散阴霾的好办法。培养女孩子成为资质不凡、气质高雅的小公主。 以上描述中存在违反广告法的内容,自动用*代替
  15. 一起消单词

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  16. 彼得兔的庄园

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    iOS上的社交大作「彼得兔的庄园」终于登陆Google Play! 给彼得兔的庄园添加漂亮的装饰再现彼得兔的梦幻庄园把! ----------------------------------------- 故事: 彼得兔从麦奎格先生的花园里死里逃生后。请加入彼得兔和他的朋友们当中, 帮助他们建设自己的花园, 好让他们不会因为为了填充自己毛茸茸的肚子而冒变成馅饼的风险。 种植,收获,然后将您最新鲜的农作物带到兔子市场出售,从而用农作物交易兔子钱币或其他奇妙的货物。结交新朋友,邀请他们到你的花园里,并访问他们的花园! 原著故事中的 30位角色,都会在游戏中登场。和他们见面,并收集所有的角色吧! 支持设备: Android 2.3.3 以上