1. LOL Pics (Funny Pictures)

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    LOL Pics is updated w/ over 200 new funny pics added every single day. ★★★★★ NOTE to NEW and EXISTING users: be sure to come back to LOL Pics daily. Users are adding tons of new pics everyday, including weekends! Download it now for free! ★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★ The next 10,000 people who download LOL Pics will get it for FREE. Make sure you come back everyday because LOL Pics is updated DAILY! ★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★Limited Time Offer!★Free for the next 10,000 people.★Updated daily!★Get it now, while it's FREE.★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★ LOL Pics offers more than 30 categories of hilarious pictures in one app. In this app, you will find:★ FAIL★ Cutest App Ever★ Photo Bombs★ Redneck Pics★ LOL Pets★ Too Many Shots★ Sign FAIL★ Mullets R Us★ Damn, My Food Looks Nasty★ Public Transportation Creeps★ Engrish★ Pimp of the Day★ Om Nom Nom★ Motivational Posters★ Graph World★ Ugly People★ LOL Toons★ Celebrity LOLs★ Emo FAIL★ WIN★ Comics IRL★ Parenting FAIL★ Girls Doing Duck Face★ Lame eCards★ Tons of Puns★ Um, Wrong Number★ PWNED!★ Dude, Get a New Car★ Parents Should Not Text★ Fantastic Mustaches★ LOL Babies★ Pic of the Day★ Stupid Auto Correct★ WTF?!★ Dressed Up Pets★ GIF World★ LOL Jokes★ FML★ This is Why You're Fat★ Fashion FAIL★ Tattoo Fail★ Creeptastic★ Bathroom Wisdom★ Mugshot World★ Mullets R Us★ Planking★ Owling★ Horsemanning★ Teapotting★ LOL Texts★ Cute GIFs★ Silly Plates★ Cute Pic of the Day★ Quotables★ Epic Facts★ Trolling★ Like a Boss★ Epic Tweets★ Leisure Diving★ Randomness LOL Pics is updated daily with hundreds of new hilarious pics added by our visitors everyday. At LOL Pics, you can rate pics, comment on pics, share them with friends, download them to your phone, and much more. What people are saying about LOL Pics: "LOL Pics is by far the best funny picture app on the iPhone. I come back to it 5 times a day!" "Addicting app! Have it on my first page!" "My battery drains everyday because I spend hours per day on LOL Pics. By far the funniest funny pic app! This is a must download!" Get LOL Pics now and join the hundreds of thousands of people craving funny pics week. If you look Reddit, Digg, Epic Fail Pics, Fails, Cute Pics, Funny Memes, Funny Pictures, Perez Hilton, TMZ, Demotivational Pics, Squee Pics, Graph Pics, Cute Pictures, DERP, funny pics, Funny Auto Correct, Cute Dogs, Cute Cats, Cute Pets, Rage Comics, or anything other type of funny pictures, we think you will LOVE LOL Pics! Get it now while it's free, and come back everyday!
  2. 超合体魔术机器人

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    《超合体魔术机器人》是一款老动漫改编的动作战斗游戏。游戏采用了全3D画面,游戏在机体以及背景的设计上十分精细,红色与蓝色的主色调让游戏显得复古感十足,乍一看其实有点像哥斯拉,但游戏在玩法上还是有很大区别的,玩家需要通过滑动与点击控制机器人攻击与发动技能,而连胜系统的加入可以彻底点燃你的战斗魂,以最高连胜为目标彻底击垮敌人! 【基本信息】 作者:Prodigy Co., Ltd. 更新时间:2015-07-02 版本:1.0.2 系统:Android 2.3以上 语言:其他
  3. 王源拼图

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    王源拼图不是传统的缺一块的拼图游戏,没新意,现在换个方式玩拼图吧,游戏玩法:王源图片被切成很多份,点击交换拼成一张完整的,关卡很多重,3*3 4*4 5*5 6*6......越来越复杂,难度越来越大。
  4. 究极吃软饭的生活

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  5. 甜甜圈店 Donut Shop

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  6. 我们都爱笑

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    每天的内容,笑出水的节奏,给力的评论,语不惊人死不休的趋势 糗事千变万化,百思不得糗事寓意深远。姐根本HOLD不住! 温情提醒:使用本应用时请停止进食,否则爆笑产生的各种后果,本应用概不承担! 中国最大的原创真实糗事发源地,没有之一!千万糗友齐分享,轻松快乐笑出翔! 每日海量爆笑糗事新鲜出炉! 无节操内涵图,让你笑到尿! 附近糗友,理直气壮求带走! 你有什么不开心的事?说出来让大家开心一下!
  7. 农庄物语2

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    农庄物语2:生日派对(Farm Story 2)是Storm8 Studios开发的一款休闲类游戏。 农庄物语2:生日派对(Farm Story 2)的官方介绍 农庄物语2:生日派对(Farm Story 2)是一款依据田园风光为题材的休闲类模拟经营养成游戏,游戏采用全新的玩法,结合独特的田园世界,玩家在自己的空间世界建设自己的家园,通过自己的努力勤劳致富,农庄物语2带你在欢乐的3D冰雪世界中种植作物,养殖动物。独特的场景设置结合高清的画面,巧妙的人物构造,使游戏备受玩家欢迎。在绚丽的场景中,你要精心的培育出你的品种,利用它们来获取更多的完美和奖励吧。
  8. 逗你玩

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  9. 涂鸦军团2:迷你民兵

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    Experience intense multiplayer combat with up to 6 players online or 12 using local wi-fi. Train with the Sarge and sharpen your skills in offline Training, Co-op and Survival modes. Shoot a multitude of weapon types including the sniper, shotgun and flamethrower. Features explosive online and local multiplayer warfare! Intuitive dual stick shooting controls. Open world maps utilizing rocket boots for extended vertical flight. Zoom control, melee attacks and dual wield ability with modern and futuristic heavy duty weapons and grenades. Play team based battles in this fun cartoon themed cross between Soldat and Halo. Doodle Army 2 Mini Militia aka DA2, based on the original stickman shooter Doodle Army, was created based on player feedback and suggestions. We love to hear your ideas so thank you and keep them coming! Give a call out to Sarge from the in-game email link! Purchase the Pro Player Pack to get full access to dual wield ability, extra avatar customization items and online weapons such as the rocket launcher, sniper rifle, laser, saw gun and more! v3.0.27 Release Notes - Fixed Pro Pack Trial feature not showing up (partnered with FOUR new ad networks to replace the ONE that stopped working.) - Fixes for several crashes caused by a slow network. - Fixed QuickPlay map vote not showing after readying up. - Added tracking of service unreachable and '-1' errors. A better error will show in most places to help us aid you. - Added auto-retry to login. - Shifted banner ad to right of display to open up more chat area. - Account banning is live.
  10. 餐厅物语狂欢节

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    《餐厅物语:狂欢节 Restaurant Story》是一款模拟经营游戏。装饰餐厅,欢度狂欢节,并与好友分享!用趣味装饰和美味佳肴打动你的顾客!现有狂欢节主题菜单、装饰和奖品丰厚的故事主线! 【游戏特色】 - 凭借繁多的菜式和非凡的创造力,设计打造个性化餐厅! - 用数千种道具装饰你的餐厅,桌椅、壁纸、艺术品等可供驱遣! - 定制佳肴菜单,让顾客食指大动欲罢不能! - 与其他餐厅社交,收集其他玩家付的小费! - 邀请 Facebook 好友在隔壁开店!分享秘密配方! - 免费下载,免费游戏,免费每周更新奉上菜式和装饰!
  11. 优卡

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    “绿色 专属 便捷 安全” 体验放心、省心的校服订购
  12. 人偶足球

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    人偶足球(Puppet Soccer Champions 2015)是Spil Games开发的一款体育类游戏。 人偶足球(Puppet Soccer Champions 2015)的官方介绍 人偶足球(Puppet Soccer Champions 2015)是一款体育竞技游戏,你得到了梅西的金靴了吗?你想拥有内马尔的技能,罗纳尔多的速度吗?那么系紧球鞋,套上球衣,这场比赛就为你而举办。游戏拥有有趣的卡通漫画,所有著名的足球球员和联盟,流畅的游戏技巧操作,好玩的双人玩家模式。还在等什么,快来选择你的球队,扮演你最喜欢的球员尽情射门得分吧!无论你是否是一个足球迷,这款游戏肯定值得一试,带你享受不一样的足球体验!
  13. 寻宝历险记

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  14. 大话水浒

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    鲁智深撸自身,撸至深处鲁自呻;江湖早已不见大师的身影,撸大师的传说却流传至今。忆大师,烁古今 ~ 不要再呼哥的姓名,请《叫我撸至深》纵你有金莲,师师左拥右抱指点江山,且看我108基情撸友来逆转乾坤!水泊梁山,与众多英雄好汉,一起演绎你的传奇!!游戏特色介绍:1、首创手动释放幻兽技能系统,萌宠不只会卖萌哦,还会治疗放大招绝对是你的萌萌哒!2、什么?卡牌你也想玩切西瓜!?好吧,你赢了!打败BOSS可获得3秒切牌时间,爆发你的小宇宙切碎BOSS的鸡鸡3、8+1种幻兽和英雄技能组合,想要变得狂拽酷炫叼炸天,还要脑子顶呱呱!4、一个好汉三个帮,群殴帮战不用慌。简约却不简单的帮派对战玩法,战术、实力的配合,增加无穷的PK乐趣,兄弟们上!撸死这丫的!5、听说高俅(世界BOSS)那个贱人又来祸害众基友了,撸友们,随本座一起砍了高俅那个贱人5、一将功成万古枯- 皇权争霸,让你撸遍天下无敌手,登顶权利的最高峰,御花园内,牡丹花下,你想怎么撸就怎么撸!更多内容,更多玩法,还等什么,少年!快来撸一把啊。哎!哎!骚等,请问这是你的节操吗?
  15. BIGBANG猜歌王

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    【游戏介绍】 BIGBANG猜歌,全场猜歌模式,看你能猜出多少, 看看你是不是真正的BIGBANG歌迷 【玩法介绍】 猜歌模式:触摸点击播放按钮开始听歌并点选正确的答案,每首歌有40秒; 【基本信息】 作者:昆林阁工作室 更新时间:2015-12-11 版本:1.2.1 系统:Android 2.3以上 语言:中文 【更新内容】 【游戏介绍】 BIGBANG猜歌,全场猜歌模式,看你能猜出多少, 看看你是不是真正的BIGBANG歌迷 【玩法介绍】 猜歌模式:触摸点击播放按钮开始听歌并点选正确的答案,每首歌有40秒;
  16. 儿童游戏学拼音

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