1. 最高时速

    990人安装 165.71MB
    在极速针锋相对的比赛中主宰你极度疯狂的对手。 熟练地定时换挡并进行氮气加速,达到极速。 驾驶69辆汽车,打败20个犯罪霸主,成为这座城市最强大的新手。
  2. SmartTruckRoute

    795人安装 9.02MB
    The only truck GPS system where maps and routes are updated hourly and supported by verified truck driver feedback from over 100,000 truck drivers. Our routes are created on our servers where thousands of routes are analyzed before we display the best one to you.
    For questions or help in processing your order, TEXT or call 724-901-1115.
    The company that created SmartTruckRoute is based in Boston, MA, USA.
    SmartTruckRoute GPS is a paid subscription - it is FREE from 1 to 2 pm and 1 to 2 am EST daily (365 days a year). To try for 1 month it is $14.95 or get 1 year for $59 or 3 years for $99. Purchase within the app. There is no charge to download, you only pay when you are ready. We offer a 48-hour money back guarantee.
    Visit www.SmartTruckRoute.com for more detail.
    Takes only 3 minutes to install the complete system with maps!
    This app helps commercial drivers navigate away from low bridges and areas where trucks are not permitted such as parkways and residential areas. The app will give you voice guided turn by turn navigation. Maps and routing are updated daily, free of charge. SmartTruckRoute will help avoid costly tickets, keep you safe, and gets you to your destination on time and on budget. Smarttruckroute requires 1 gig per month data connection.
    See our "Help" section to see how you can use even less data.
    SmartTruckRoute GPS Navigation is available for the following countries:
    United States
    United Kingdom
    Thousands of truck drivers are using SmartTruckRoute daily. Please see our map of users
    Why we are better...
    Instant Truck Routes on your Android Smartphone or Tablet!
    No lengthy downloads.
    Daily map updates including Permanent and Temporary Restrictions, and up to the minute traffic updates.
    Free dispatching web service at SmartTruckDispatch.com for users of SmartTruckRoute.
    Truck friendly. Unlimited routing.
    Driver feedback loop allows drivers to give real-world mapping and routing experience feedback.
    Efficiently uses cellular data which results in very low data usage.
    View satellite images at your destination.
    Configure the app to reflect the size and weight of your vehicle to insure the best route. The default settings are set up for an 18 wheeler: 80,000 lbs, 53' length, 13'6" height, 8' 6" width. You can easily change these settings to be higher or lower to accommodate your vehicle size or Hazmat Level.
    The SmartTruckRoute app subscription is a one-time payment, there are no recurring fees.
    * Navigate trucks of any size with the convenience of using your phone or tablet!
    * Find truck stops, rest areas, repair facilities, weigh scales, diesel pricing, weather, lane assist, speed limits, state border crossings, route export, driver feedback and more, Data updated daily.
    * Offers the latest truck specific maps and routes
    * Provides turn-by-turn voice instructions and warnings
    * Up to 10 via points
    * Dispatch routes directly from your browser to your phone. Use www.smarttruckdispatch.com
    * Navigate in Street or Satellite View mode.
    * See surrounding traffic.
    * Hands-free operation. Speak your destination or give command
    * Talk while navigating.
    * Specify size, Weight and Hazmat level for real truck routing
    * Free Updates
    * Unlimited number of routes, use as often as you wish
    * FREE full use of the app between 1 pm to 2 pm and 1 am to 2 am EST
    Easily change the specifications of the vehicle to fit any size weight of truck or motor coach.
    Portable Truck GPS:
    Refund Policy:
    If for any reason you are not satisfied with the application you can request a refund within 48 hours of your download and specify the reason for the refund request. Please see our refund policy at http://www.smarttruckroute.com/refund.html.
    Want a free trial? Email request to:
    Thank you for considering SmartTruckRoute for your Truck routing needs.
    SmartTruckRoute GPS是一个付费订阅 - 它是免费的,从1到下午2点1〜2美东时间上午每天(一年365天)。要尝试1个月为$ 14.95或获得1年$ 59或3年$ 99购买应用程序内。有没有收费下载,你只当你准备付钱。我们提供48小时的退款保证。
    这个程序可以帮助商业司机从低的桥梁和领域货车不允许,如公园道路和居民区导航离开。该应用程序将让你通过语音导航轮流转导。地图和路由每日更新,免费的。 SmartTruckRoute将有助于避免代价高昂的门票,保证你的安全,并让你到你的目的地的时间和预算。 Smarttruckroute每月需要数据连接1演出。
    SmartTruckRoute GPS导航可用于下列国家:
    -------------------------------------------------- ----------
  3. 摩托赛车英雄

    713人安装 13.84MB
  4. 自由彩色

    690人安装 3.5MB
  5. 太空飞棋

    406人安装 46.83MB
  6. 护糖天使

    600人安装 10.99MB
  7. Highway Smashing Road Truck 3D

    887人安装 41.43MB
    火爆狂飙急速吉普车赛车 开始成为吉普车专业赛车手,加入2016全新的越野赛,3D高清画质,真实体验 优美的城市风景,赛车就此展开,漂移,特技停车,撞击其他赛车手,获得赛车冠军,多等级,多特技,多赛车目标,一路风景,驾着4x4 SUV,吉普,一切没有极限,体验极限速度,紧急情况,驾着感到译员,或者开车去超市购物,在加油站加油,洗车。尝试各种特技在马路上火爆狂飙,雨天漂移,将车技发挥到极限,充满激情的赛车游戏,一切将在崎岖不平的路上展开,挑战速度极限。 一路飙车,摆脱警察追击,谨防撞车或建筑物以及行人,发动引擎,开始冲撞赛车 特点 10挑战任务 多种越野车型供你选择 3D高清画质,流畅操作 更新内容: 无
  8. 摩托竞速赛

    695人安装 17.62MB
    摩托竞速赛Drag Racing Bike Edition是一款摩托赛车游戏,比赛内容为直线加速,1v1比赛,游戏提供了快速及生涯模式,引得对手后可以获得奖金,用累计的奖金可以购买更好的赛车,游戏首先要进行起步,然后在恰当的时机换挡。
  9. 沥青摩托赛车

    688人安装 34.44MB
  10. 终极调度

    450人安装 6.01MB
    移动査看整个轨道,鼠标点击左下角的轨道选择火车的路线,点击轨道上的箭头或旁边的灯控制火车的方形和停止通行。 游戏加载完成后点击start进入游戏,点next可以査看说明,点skip跳过说明,点画面下方的map开始 火车铁路道上的管理显得非常重要,只能单线行走的火车要沿着铁路的轨道走就不能出现任何的脱轨现在,否则后果严重啊! 现在你就是铁路交通的一名管制员,你要保证道路通畅哦! 合理调整轨道方向,让火车安全通行吧!
  11. 太空出租车

    477人安装 43.03MB
  12. 变态小丑车

    756人安装 43.61MB
    《变态小丑车 / Freak Circus Racing》准备好驾驶最疯狂的汽车,爬上陡峭的山丘。和马戏团怪胎比赛 游戏特点: - 基于物理学的赛车游戏 - 调校赛车 - 40个关卡+Boss战 - 不断变化的游戏玩法
  13. 涡轮增压车

    903人安装 1.51MB
  14. 披萨送货员

    796人安装 27.31MB
    通过这款应用程序,你能获取**流行的披萨送货员,随时随地让快乐陪伴在你的身边。让生活充满乐趣,喜欢的你还等什么,赶快来下载使用吧! 以上描述中存在违反广告法的内容,自动用*代替
  15. 德尔福汽车连接

    328人安装 8.12MB
    Visit http://mycar-demo.delphi.com using your desktop browser for a demonstration of features!
    The Delphi Connect system pairs the power of Delphi’s groundbreaking connectivity service with a Delphi Connect module available from Verizon to offer you a convenient way of finding, accessing and controlling your family’s vehicles anywhere and anytime with your smartphone or browser. You can now add features to your car that have traditionally been available only on new vehicles or with professionally installed aftermarket systems. Best of all, it works on almost all vehicles sold in the US since 1996.
    The Delphi Connect module uses a Verizon data connection and a GPS receiver to send position and vehicle data to the cloud. And because the data connection is always available, it doesn’t matter who is driving your vehicle. From an internet connected browser, you can access your vehicle data, diagnostic information, and remotely lock or unlock the doors and start the car*. In addition to all these features, this app also provides backup keyfob functionality over Bluetooth®.*
    The Delphi Connect smartphone app provides a full-featured connectivity solution for a family’s vehicles and drivers, which includes:
    • High speed wireless connectivity – allows you to stay connected when mobile, available to purchasers of the Delphi Connect with 4G LTE™ Mobile Hotspot
    • Dashboard - provides a quick overview of vehicle status, driving activity and vehicle location
    • Location Map - allows you to locate all your vehicles. On your smartphone, you can even click a link to view navigation directions that take you to your vehicle using your navigation app.
    • Geo-fencing - allows you to create up to 6 boundaries per vehicle on a map so you can be alerted anytime a vehicle enters or exits the specified area
    • Live Tracking - track your vehicle on a map with updates every 5 seconds of vehicle location, speed and heading.
    • Recent Trips - automatically saves all the trips you take in your vehicle and the trip details, including start/end locations, distance traveled and engine idle time. In addition to viewing the route your vehicle took on a map, you can export your trip details to a spreadsheet.
    • Alerts – gives you useful event and status information, such as: geo-fence crossings, speeding, high engine RPM, low battery and vehicle motion (only when parked). You can forward each alert to any number of email addresses and to any number of cell phones as text messages.
    • Keyfob - gives you convenient keyfob capability via your smartphone or web browser. By using your vehicle’s original equipment remote keyless entry system, you will have the ability to unlock, lock, open trunk, activate horn/panic and remotely start your engine from anywhere you have a connection*.
    • Direct Connect (over Bluetooth®) - further enhances the Keyfob feature by allowing you to pair your smartphone with the module in your car so that you can use Bluetooth® to perform all Keyfob commands when close to your vehicle, enables you to unlock your doors even if you are out of cellular coverage. The app will automatically switch between Bluetooth® and network links as needed.
    • Health - allows you to automatically assess your vehicle’s performance - like why your check engine light is on – and have trouble codes translated into useful descriptions that should help you make better repair decisions. You can also clear the trouble codes in your vehicle.
    • Account and Module Management – allows you to add and remove Delphi Connect modules from your account so you can access all your vehicles from one account. You can give each vehicle a unique Nickname and Description to track them easier.
    *Compatible vehicles, equipment, and browsers only. See support link below.
    Go to connectedcar.delphi.com/fitment to check your vehicle’s compatibility.
    LTE is a trademark of ETSI
  16. 空战先锋

    135人安装 16.56MB
    最好的直升机弹幕游戏,让你驾驶科技感十足的武装直升机,装备不同的武器和导弹,完成不可能完成的任务。全3D画面,领略不一样的玩法,挑战自己的极限!游戏有三款不同性能的直升机,可以随意升级,还有跟踪型导弹,直射型导弹,区域破坏型导弹,让你领略不同的武器组合.三种任务难度让你尽情杀虐,多个场景可以随意挑战,各种成就奖励可以随意挑战 ! 1. 改善游戏环境; 2. 修正了运行中崩溃的问题; 3. 对游戏总体性能进行了改进.