1. 顶级摩托赛

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  2. 太空矿工大战

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  3. 卡丁车冲刺:Go Karts Race

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  4. 橄榄球大赢家

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    A BRAND NEW GAME FROM BIG WIN SPORTS! <br />Take on the role of GM as you build and boost your football dream team! <br />Your team. Your choices. Your win. <br />NEW FOR 2015: NEW PLAYER CARDS AND A NEW LOOK TO TAKE YOUR TEAM TO THE NEXT LEVEL <br />HIGHLIGHTS <br />* IMPROVE your dream team with new ALL-STAR, SUPERSTAR and LEGEND players!<br />* CUSTOMIZE your team across the board with full team and player customization! <br />* WATCH your team battle for victory, and lead them to victory with powerful BIG IMPACT cards!<br />* COMPETE against teams from all over the world!<br />* BOOST player skills with Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum skill boost cards! <br />GAME MODES<br />* BIG BOWLS – Battle your way to the top of the standings in daily Big Bowl challenges!<br />* TOURNAMENTS – Take on the world in limited time tournaments for a chance to win HUGE prizes!<br />* QUICK PLAY – Keep it quick and test your skills, one game at a time!<br />* FRIENDS – Connect to Facebook and challenge your friends! Trade team codes and challenge new Big Win players anytime, anywhere! <br />&copy; 2014 Hothead Games Inc., Hothead, Big Win and Big Win Sports are registered trademarks of Hothead Games Inc., all rights reserved.<br />By downloading this app you are agreeing to be bound by the terms and conditions of Hothead's Terms of Use (www.hotheadgames.com/termsofuse) and are subject to Hothead's Privacy Policy (www.hotheadgames.com/privacy-policy). <br />一个全新的游戏FROM BIG WIN SPORTS! <br />采取GM的角色为您打造和提升你的足球梦之队! <br />你的团队。您的选择。你赢。 <br />新的2015年:新的球员卡和一个新的面貌把你的团队,一个新的水平 <br />亮点<br />*提高你的梦之队新的ALL-STAR,超级巨星,传奇玩家!<br />*自定义全线你的团队以饱满的球队和球员的定制!<br />*看你的团队战的胜利,并带领他们走向胜利与强大的冲击很大牌!<br />*竞争来自世界各地的团队!<br />* BOOST玩家技能青铜,白银,黄金和白金技能提升卡! <br />游戏模式<br />*大碗 - 自己的方式战斗到了积分榜的顶部在日常大杯挑战!<br />*锦标赛 - 以对世界在有限的时间对比赛有机会赢得丰厚的奖品!<br />* QUICK PLAY - 保持它的快速和测试你的技能,一场比赛的时间!<br />*朋友 - 连接到Facebook和挑战你的朋友!贸易团队代码和随时随地的挑战新的大运选手! <br />&copy;2014年性急游戏公司,性急,大运和大运体育注册性急游戏公司的商标,保留所有权利。<br />通过下载这个程序,你同意遵守的条款和性急的使用条款(www.hotheadgames.com/termsofuse)的条件的约束,并受到性急的隐私政策(www.hotheadgames.com/privacy-policy)。 <br />
  5. 前锋足球:巴西

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    New instalment of Striker Soccer Saga! This time you have to lead your soccer national team to glory in the 2014 World Championship Brazil. <br />You can play four different game modes with 32 national teams competing in the 2014 Brazil World Championship. Apart from the 32 national teams, you can play with other 28 teams invited to participate in Road to Brazil. Including the best features of the previous instalments which had over 12 million downloads, Striker Soccer Brazil offers new modes and awesome features on the occasion of 2014 World Championship Brazil. <br />This application offers in-app purchases. You may restrict in-app purchasing using your device settings. <br />CHOOSE FROM 60 NATIONAL TEAMS FROM ALL OVER THE WORLD <br />You can choose your favourite national team from all the teams participating in the 2014 World Championship Brazil such as Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Spain, USA, France, Netherlands, England, Italy, Mexico, Portugal, or Uruguay. <br />And you can also play with other national teams invited such as Bolivia, Qatar, China, Egypt, Wales, Guatemala, Jamaica, Malaysia, Morocco, New Zealand, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Senegal, South Africa, Thailand, Turkey or Venezuela. <br />4 DIFFERENT GAME MODES <br />Play FRIENDLIES or turn your team into champions in the WORLD CUP mode (it includes qualifying round). Enjoy the new ONLINE COMPETITION MODE in which you will play to add points to your national team country ranking and so win REWARDS every week. Another new feature is the ROAD TO GLORY MODE where you have to complete 35 missions on the road to claim the 2014 World Cup title. <br />Awesome Features: <br />✔ Set a match-winning tactic for each match. You have up to 7 different formations available.<br />✔ Three levels of difficulty<br />✔ Full control of your players on the pitch: shoots, passes and tackles in a simple and easy way. <br />✔ Format and schedules similar to World Championship: the group stage, the quarter-finals, the semi-finals and the final.<br />✔ Earn keys and coins to purchase new skills.<br />✔ Intuitive controls for experienced players and newcomers alike.<br />✔ 3D visuals and vibrant animations bring the game to life <br />Striker Soccer Brazil supports the following languages: English, Spanish and French. Download now and conquer the World cup trophy with your national team! <br />Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/uplayonline<br />Twitter: http://twitter.com/uplayonline <br />前锋足球传奇新批!这个时候你必须带领你的足球国家队辉煌的2014年世界冠军巴西。 <br />你可以玩的 32国家队在2014年巴西世锦赛的竞争四种不同的游戏模式。除了32支国家队,您可以与其他28支球队受邀参加路到巴西玩。包括以前的分期付款其中有超过12万次的下载的最大特色,前锋足球巴西提供了2014年世界锦标赛巴西之际,新的模式和特点真棒。<br />此应用程序提供应用内购买。您可以使用您的设备设置限制在应用程序内购买。<br />选择60支国家队来自全国各地的世界<br />你可以从所有参加2014年世锦赛巴西如阿根廷,巴西,智利,西班牙,美国,法国,荷兰,英国,意大利,墨西哥,葡萄牙,乌拉圭还是球队选择自己喜欢的国家队。<br />并且还可以与邀请,如玻利维亚,卡塔尔,中国,埃及,威尔士,危地马拉,牙买加,马来西亚,摩洛哥,新西兰,巴拿马,巴拉圭,秘鲁,塞内加尔,南非,泰国,土耳其和委内瑞拉等国家的球队打球。<br />4不同的游戏模式<br />友谊赛或者把你的球队进入了世界杯冠军模式(它包括轮资格赛)。享受新的在线比赛模式中,你将扮演把点添加到您的国家队排名的国家,因此每个星期赢得奖励。另一项新功能是ROAD TO GLORY模式,你必须完成35任务的道路上要求2014年世界杯冠军。<br />真棒特点:<br />✔设置一个比赛获奖战术的每场比赛。你有长达7提供不同的排兵布阵。<br />✔三种难度级别<br />✔完全控制你的球员在球场上:​​笋,传球和抢断在一个简单易用的方法。<br />✔格式和时间表类似世锦赛:小组赛,四分之一决赛,半决赛和决赛。<br />✔赚取钥匙和硬币购买新的技能。<br />✔对于有经验的球员和新人的一致好评直观的控制。<br />✔的3D视觉效果和充满活力的动画带来的游戏生活<br />前锋足球巴西支持下列语言:英语,西班牙语和法语。立即下载并征服了世界杯冠军奖杯与你的国家队!<br />的Facebook :http://www.facebook.com/uplayonline<br />微博:http://twitter.com/uplayonline<br />
  6. 忍者狂奔

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  7. 修长的男人的起源

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  8. Retro Wings

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    《复古飞行器》是一款类似像素鸟但画风精致复古,并且玩法有所创新的休闲小游戏。玩家将在游戏中驾驶飞机环球旅行,经历山脉、城市、森林、海洋等多种场景。 游戏中,点击屏幕让飞机起飞,避开各种障碍之余还需要收集金币等道具。《复古飞行器》拥有动物、电影明星甚至超级英雄等多个角色形象和著名的飞行型号可选,而每个飞机的操控都略有不同。 《复古飞行器》的创新点在于,你可以操控飞机朝任何一个方向开,如果遭遇定时爆发的火山等特殊障碍时,可持续点击令飞机折返甚至原地旋转,等待最佳时机才通过。不过要注意,高自由度的飞行也可能导致你的飞机直接撞出屏幕范围或者撞到障碍物,游戏便随之结束。 V2.0.0版本更新内容: -更多具有挑战性的关卡 -新增生存模式
  9. 重金属:死亡海盗(含数据包) Death Pirate SP

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