1. 超级战队 Power RangersSwappz MegaBrawl

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    Power Rangers Megaforce: Swappz MegaBrawl
    Your Power Rangers come alive in Power Rangers Megaforce: Swappz MegaBrawl. Battle waves of Loogies on the beach, in the cities and over the deserts of Planet Earth to protect the citizens of the world.
    Choose your favorite Power Ranger to start the game. Scan Swappz Power Ranger collectible characters to ensure you have the backup needed to conquer Creepox, Vrak and Metal Alice.
    The Rangers’ signature weapons and finishing moves will help you power through this adventure. Stun enemies with the Tiger Claw, gain immunity with the Snake Axe, recover instantly using the Megazord or knock out your challengers using the ultimate Dragon Sword.
    Power Rangers Megaforce: Swappz MegaBrawl is a classic game pitting good against evil. Only you can determine the ending!
    • Enjoy this easy to learn, action-packed game everyone can play
    • Battle alien invaders in three worlds with ten levels each
    • Earn training points to customize your Power Rangers with the skills they need to defeat evil
    • Scan Swappz collectible coins and characters daily for in-game rewards
    • Combine the 5 Power Rangers into the Megazord for epic battles!
    • Collect and scan all five Swappz Power Rangers collectible characters for hours of fun!
    Swappz collectible characters can be found in major retailers throughout North America.
    Power Rangers Megaforce: Swappz MegaBrawl is brought to you by Swappz Interactive, makers of outrageously fun mobile games like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles:
    Mutant Rumble and Smurfs World.
    PLEASE NOTE: Power Rangers Megaforce: Swappz MegaBrawl is completely free-to-play but some game items can be purchased using real money. If you don't want to use this feature, please disable in-app purchases in your device's settings.
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    TM & (c) 2013 SCG Power Rangers LLC. Power Rangers and all related logos, characters, names and distinctive likenesses thereof are exclusive property of SCG Power Rangers LLC. All Rights Reserved. Used Under Authorization.
    电力别动队英济:Swappz MegaBrawl
    您的电力别动队电力别动队英济:Swappz MegaBrawl活灵活现。战波的Loogies在沙滩上,在城市和在地球的沙漠,以保护公民的世界。
    电力别动队英济:Swappz MegaBrawl是一个经典的游戏,对抗邪恶点蚀有好处。只有你可以决定结局!
    特点 - 自由发挥
    电力别动队的英济:Swappz MegaBrawl带来悍然好玩的手机游戏,像忍者神龟由Swappz互动,厂商:
    请注意:,电力别动队英济:Swappz MegaBrawl是完全免费玩,但可以购买一些游戏项目,使用真正的金钱。如果你不想使用此功能,请在您的设备的设置禁用应用内购买。
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    TM&(C)2013 SCG电力别动队LLC。电力别动队和其所有相关的标志,字符,名称和鲜明的肖像SCG电力别动队LLC的专属财产。保留所有权利。经授权使用。
  2. 史诗拼图

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    Jigsaw Puzzles Epic是一款拼图游戏。其中有众多不同类别的3000多张精美图片,您也可以用自己的照片创建拼图。这款高品质的应用程序是拼图爱好者的最佳选择。 在Jigsaw Puzzle Epic中,您可以舒舒服服地在家中周游世界,欣赏全球雄伟的景观,体验一年四季不同的美景。 功能: • 超过3000张美丽的高清图片,分为100个不同合集! • 每天免费获得一个新谜题! • 新谜题包会定期添加! • 10种难度设置:最多分成400块! • 用自己的照片创建自定义的谜题。 • 每个谜题都是独特的:每次小块的形状都不一样! • 保存所有正在进行的谜题,以便同时解多个谜题。 • 完成挑战目标! • 1080p高清画质。- Added 6 new free puzzles to Mix, Mix 2 and Inspiration packs. - Added 9 new puzzle packs to the Puzzle Shop: USA 4, Canada 2, Mountains 2, Lakes 2, Food 3, Fishing, Summer Sports, Winter Sports, Complex. Thanks to everyone who are playing the game and have supported us :)
  3. 被诅咒的心

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  4. 龙宠物佐贺

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