1. 疯狂猜背影

    2280人安装 10.37MB
  2. 领主时代:传奇与叛军

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    Age of Lords is a new strategy MMO game set in the medieval age. As a mighty lord you will build a grand castle, forge alliances and TRAIN massive armies to defeat other REAL players . FEATURES ✔ Develop your castle, research new technologies and become a kingdom builder ✔ Use diplomatic strategy to forge Alliances with other lords ✔ Use brute force and subterfuge to defeat enemy players ✔ Train a massive medieval army with various troops including cavalry, infantry and archers ✔ Explore the Kingdom Map to gather resources, scout rebel players ✔ Experience the dragon age and become a monster slayer ✔ Chat in real time and set up diplomatic ties with other alliances ✔ Discuss war strategies with allied lords ✔ Form a rally march and hire lords and knights to boost your chances to win ✔ Become part of the legends and rebels by conquering the King's throne ✔ Reach the top of the rankings and earn the respect of the whole kingdom ✔ Compete with thousands of player in weekly events ✔ Level Up your Hero ✔ Learn the greatest mmo strategy of medieval times by completing hundreds of Quests and collecting massive rewards ✔ Use FREE Speed Ups to develop faster and trump your enemies ✔ Become a VIP player and gain game-changing bonuses ✔ Discover countless strategies and diplomatic choices! Join a new age of warfare and test yourself against real players worldwide in the best mmo medieval! PLAY NOW!
  3. 英雄通缉

    1620人安装 39.31MB
  4. 奇幻飞行

    1560人安装 32.1MB
  5. 美女捕鱼萌萌哒

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  6. EXO-吴世勋男神锁屏

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  7. 武侠Q传

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  8. 山羊平衡

    1020人安装 39.36MB
    山羊平衡(Rock The Goat)是MS E-Publishing Ltd开发的一款休闲益智类游戏。 山羊平衡(Rock The Goat)的官方介绍 为什么山羊喜欢保持平衡? 我们也不知道... 你能为山羊保持多久的平衡?
  9. 简短的故事

    1005人安装 357.68MB
  10. 黑暗地带2完整版

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  11. 乐高好朋友音乐合成器

    945人安装 33MB
    乐高好朋友音乐合成器(LEGO® Friends Music Maker)是The LEGO Group开发的一款休闲益智类游戏。 乐高好朋友音乐合成器(LEGO® Friends Music Maker)的官方介绍 有了乐高®好朋友音乐合成器,未来的创意明星和小歌手/小作曲家(适宜 6 岁以上儿童)就能自己编写动人乐曲。预先录制的丰富乐高好朋友原声可选,供您混音、伴唱、编辑并播放,和乐高大明星 Livi 还有她的心湖城朋友,以及您自己的好朋友们一起登上璀璨舞台! *无内置付费项目。全部免费! 乐高好朋友音乐合成器(LEGO® Friends Music Maker)的特色 *混音、编辑、录制并分享您的主打歌 *为乐高大明星 Livi 还有她的心湖城朋友——米娅、艾玛、安德里亚、斯蒂芬妮和奥莉薇亚制作金牌大碟 *为您自己和好朋友们举办一场闪耀演出 *没制作过音乐?人人都有成为明星的潜力。只要自己开心,那就畅玩音乐吧! *不会唱歌?大胆唱出来,不怕练不好! 适宜 6 岁以上儿童 无额外的内置付费项目 无第三方广告
  12. 泡泡战争

    945人安装 3.83MB
    Bubble Wars – Played by over 5 million users across the world, is an epic bubble shooter game featuring amazing bubble busting levels and addictive gameplay with serious bubble shooting and popping fun. Get on a war with the colorful world of bubbles, literally. What’s more? This bubble shooting game is completely FREE! <br />Make a combination of 3 or more bubbles with same color to make them explode! To make it more exciting, the entire army of bubbles sits on a spinning ring full of bubbles. Each time you shoot the bubbles, the bubble ring spins, thus changing the dynamics of your strategy in real time. Challenge your hunger and test your skills to shoot, pop and defeat the army of bubbles in Bubble Wars.. <br />Walkthrough our Proud Reviews: <br />“It’s a nice addictive twist to the classic bubble shooter game” <br />“Keeps me busy and wanting more!” <br />“You have to think with this game. It's not just &quot;point and shoot&quot;. If you don't plan your shots to take out, or build up, the most bubbles, you won't get past the level. Each level is a little harder than the one before. It's not predictable, either, because you never know when more bubbles will be added. Give it a try. You may like it.” <br />## Challenging Game Modes ## <br />Attack mode: Shoot colored bubbles at the bubble spinner circle and try to shrink it. If you get 3 or more colors in a row the bubbles burst and are destroyed. Otherwise the circle can grow again. Once it is large enough to hit you, the game ends. <br />Defend modes: Shoot colored bubbles at a bubble spinning ring that surrounds you. If you get 3 or more colors in a row the bubbles burst are destroyed. Otherwise the ring can start shrinking around you. Once it reaches you, the game ends. <br />## Awesome Features ## <br />-- Exciting Gameplay<br />-- Exploding Bubbles – Just Point and Shoot <br />-- Multiple Bubble Combinations<br />-- High Scores to keep a tab and challenge yourself. <br />-- Fast Paced Arcade Game<br />-- Accurate and Simple controls<br />-- Continuous updates <br />-- And much much more... <br />Original and widely played bubble shooter arcade game is back with serious fun and shooting challenges of course. 
 <br />Thanks for playing Bubble Wars and we would love to hear back from you! <br />泡泡大战 - 超过500万用户在世界各地演奏,是一个史诗般的泡沫射击游戏具有惊人的泡沫破坏的水平,并严重泡沫拍摄和弹出乐趣上瘾的游戏。获取与泡沫的五彩缤纷的世界战争,从字面上。更重要的是?这个泡沫射击游戏是完全免费的! <br />使3个或更多的气泡组合具有相同的颜色,使它们爆炸!为了使它更精彩,气泡全军坐在一个旋转的圈充满气泡上。每次拍摄时的泡沫,泡沫环旋转,从而改变你的实时战略的动态。挑战你的饥饿感,并测试你的技能来拍摄,流行并打败气泡军队泡泡大战.. <br />演练我们的骄傲评论: <br />“这是一个不错上瘾捻经典的泡沫射击游戏” <br />“让我很忙,想要更多!” <br />“你必须要思考这个游戏。这不只是“点和拍”。如果你不打算你的投篮冒了出来,或者建立,最泡泡,你会不会让过去的水平。每个级别是比前一次有点困难。这是不可预测的,或者说,因为你永远不知道什么时候多泡将被添加。试一试。你可以喜欢它。“ <br />##具有挑战性的游戏模式## <br />攻击模式:在泡沫微调圈拍摄的彩色气泡,并尽量缩小它。如果你连续获得3个或更多的颜色泡沫破灭和被破坏。否则,圈子可以再次增长。一旦足够大,可以打你,游戏结束。 <br />保卫模式:在你周围的气泡纺纱环拍摄的彩色气泡。如果你连续获得3个或更多颜色泡沫破灭被破坏。否则,环就可以开始你的周围萎缩。一旦达到你,游戏结束。 <br />##真棒特点## <br />- 令人兴奋的游戏<br />- 爆炸气泡 - 只需点和拍摄<br />- 多泡泡组合<br />- 高分保持一个标签,并挑战自己。<br />- 快节奏的街机游戏<br />- 准确和简单的控制<br />- 持续更新<br />- 以及更多... <br />原来,广泛发挥泡沫射手街机游戏又回来了,当然严重的乐趣和拍摄挑战。 <br />感谢您的参与泡泡大战,我们很想听到你回来了! <br />
  13. 诸侯的纷争

    840人安装 80.51MB
  14. 新神曲

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  15. 天天帝国

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  16. 即时按钮音板

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