1. 圣诞节的谜题

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    圣诞拼图拼板游戏手机和平板电脑。 享受高品质的图像。游戏包含60个关卡,圣诞铃铛,圣诞老人,圣诞球,更美丽的图画。拖动件到正确的位置,以创建图像。使用“窥视”按钮来预览原始图像。已完成的水平将被解锁,并可以保存原始图像的SD卡。如果你不能完成任何级别,你可以简单的跳过它,并尝试完成后。只要按下“跳过”按钮,跳过目前的水平。 让我们开始享受!圣诞快乐!
  2. TV Guide & Tracker

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    TV Guide & Tracker lets you instantly manage your TV Listings for your favorite tv series for free!Check the TV Schedule to add shows to your `favs` and use the TV Tracker to keep track of which shows you have watched, how many are remaining and when the next episode is airing.Shows from most TV networks: FOX, ABC,NBC, CBS, CW, HBO, SHOWTIME, Warner Brothers, BBC, NICKELODEON, Cartoon Network, MTV, DISNEY, FAMILY, DISCOVERY, SPIKE, TLC, CTV, PBS, SHOWCASE.Top Shows in USA currently:Mad MenFreaks and GeeksRomeDeadwoodSix Feet UnderThe WireThe Venture Bros.FarscapeBreaking BadPlanet EarthPushing DaisiesBattlestar GalacticaAngelArrested DevelopmentThe Flight of the ConchordsCarnivàleFireflyTwitch CityDexterBand of BrothersThe X FilesThe No. 1 Ladies' Detective AgencyLife on MarsDead Like MeThe Twilight ZoneAlfred Hitchcock PresentsArcherSpacedTwin PeaksMillenniumSurvivorThe SopranosKolchak: The Night StalkerQuantum LeapBig LoveDamagesBoogiepop PhantomAngels in AmericaLostThe PrisonerERTremeBabylon 5The ComebackWonderfallsNorthern ExposureMisfits3rd Rock from the SunTales from the CryptTrue BloodX-MenBuffy the Vampire SlayerBatmanIt's Always Sunny in PhiladelphiaThe MunstersThe Addams FamilySpartacus: Blood and SandCapricaHerushinguHellsing Ultimate OVA SeriesThe GuildUnited States of TaraThe Amazing RaceDekalogCommunityRaising HopeBored to DeathParanoia AgentTiny Toon AdventuresThe Larry Sanders ShowGeneration KillThe Charlie Brown and Snoopy ShowThe OfficeParty DownSkinsWeedsRobot ChickenStudio 60 on the Sunset StripJohn AdamsThe SimpsonsCowboy BebopDeath NoteNip/TuckWolf LakeDariaKindred: The EmbracedThe Ren & Stimpy ShowScooby Doo, Where Are You!Eerie, IndianaSummer Heights HighShaun the SheepSwingtownAnimaniacsInvasion2 Stupid DogsOzGilmore GirlsDragon Ball ZExtrasThe Walking DeadPopularXena: Warrior PrincessI Love LucyGargoylesJustifiedWatchmenLifeJustice LeagueThe BorgiasHuman PlanetCelebrity DeathmatchThe Outer LimitsThe Real Adventures of Jonny QuestTom and JerryWacky RacesStar TrekLittle House on the PrairieThe Muppet ShowBattlestar GalacticaBrideshead RevisitedSmurfsFraggle RockThe Cosby ShowThe Bugs Bunny/Looney Tunes Comedy HourDragonballMarried with ChildrenTour of DutyWerewolfThe Wonder YearsForever KnightSeinfeldThe Fresh Prince of Bel-AirDinosaursShin ChanThe NannyRocko's Modern LifeFriendsMy So-Called LifeThe TickThe TickHercules: The Legendary JourneysNewsRadioCow and ChickenStargate SG-1South ParkPokémonSpawnTwo Guys, a Girl and a Pizza PlaceHisteria!From the Earth to the MoonFamily GuyFuturamaRoswellThe Lost WorldCourage the Cowardly DogMalcolm in the MiddleAliasThe Lone GunmenInvader ZIMEverwoodCold CaseReno 911!Desperate HousewivesEntourageRescue MeDrawn TogetherBleak HouseMediumMasters of HorrorMan vs. Wild30 RockFriday Night LightsThe TudorsIn TreatmentLife on MarsNurse JackieThe PacificRubiconThe KillingThe Life & Times of TimThe Brady BunchSoapThe Bullwinkle ShowGakuen mokushiroku: Highschool of the deadBrimstoneDream OnDollhouseThe ShieldFlashForwardBeing HumanSpartacus: Gods of the ArenaPsychScrubsPrison BreakKemonozumeThe Golden GirlsCharmedAmerica's Next Top ModelBig BrotherExpeditie RobinsonCherubSuburgatoryVeronica MarsNew GirlEnlightenedThe Amazing Race AustraliaPan AmParks and RecreationBoardwalk EmpireGame of ThronesAmerican Horror Story.All Genres Supported: Action, Animation, Comedy, Documentary, Family, Game Show, Horror, Adventure, Biography, Crime, Drama, Fantasy, History, Music, Mystery, Romance, Sport, War, Thriller, Western, Sci-Fi, Reality TV and Musicals.Manage your Queues more effectively with our app and use with Netflix, Vudu, iTunes, HULU.
  3. 万圣节儿童拼图 精简版

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    《万圣节儿童拼图 HalloPuzzle》是一款拼图游戏。您的孩子为万圣节感到兴奋吗?他们喜欢南瓜,黑猫,糖果和戏服吗?那么,他们一定会喜欢万圣节儿童拼图,一个有趣的动画益智游戏,专为幼儿,学龄前儿童,和1到6岁的孩子制作。您的孩子可以和一个友好的德古拉伯爵,科学怪人和他的女友,一个童话公主,海盗和一个狼人一起骗与被骗!斑雕南瓜,篱笆上的黑猫,还有在月亮上飞行的女巫。所有的动物都穿戏服,好玩的猫咪穿得像狗狗,狗狗打扮得像猫咪,甚至还有独角兽蝙蝠!【注意事项】游戏为精简版,只有四个免费关卡,敬请期待完整版!
  4. 儿童逻辑国度大冒险

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    帮助杰克和爱丽丝在逻辑国度里寻得宝藏!游戏中的5个地点都各有极富挑战性的谜题等着你。游戏的作者是一位专门从事学前教育培训的儿童心理学家。此游戏拥有超过20项的任务:- 猜测某个形状从上而下或从下而上看的模样- 找出正方形的上下半部份- 猜测立方体展开后的图形- 形状数独- 判断一个形状有多少个小格- 找出不一样的形状- 找出相似的形状 等等 【基本信息】 作者:Google Play提供 更新时间:2015-06-25 版本:1.0.4 系统:Android 2.0.1以上 语言:其他
  5. 船舶伴侣-嘉年华邮轮

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    Voted #1 Cruise App - Over 1 Million Downloads!
    Start your Cruise Countdown now! Track Cruises, see who you're sailing with, view Deck Plans, see Ship & Port Reviews, Cruising Pictures and much more!
    Use our cruise finder to search through 100k itineraries from
    all major lines.
    Included Cruise Lines:
    ★ Carnival Cruise Line
    ★ Royal Caribbean
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    ★ Princess Cruises
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    ★ Holland America
    ★ MSC
    ★ Oceania
    ★ P&O
    ★ Cunard
    ★ Oceania
    ★ Azamara
    ★ Seabourn
    Here are some of our many Ship Mate features.
    → Cruise countdown clock
    → Roll Call
    → Deck plans & Ship info
    → Cruise port info (history, maps, locations)
    → Excursion options
    → Cruise Chat – meet those on your ship today!
    → Itineraries for 95% of all Cruises
    → Deck cams
    → Cruise Finder / Ship tracker
    → Vacation picture gallery
    → Cruising tips
    Voted "
    Best Cruise App," Ship Mate has over
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    Inside, you'll find tons of content for your cruise ship and ports. You'll get to know your vessel top to bottom using our detailed deck maps and user submitted images. You can visit your ports well before stepping on board, and be ready to make the most of your limited time at each. Our cruise forums are packed with happy users, eager to share their cruise knowledge and tips.
    We have over 300 cruise ships, including some of the most popular new vessels, like:
    ★ Carnival Dream
    ★ Carnival Sunshine
    ★ Carnival Splendor
    ★ Disney Dream
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    ★ Disney Fantasy
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    ★ Norwegian Epic
    ★ Norwegian Pearl
    ★ Quantum of the Seas
    ★ Allure of the Seas
    ★ Oasis of the Seas
    Don't take our word for it - here's what our Ship Mate users are saying.
    "Just want to let you guys know that I love, love, love this app! I'm going on my 5th carnival cruise in January and then 6th in April and I love every aspect of this app! Thank you so much for keeping up the great work!"
    Rachel J.
    "Your app was invaluable during this cruise, to record excursions etc. I have since recommended it to many friends, who are equally delighted with it as I am."
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    Angie B.
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    投票#1邮轮应用 - 超过100万下载
    启动您的邮轮倒计时吧! 轨道邮轮中,看到你航行了谁,认为甲板计划,见船舶及港口评论,巡航图片以及更多!
    ★ P&O
    →克鲁斯聊天 - 满足那些今天你的船!
    不要把我们的话 - 这里就是我们的船大副用户说。
  6. AR恐龙奔跑吧

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  7. 益智百宝箱

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  8. LibrosAudio

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    Don Quijote de la Mancha, de Miguel de Cervantes y otros libros de literatura Española.Muchos libros para escuchar, por los estudiantes, por los profesores, pos los que quieren relajarse.Escucha los libros cómodamente de su teléfono celular.Cervantes Miguel De, Don Quijote De La ManchaAbout Edmond, La nariz de un notarioByron George Gordon, ManfredoDelgado Rafael, Angelina - Novela MexicanaDoyle Sir Arthur Conan, La Guardia BlancaDumas Alexandre, AmauryErckmann Chatrian, La invasión o El loco YégofFeuillet Octave, Historia de una parisienseHawthorne Nathaniel, La letra escarlataHope Anthony, El prisionero de ZendaGaldos Perez Benito, MisericordiaIbanez Vicente Blasco, Los Quatros Jinetes Del ApocalipsisLarreta Enrique, La gloria de don RamiroLC, Biografia del libertador Simon BolívarLe Queux William, El tesoro misteriosoMartínez Ruiz José, Antonio Azorín pequeño libroQuiroga Horacio, Cuentos de Amor de Locura y de MuertePalacio Valdés Armando, Aguas FuertesPereda Jose Maria, Al primer vueloSalgari Emilio, Los pescadores de TrépangVega Lope De, ComediasVoltaire, Candido
  9. 宝宝ABC和数字

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  10. 儿童游戏猜左右

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    玩法:尽量用最短的时间判断出屏幕出现的左手还是右手,正确得一分,进入下一题,错误则游戏立刻结束。 30秒挑战时间,看你能猜出多少,非常好玩的疯狂猜图游戏,老少皆宜,适合儿童,可锻炼大脑图形想象思维,快来跟朋友一起挑战你的大脑极限吧。
  11. 女婴圣诞同乐V1.0.0

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  12. 宝宝积木

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  13. 宝宝学单词

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  14. 小小运动员

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    小小运动员是专门为学龄前儿童设计趣味体育游戏,共有两个游戏供宝宝选择,让宝宝在玩乐中了解运动的乐趣;界面操作简单,画面生动,更有可爱的小伙伴带引宝宝一起参加有趣的户外运动游戏,让宝宝找到运动的趣味之处,同时考验宝宝的注意力,动手能力,提高宝宝的 反应能力,让宝宝爱上户外运动,做一个热爱运动,身体棒棒,活泼可爱的运动小宝宝吧! 产品特色: 1、高清彩图,提高记忆力; 2、界面清晰,不伤眼; 3、发音清晰且标准; 4、寓教于乐,引导宝宝自己学习; 关于我们: “咕力咕力”是专注于0-6岁儿童的学龄前教育品牌,产品覆盖早教动画、早教套装、早教移动应用等,全方位致力于孩子的启蒙教育。我们有着一群有爱心的设计师、开发者和早教专家团队,让孩子在互动中探索学习,让教育更有趣。 欢迎提出宝贵的建议!我们会用心倾听并持续改进产品,把更好的体验带给您! 微信:guligulicom 官方网址:http://www.guliguli.com 不伤眼的早教神器:http://guliguli.tmall.com
  15. 数学夹糖果机:糖果游戏 Math Claw Machine

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  16. 汽车沙龙王国

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