1. Ninja Kid vs Zombies

    954人安装 50.45MB
    Welcome to the super world of zombies and monsters of Halloween Land. Zombies have found a way from another dimension and running around everywhere. They have their monster friends but so have Zombie Assassin Ninja Kid. Runner Kung Fu Master Ninja Girl and Angry Sword Master Hungry Samurai.
    So Run, Slash, cut, use your Ninja Stars ( Shuriken ) and Shinobi Magic to destroy the living dead demons which has become out of control.
    The Ninja Warrior Kids have no match when they use their special Shinobi magic*
    *(Shinobi was another name used for Ninjas in Feudal Japan)
    Ninja Kid: --> Ninja Spirit Fury Light Magic
    Kung Fu Master Ninja Girl: --> Firewall Tsunami Magic
    Sword Master Hungry Samurai: --> Lightning Bolt Magic
    -Total of 3 different worlds with 12 challenging leves. Total level count is 36.
    -Worlds inside the game are; Zombie world, Ice World and Egypt World.
    -The further levels get more challenging and addictive.
    -The game is a combination of retro platformer game and hack and slash style game with extra features.
    -You can use Ninja star (shuriken) and Ninja Magic as extra power to defeat enemies more easily.
    -2 extra unlockable characters with different Ninja Magic Powers. So make sure to check all of them.
    -3 different 80s style retro background music each for 3 different worlds.
    -Colorful and Simple level design.
    -Different types of enemies zombies, Stone man, Yeti and many mind blowing puzzles and full of traps.
    -Make sure to keep your sanity during game play.
    Warning: Although the game is free it offers in app purchases inside the game.
    How to Play:
    Simple Platform action.
    Jump on Zombies to kill them or alternatively you can hack and slash them with your sword. Just touch the sword
    button on screen.
    You can also throw your ninja stars to kill the enemies. Some enemies need more than one hit to be destroyed.
    If you are in trouble touch the Lightning button and use your ninja magic to destroy everything on screen.
    When you cut the boxes they will give fruits so make sure to collect them for extra score.
    That's it! Enjoy this challenging retro platformer game with many addictive levels.
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    忍者小子: - >忍者精神之怒光魔
    功夫大师忍者女孩: - >防火墙海啸魔术
    剑大师饿武士: - >闪电箭魔法
    - 总的3个不同的世界与12具有挑战性的leves。总级数是36。
    - 您可以使用忍者明星(手里剑)和忍者魔术作为额外的功率更容易战胜的敌人。
    - 不同类型的僵尸敌人,石老人,雪人和许多令人兴奋的难题和陷阱重重。
    - 确保让你的理智在玩游戏。
  2. 暗黑传奇-大决斗

    483人安装 186.44MB
  3. Clash of Legendary Titans

    1069人安装 1.6MB
    The best game for mobile phones. Fight epic battles, slay evil monsters and advance your character to the highest level! Legends come true. The Heroic age is back. Dark forces and wizards create chaos. It's up to you whether you are able handle the weapon, found a league, rule the lands, win the bloody battle and become the ace of aces. Or you are a lost soul who yields to the times? Gain the goodwill of Gods. Join a knight's guild. Cross your blades with rivals. Become one of the elements of a world of fantasy. Lord knows who can build up an empire and save the Universe. The final battle is near at hand. Show yourself at last. Fortune favors the brave! Equip your character, then battle enemies, demons and other children of evil! Improve you equipment, mine arms in the forge, complete quests and make your character as advanced as possible! Lead your character to glory! Application for players lets you: - play on both mobile phones and computers - win battles and destroy your opponents - choose a character and name him - learn fighting magic and attack your enemies with all the power of your spells - find devoted and fearless brothers in arms by joining clans - artifacts help you win a victory over even the most lethal barbarians and vermin - invite your friends to play via e-mail, sms, or social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and e-mail Keywords: clash of titans, titans, barbarian, warrior, online game, strategy, action, tiwar, MMORPG, mobile, mmorpg, online, rpg, heroes, clan, magic, dragon, swords, knight, armor. Clash of the titans (RPG) based on elements of playing process of traditional board role games. Typical for our game RPG is to have quite a large array of features for the main character which defines his power, ability and fighting capacity. You can improve your settings by killing your enemies and completing missions.
  4. 爱丽丝与可怕的童话之家 中文版

    216人安装 43.85MB
  5. 挖掘财富RPG

    206人安装 44.97MB
  6. 龙之影:初始

    883人安装 38.67MB
    【ドラゴンズシャドウ ザ・ビギニング】 ~美しきカードの世界~ 著名なクリエイターが多数参戦!美女もモンスターもノーマルカードまでも美しい画像を堪能しよう! ~圧倒的なサウンド~ ~更に進化を遂げた戦略性の高いクエスト~ デッキの能力と属性を駆使した戦略要素が加わったクエストを体験せよ!! ~ギルドバトルで勝利を掴め! 集めたカードで最強のデッキを作ろう!~ ギルドVSギルド!最大20人で繰り広げられる大興奮のリアルタイムバトル! 育てたカードを組み合わせて自分だけの最強デッキを編成! 編成したデッキでギルドバトルに挑み、敵に!味方に!自分の強さを見せつけろ! 【アプリ価格】 アプリ本体:無料 ※アイテム課金制 【推奨端末】 AQUOS PHONE SERIE SHL22 AQUOS PHONE Xx 206SH ARROWS A 202F Xperia A SO-04E docomo Xperia Z1 SO-01F Xperia Acro HD (SO-03D) MEDIAS W N-05E G'zOne TYPE-L CAL21 HTC HTC J One HTL22 ※推奨端末以外でもダウンロード可能ですが、使用状況により動作が安定しない場合がございます。 【動作環境】 Android 4.0以上搭載の端末 ※Android 2.3.3以上順次対応 【推奨環境】 Android 4.2以上搭載 お問い合わせ先:ml_dragon_b_cs@lewisfactory.co.jp
  7. 英雄冲冲冲

    26人安装 82.15MB