1. 精神病院:东欧2

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  2. 勇者斗恶龙 完美版

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  3. 幽灵转轮

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  4. 勇者斗恶龙单机

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  5. 亚瑟英雄传HD

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    Reclaim Camelot from the Black Knight. Join thousands of players in this RPG Multiplayer Battle Card Game that will transport you into a world dominated by Dragons and Medieval mythological figures! The Black Knight and his undead warriors have invaded Camelot. King Arthur and Merlin have summoned all of Britain for a Hero to rise. Will you be this Hero? Battle for survival and reclaim your land's power by assembling, evolving, and enhancing hundreds of powerful heroes. Each hero represents a card endowed with distinct abilities and powers. Progress through ten Arthurian lands discover the rarest cards in Camelot. Form teams of rare cards to unleash strategic combos and dominate your opponents. Compete with thousands of players around the world in a live PvP Arena, and form Guilds in the world of Camelot. UNIQUE TEAM-BASED ASSAULTS - Follow a Quest system through 10 Arthurian Britain cities and over 80 stages - Strategically form up to three teams to simultaneously battle against Demons and Dragons - Each team creates unique combos and skills. Your army must be the most powerful of all Camelot's Territories! THE STRENGTH IN NUMBERS - Form a guild, create your team’s unique crest and recruit fellow heroes - Test the might of your party within your guild in friendly Scrimmage combat - Band together and enter Boss raids in Camelot's 3D dungeon. Select frontal, side, back or sneak attack positions to test the Boss’ strength CULTIVATE YOUR ARMY OF HEROS - Enhance the abilities of each Hero and Evolve them into powerful and stunning cards - Discover the rarest cards to uncover the most unique and visceral abilities PvP BATTLES IN CAMELOT'S ARENA - Showcase your deck's power in the Camelot's Arena by competing with thousands of players around the world in live PvP combat events. Only the mightiest victors will relish rewards and the admiration of your peers. STRATEGIZE IN LIVE CHAT - Join a community of fellow Knights and Druids through live chat to find the Holy Grail! ASCEND TO NEW LEVELS OF COMBAT IN THE CHAMPIONS TOWER - Unlock the Caerleon Champions Tower and take on Camelot’s toughest challenge yet - Explore a unique dungeon on each level and unearth valuable rewards or hidden boss threats - Prepare yourself! Only the mightiest heroes will ascend to the highest floors. Will you make it to the top? The Story King Arthur had long been revered as Britain's champion, providing the fair land full of life, wealth and peace. Knights and Druids alike found serenity with one another. Jealous of Arthur's adoration from all, the evil Queen Morgana vied to destroy everything the King protected. Upon discovering a dark relic, Morgana and the Black Knight invaded Britain, casting a spell and consuming all life before them. The great Merlin tells a story of a hero in search of the Holy Grail - Britain's only hope. For Britain to be what it once was, a call to arms is desperately needed. King Arthur has summoned all Knights and Druid allies on a quest for a hero to rise. But who can avenge Britain and find the Holy Grail? Follow @HeroesofCamelot for the latest news! Like us on Facebook: facebook.com/HeroesofCamelot ******************************** By downloading this game, you agree to the Terms of Service, Privacy Policy and the License Agreement. http://www.gaea.com/en/privacy http://www.gaea.com/en/termsofuse ********************************
  6. 泛钛客金服

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  7. 海之勇士

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  8. 虚拟村庄4生命之树 Virtual Villagers 4

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  9. Winterstate

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  10. 射击指令3

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    最酷最新的第一人称3D射击游戏。探索敌方领土并消除所有的敌方机器人。清除区域来完成你的使命。数小时的游戏时间并可以在这个史诗般的战斗中挑战你的朋友。 <br />多人游戏即将推出 <br />射击指令3(Command Strike 3)的特色 <br />☢令人惊叹的3D图形 <br />☢平滑控制 <br />☢免费武器 <br />☢敌人庇护区 <br />☢无限的游戏
  11. 点青蛙

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  12. 数字俄罗斯方块

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  13. 超级美妆秀之闪亮明星

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    Hurray! Dear fashion lovers, here comes our "Make-Up Me: Superstar", which is urgently looking for the most shining star. Various haircuts, delicate accessories, styling glasses and dazzling cosmetics, all those things are offered to you, from soup to nuts. Wanna create a sweet and cute look? Or do you prefer to be an extraordinary rocker? Here, you can be the one as you wish. What's more, you can take a photo and sign your name to make it exclusive. Dear, a shining beauty like you shall always glitter. Come on! Let's makeup in style, and let's makeup for a while! How to play: Open the game, after you choose the skin color, you can show your special talent and taste of fashion bit by bit. Step One: pick a stylish haircut and color it with your creativity. Step Two: put on the eyeliner, blush, lipstick, etc. By the way, try some tattoos and beautiful rhinestones, and they sure won't let you down. Step Three, choose some chic accessories to adorn the look. Hair clips, earrings, glasses, don't miss any of them! Wow~ look at this girl! Let's take a photo for the beauty! Oh, see~ there is a "Quill Pen" in the bottom right corner! Tap it to sign your name and click "Ok" to confirm. Done! Your friends are waiting to see your work, share with them right now. Or you can tap "Contest" and submit it to challenge the best designs of the week! Honey, it's definitely the best game to spark the creativity and imagination. Let's go! Features: - Unusual fashion style builds the superstar - Tons of cosmetics and accessories are free to choose - The cool eye shadows set the face off to advantage - Sign on the photo to make it exclusive - Challenge the best designs every week About Libii Game: With over 200 million downloads and growing, Libii is committed to creating innovative games for kids. We'll keep working on establishing a good relationship with both parents and their children and bringing a healthy, happy atmosphere for them. Visit us: http://www.libii.com/ Like us: http://www.facebook.com/LibiiGame Contact us: Got any ideas? Suggestions? Need technical support? Please feel free to contact us 24/7 at WeCare@libii.com Need You Know: This app is totally free to download and play, some basic items are also free to use, but some additional items need you to purchase and pay to unlock. Therefore, if you do not want to use these items, please turn off the in-app purchase in your settings. Thanks. 万岁!亲爱的时尚爱好者,在这里我们来“化妆我:超级巨星”,这是迫切寻找最闪亮的明星。 不同的发型,精致的配饰,眼镜的造型和令人眼花缭乱的化妆品,所有这些事情都提供给你,一应俱全。想要打造甜美可爱的样子?或者你更喜欢是不平凡的摇杆?在这里,你可以成为一个如你所愿。更重要的是,你可以拍照,并签上你的名字,使其独占。亲爱的,一个光辉的美丽像你将永远闪耀。来吧!让我们的化妆风格,让我们的妆一会儿! 怎么玩: 打开游戏,你选择的皮肤颜色后,你可以展示你的特殊才能和时尚的点点滴滴的味道。步骤一:选择一个时尚的发型和你的创造力颜色吧。第二步:把上眼线,腮红,口红等,顺便说一句,尝试一些纹身和美丽的水钻,他们肯定不会让你失望。第三步,选择一些别致的配饰来装饰一下。发夹,耳环,眼镜,不要错过任何人!哇〜看看这丫头!让我们的美女照片!呵呵,看看〜有一个“羽毛笔”,在右下角!点击它,签上你的名字,然后点击“OK”确认。完成!你的朋友都在等着看你的工作,与他们分享现在。或者你可以点击“竞赛”,并提交挑战一周的最好的设计!亲爱的,这绝对是最好的一场比赛,以激发创造力和想象力。我们走吧! 产品特点: - 不寻常的时尚风格建造的超级巨星 - 化妆品万吨,配件可自由选择 - 凉爽的眼影设置面脱落到优势 - 登录照片,使其独占 - 每周挑战的最佳设计 关于Libii游戏: 超过200万次的下载和成长,Libii致力于打造为孩子们的创新游戏。我们将继续努力建立与双方父母和他们的孩子一个良好的关系,并带来一个健康,快乐的气氛他们。 访问我们:http://www.libii.com/ 像我们这样的:http://www.facebook.com/LibiiGame 联系我们: 有什么想法?建议?需要技术支持?请随时与我们联系24/7在WeCare@libii.com 需要你知道吗: 这个程序是完全免费的下载和播放,一些基本的项目也可以免费使用,但一些额外的项目需要你购买和支付进行解锁。因此,如果你不想使用这些项目,请关闭应用程序内购买您的设置。谢谢。
  14. 萌发的像素地下城

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    发芽像素地牢是一个免费开源的回合制RPG roguelike游戏创建在与开发商的许可其他开源像素地牢修改。发芽的PD是一个旨在扩大练级和升级以更严厉的怪物和老板平衡机会的重大返工。该返工的目标是延长地牢履带式游戏,同时保持一个休闲RPG体验。 来源是开放的,目前的位置:https://github.com/dachhack/SproutedPixelDungeon/tree/v0.1.1 发芽PD分叉与破碎像素地牢(0.2.4)的开放源代码许可。 主要返工和增加,都是为创造一个完全不同的游戏体验和游戏,是不是和原来一样。 请注意:保存对以前的版本可能无法正确加载在0.4.0,所以你可能有,如果你更新到开始一个新游戏。 发芽像素地牢差异:   - 大得多水平创建一个不同的游戏和战略经验   - 小怪掉落怪物的肉,以促进更长和更深入的探索较大的水平   - 露制度进行了修订,以创造机会提升货币   - 露瓶已被重新设计为一个新的关键资源,探索地牢   - 幽灵战机和严重的狩猎,现在是游戏发展的重要组成部分   - 老板打架已经完全重新设计更加激烈和充满挑战的要求完全新招   - 暴民现在,你在地牢中走得更深留在升级调整的平衡力量   - 新的水平是与可在比赛结束四个额外级别每个阶段访问   - 新的级别包括独特的敌人,项目​​和奖励 帕维尔普罗沃托罗夫和B'Gnu - 图恩创造额外的精灵。非常感谢! 本次更新: 0.4.0版本 Otiluke的杂志在第一店可将带你到使用由老板下跌的日记书页推箱子水平。 玩家需要解决推箱子水平,收集战利品和足够的黄金购买书籍的小鬼店。 新的后影瑜珈播放使用Otiluke的杂志包括: - 上层社会城 - 新矿阶段充斥着恶魔 - 特殊能力的新一级6种武器 - 两个新老板打架强大的巫师和他们的爪牙 - Bug修复 - 新的复活节彩蛋 - 毛巾(不要忘记!) - 眼镜 - 揭秘库 - AutoPotion 从B'Gnu - 图恩新暴徒精灵Version 0.4.0e fixes a bug that kept pets from porting back from certain levels. Also fixes bugs in the mines/Dolyahaven. Added fixes to Sokoban teleport level Version 0.4.0c allows you to hatch pets anywhere and teleport with them to new levels
  15. 萌宠航海奇遇记

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    嘟嘟~一切准备就绪,快来广阔无垠的大海远航吧,享受大海带来的惊喜与刺激!机会难得,先到先体验哦! ^_^关注Libii官方微信公众号:libiigame 随时掌握最新游戏动态、活动资讯^_^ 船长~船长,什么时候出发呀?别看别人啦,问你呢!今天你可是我们的船长,一切由你掌控哦! 哇~多么可爱的宠物啊,想要哪一只作为你的搭档呢?选好了搭档,我们还要把船装扮的漂漂亮亮的才能出发呐!耶~终于可以起航啦,让我们一起面对航海中的各种状况吧:送外出的朋友们回家;帮朋友们送货;帮助渔夫捕鱼,实现它的愿望吧;治疗受伤的鲸鱼和海豚。嘿嘿~真的是超有成就感呢!哎呀~天怎么黑了,暴风雨要来了吗?别害怕,只要控制好平衡,船就不会有事的!哈哈,还好控制得当,不然后果不堪设想。咦~哪里来的呼救声?有人落水了吗?快去救救它们吧!还有,最好提高警惕,因为大海上随时可能有海盗出没哦,击碎它们发射的水果炸弹,让它们瞧瞧你的厉害知难而退吧!经历了这么多,船都有点累了呢,看它身上的累累伤痕,赶紧修理修理吧,大海的奥秘还等着它陪你探索呢! 游戏玩法 打开游戏,在六个萌宠中选择你的搭档和它一起扬帆起航吧!然后你会看到八艘非常可爱的船,点击选择你最喜欢的一艘。对于一艘即将远航的船来说,漂亮的装饰物当然是必不可少的,尽情发挥你的无限创意吧。好了,我们现在就出发,点击船或萌宠就可以前进哦!你看~海岛公交站有人在等候,帮帮忙,把它们送回家吧:点击海岛,然后将宠物移到船上,拉动汽笛,继续前进,出现宠物的家后把宠物移到岛上,你就成功啦。你不仅会收到它们满满的谢意,还会得到爱心奖励哦。同样,你也可以帮小伙伴们送货,它们也会用爱心奖励你的!爱心可以用来兑换各种漂亮的装饰品,让你打造更漂亮的船,为你的旅途增光添彩!快来《萌宠航海奇遇记》体验更多精彩吧! 游戏特色: - 10款迷你游戏让你的旅程精彩不停 - 8艘风格各异的船只为你带来非凡体验 - 收集爱心,购买贴纸装饰 - 丰富的互动动画挑动你的视觉 - 驾驶属于你的船只,航行在深蓝色的大海中 关于我们: Libii Game一直致力于为孩子们打造寓教于乐并充满想象力的互动性游戏,而今已拥有超过四亿的下载量并且仍与日俱增。我们将不懈努力为他们创造出更多丰富有趣的内容。 更多产品资讯,请访问官方网站:www.libii.cn 欢迎关注我们的官方微信公众号:libiigame 如需帮助,或者有任何想法、建议,请随时联系我们,邮箱地址:WeCare@libii.com
  16. 公主梦宫 Princess Dream Palace

    1.7万人安装 40.49MB