1. 炫光消除 Color Grid

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    The best time killer game. It’s not just another color-matching game for everyone! INTRODUCTION Perhaps you’re so familiar with the classic matching games in which you need to line up or connect several same-color elements to resolve the game. However, we believe that Color Grid will definitely give you different experience of color-matching game. You can enjoy the classic game by playing Classic Mode & discover new elements and challenges in Master Mode. Classically, try to match at least 3 blocks with the same color to blow them off the grid. When you’re in Master Mode, try to link at least 5 with the same color to get bonus elements. They are: BUBBLE: to be awarded if you can match at least 5 green blocks. Tap to destroy 2 lines at the bottom of the grid X5: to be awarded when you match at least 5 purples. It will give you 5 consecutive same color blocks. SPIRAL: to be awarded when 5 blue blocks are matched. This element will destroy 12 blocks nearby. CROSS: achieve when 5 reds are matched. All the blocks accord the cross will be cleared. AMMO: it will help to destroy the top 3 lines of the grid. You can get it by matching 5 yellow blocks. HOW TO PLAY The game play is very simple yet addictive. Just tap the screen & move to aim. Lift your finger to release new color block and shoot it to the right cell in the grid. In the top of the grid, the current color and next color block will be showed. Pay attention to arrange and shoot the block with same colors to clear them off the grid. Your target is to clear as much blocks as possible while the lines are continuously pushed up. Try to get the bonus & combo as they’re not only helpful but also earn you many extra points. FEATURES: Beautiful graphic & music. Available in all Android phone ARMv7 or above with Android 2.2 HD version for Android tablet is available. Real time 2D physic game play More interesting elements in Master Mode Share your score in Facebook with friends & family There will be some advertisement in the game. If you don’t want the advertisement to be shown on the game you like, you can buy the key to unlock them. If you feel there’re too many advertisements or if you think they’re inappropriate, please email us at: support@ rubycell.com --------------------- 最好的时间杀手的游戏。这不只是另一种颜色匹配游戏给大家! 简介 也许你是如此的耳熟能详的经典配对游戏中,你需要排队或连接几个同色元素来解决比赛。但是,我们认为,颜色电网将肯定会给你不同的颜色匹配的游戏体验。您可以通过玩经典模式享受经典游戏&发现在主模式新元素和挑战。 经典,尝试匹配至少3块用相同的颜色,以打击他们离网。当你在主模式,尝试用相同的颜色联系起来,至少5获得奖金元素。它们分别是: 泡泡:被授予,如果你可以匹配至少5个绿色街区。点击摧毁2线在网格底部 X5:当你匹配至少5紫色被授予。它会给你5个连续相同的色块。 螺旋:当5个蓝色块匹配将被授予。此元素会破坏附近的12个街区。 CROSS:5时,红军是匹配的实现。所有的块符合交将被清除。 AMMO:这将有助于摧毁前3行的网格。你可以通过匹配5黄色块得到它。 HOW TO PLAY 游戏玩法很简单但容易上瘾。只需轻点屏幕和移动瞄准。抬起你的手指来释放新的颜色块,并将其拍摄到网格的右边的单元格。在网格的顶部,当前颜色和下一颜色块将被显示。注重安排和拍摄相同颜色的块清除它们关闭网格。你的目标是当线不断推高,以清除尽可能多块越好。尝试获得奖金及组合,因为他们是不仅是有益的,但​​也为你赢得不少加分。   特点: 美丽的图形和音乐。 可在所有Android手机的ARMv7或以上的Andr​​oid 2.2 高清版的Andr​​oid平板电脑可用。 实时2D物理游戏 在主模式更有趣的元素 分享你的分数在Facebook中与朋友和家人 将有在游戏中的一些广告。如果你不希望广告要在你喜欢的游戏中所示,你可以买到解锁的钥匙。如果您觉得有是广告太多,或者如果你觉得他们不合适,请发送电子邮件至:support@rubycell.com- bug fixes. - remove ads
  2. 主公来消它三国消消乐

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  3. 鸡不守舍

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  4. 魔法融合

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  5. 神奇的魔法

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    Keepy is an easy-to-use, free app that helps parents organize and save kids' memories such as artwork, schoolwork, milestones and more in one safe and private place. It helps you stay organized, save your kids' memories, and declutter your home. With Keepy, you and your kids can record voice over stories about each photo. Share your photos with grandparents and loved ones, and preserve your family’s enriched memories forever. Everything can be accessed in the free Keepy app or on your very own private Keepy website. .
    Key Features:
    - Each member of the family gets their very own memory timeline
    - Save photos and videos as memories
    - Use the Keepy Store to print your best memories as Photobooks, Canvases, Magnets and more
    - Easily enrich your memories with voice or video commentary.
    - Easily share via email or the app with grandparents and loved ones so they can see everything you save
    - Let fans show their love by leaving voice, video or text comments on your photos and videos
    - All of your memories can be viewed on your very own private Keepy website
    - Keepy is free (that’s a pretty great feature!)
    - Special cropping tools
    - Sync everything to Dropbox
    - Google+ log-in
    ★★★★★ "Apps for Long-Distance Family Members" http://mashable.com/2014/03/04/apps-long-distance-family/
    ★★★★★ "Keepy is a private Facebook-style platform for your children's memorable moments" -http://www.tuaw.com/2014/05/10/weekend-app-keepy-is-a-private-facebook-for-your-childrens-mem/
    ★★★★★ “This is the app that I wish my own mother had.“ http://www.Babycenter.com
    ★★★★★ “It will blow your mind ... and open up so much storage space in your home!” CafeMom - The stir
    Here are some ways to use Keepy for your family’s memories:
    - Save photos of toothless grins, the first day of school, pregnancy sonograms, best friends, vacations, and more....
    - Save videos of soccer games, recitals, graduations, birthday parties, first steps, holidays, and more...
    - Save your child’s Lego creations, finger paintings, school projects, report cards, certificates, and more...
    - Write love notes to your child when the moment strikes
    - Record your child telling you about each photo and video and keep that cute voice forever.
    - Turn your memories into photobooks, mugs, lunch boxes, or stuffed animals with using the Keepy Store
    - Easily update grandparents and loved ones on what’s going on in your kids’ lives
    - Reduce clutter in your home by saving artwork and schoolwork to Keepy and then tossing it (if you can :)
    - Create a timeline for every member of your family (even grandparents!) so your kids can learn the story of their lives
    Keepy is FREE to download and use. You can save a limited number of keepies a month… for FREE.
    Need to save more memories?
    Please refer to our pricing at http://www.keepy.me/pricing/
    Keepy是一个易于使用的,免费的应用程序,可以帮助家长组织和孩子的记忆保存,如艺术品,课业,里程碑,更在一个安全的和私人的地方。它可以帮助你保持组织,保存您的孩子的记忆,简化房间你的家。随着Keepy,您和您的孩子可以录制语音在大约每一张照片的故事。分享您的照片祖父母和亲人,并永保你的家人的丰富记忆。一切都可以在免费Keepy应用程序或者在您自己的私人Keepy网站进行访问。 。
    - 家庭的每个成员获得他们自己的记忆时间表
    - 保存照片和视频回忆
    - 使用Keepy店打印您最好的回忆照相簿,画布,磁铁和更多
    - 轻松使用语音或视频解说丰富你的回忆。
    - 通过电子邮件或与祖父母的应用程序和亲人轻松共享,使他们能够看到的一切,你救
    - 让球迷留下语音,视频或文字评论对您的照片和视频展示他们的爱情
    - 所有的你的记忆可以在您自己的私人Keepy网页浏览
    - Keepy是免费的(这是一个非常伟大的功能!)
    - 特殊裁剪工具
    - 同步一切的Dropbox
    - Google+的登录
    ★★★★★“Keepy是为您的孩子的难忘时刻一个私人facebook式的平台”-http://www.tuaw.com/2014/05/10/weekend-app-keepy-is-a-private-facebook -for-您-儿童-MEM /
    ★★★★★“这将打击你的心...在你家开了这么多的存储空间!”CafeMom - 将搅拌
    - 保存无牙咧嘴一笑,开学的第一天,孕期声像图,最好的朋友,度假的照片,以及更多....
    - 保存的足球比赛,演奏会,毕业典礼,生日派对,第一步,节假日,以及更多视频...
    - 保存您的孩子的乐高作品,手指画,学校项目,报告卡,合格证,以及更多...
    - 写情书给你的孩子时的那一刻罢工
    - 记录你的孩子告诉你每个照片和视频,并保持了可爱的声音永远。
    - 把你的回忆变成写真集,杯子,饭盒,或毛绒动物使用的Keepy商店
    - 轻松更新你的孩子的生活发生了什么事情的祖父母和亲人
    - 通过保存艺术品和功课,以Keepy再折腾它减少混乱在您的家(如果你能:)
    - 创建一个时间表为您的家庭的每个成员(甚至是爷爷奶奶!),这样您的孩子可以学习他们的生活故事
  6. 我的歌

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    我的歌”诞生于2012年,是国内第一家免费的本土性全民网络赛歌平台,通过与国内录音棚酒吧第一音效品牌-秀一族老地方的录音合作、广大网友的评选, 成为歌唱爱好者的网上秀歌舞台;更通过与中国好声音、各大媒体等平台的合作,成为民间歌唱高手实现音乐梦、歌唱梦想的通道。“发掘、推送”成为平台的主要任务和功能。
  7. 喵星人

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    喵星人-蓝星球的喵生 为喜欢猫咪的蓝星人提供一个娱乐分享平台,致力于让越来越多的人了解猫咪生活的点点滴滴;发现,纪录,分享喵星人的生活百态,分享的不仅仅是图片,更是一种心情,萌萌哒~
  8. 射击泡泡

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    Shoot Bubble is a classic bubble shooting game with amazing HD graphics!
    Make combinations of 3 or more bubbles to make them burst. Clear all the bubbles to level up.
    How to play - Don't use the arrows on the bottom, just tap on the game board where you specifically want the ball.
    Features :
    - easy to operate
    - it is suitable for everyone, and play it at any time.
    - up to 1600 levels
    This is the most classic and amazing shooting bubble buster game.
    Shoot bubbles and match 3 or more bubbles of similar color to pop your way to victory!
    A must have app for fans of Shoot Bubble Deluxe, Puzzle Bobble, Bubble Blast, Bubble Buster, Frozen Bubble, Bubble Pop, Bubble Shooter, Bubble World etc!
    怎样玩 - 不要使用底部的箭头,只需轻按在游戏棋盘上你特别想要的球。
    - 易于操作
    - 这是每个人都适合,并发挥它在任何时候。
    - 1600级
  9. TV Guide & Tracker

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    TV Guide & Tracker lets you instantly manage your TV Listings for your favorite tv series for free!Check the TV Schedule to add shows to your `favs` and use the TV Tracker to keep track of which shows you have watched, how many are remaining and when the next episode is airing.Shows from most TV networks: FOX, ABC,NBC, CBS, CW, HBO, SHOWTIME, Warner Brothers, BBC, NICKELODEON, Cartoon Network, MTV, DISNEY, FAMILY, DISCOVERY, SPIKE, TLC, CTV, PBS, SHOWCASE.Top Shows in USA currently:Mad MenFreaks and GeeksRomeDeadwoodSix Feet UnderThe WireThe Venture Bros.FarscapeBreaking BadPlanet EarthPushing DaisiesBattlestar GalacticaAngelArrested DevelopmentThe Flight of the ConchordsCarnivàleFireflyTwitch CityDexterBand of BrothersThe X FilesThe No. 1 Ladies' Detective AgencyLife on MarsDead Like MeThe Twilight ZoneAlfred Hitchcock PresentsArcherSpacedTwin PeaksMillenniumSurvivorThe SopranosKolchak: The Night StalkerQuantum LeapBig LoveDamagesBoogiepop PhantomAngels in AmericaLostThe PrisonerERTremeBabylon 5The ComebackWonderfallsNorthern ExposureMisfits3rd Rock from the SunTales from the CryptTrue BloodX-MenBuffy the Vampire SlayerBatmanIt's Always Sunny in PhiladelphiaThe MunstersThe Addams FamilySpartacus: Blood and SandCapricaHerushinguHellsing Ultimate OVA SeriesThe GuildUnited States of TaraThe Amazing RaceDekalogCommunityRaising HopeBored to DeathParanoia AgentTiny Toon AdventuresThe Larry Sanders ShowGeneration KillThe Charlie Brown and Snoopy ShowThe OfficeParty DownSkinsWeedsRobot ChickenStudio 60 on the Sunset StripJohn AdamsThe SimpsonsCowboy BebopDeath NoteNip/TuckWolf LakeDariaKindred: The EmbracedThe Ren & Stimpy ShowScooby Doo, Where Are You!Eerie, IndianaSummer Heights HighShaun the SheepSwingtownAnimaniacsInvasion2 Stupid DogsOzGilmore GirlsDragon Ball ZExtrasThe Walking DeadPopularXena: Warrior PrincessI Love LucyGargoylesJustifiedWatchmenLifeJustice LeagueThe BorgiasHuman PlanetCelebrity DeathmatchThe Outer LimitsThe Real Adventures of Jonny QuestTom and JerryWacky RacesStar TrekLittle House on the PrairieThe Muppet ShowBattlestar GalacticaBrideshead RevisitedSmurfsFraggle RockThe Cosby ShowThe Bugs Bunny/Looney Tunes Comedy HourDragonballMarried with ChildrenTour of DutyWerewolfThe Wonder YearsForever KnightSeinfeldThe Fresh Prince of Bel-AirDinosaursShin ChanThe NannyRocko's Modern LifeFriendsMy So-Called LifeThe TickThe TickHercules: The Legendary JourneysNewsRadioCow and ChickenStargate SG-1South ParkPokémonSpawnTwo Guys, a Girl and a Pizza PlaceHisteria!From the Earth to the MoonFamily GuyFuturamaRoswellThe Lost WorldCourage the Cowardly DogMalcolm in the MiddleAliasThe Lone GunmenInvader ZIMEverwoodCold CaseReno 911!Desperate HousewivesEntourageRescue MeDrawn TogetherBleak HouseMediumMasters of HorrorMan vs. Wild30 RockFriday Night LightsThe TudorsIn TreatmentLife on MarsNurse JackieThe PacificRubiconThe KillingThe Life & Times of TimThe Brady BunchSoapThe Bullwinkle ShowGakuen mokushiroku: Highschool of the deadBrimstoneDream OnDollhouseThe ShieldFlashForwardBeing HumanSpartacus: Gods of the ArenaPsychScrubsPrison BreakKemonozumeThe Golden GirlsCharmedAmerica's Next Top ModelBig BrotherExpeditie RobinsonCherubSuburgatoryVeronica MarsNew GirlEnlightenedThe Amazing Race AustraliaPan AmParks and RecreationBoardwalk EmpireGame of ThronesAmerican Horror Story.All Genres Supported: Action, Animation, Comedy, Documentary, Family, Game Show, Horror, Adventure, Biography, Crime, Drama, Fantasy, History, Music, Mystery, Romance, Sport, War, Thriller, Western, Sci-Fi, Reality TV and Musicals.Manage your Queues more effectively with our app and use with Netflix, Vudu, iTunes, HULU.
  10. 爱搜宝

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    爱搜宝-最具设计美感的生活导购电商APP 爱搜宝是一个致力于寻找宝物的搜宝人,他有一双锐利的火眼金睛,拥有可以看穿宝物的超能力。 * 专注搜集最具设计美感的宝物 * 让购物变成一种美和有趣的享受 勤劳的搜宝人每天从万千森林中甄选最具美观和性价比的宝物,在爱搜宝的天地,人们自在的购物,不用再担心买到质量不好、价格贵的东东了。 爱搜宝专注于发掘人们日常生活中的艺术品,女士 / 男士 / 儿童 / 居家 / 美食 / 酷玩 / 艺术 ,让生活变得更有品质。 【功能特色】 * 挖宝藏:搜宝人每日挖掘上新全球美物 * 专辑汇:按照季节、节日、节气更新 * 聚宝店:只推荐最具设计美感的店铺 * 搜宝人:不知道买什么?看看感兴趣的搜宝人 * 我喜欢:把喜欢的宝物,宝店统统放进自己的口袋 ---------------------------------------------------- 贱萌贱萌的爱搜宝陪你一起生活,让生活变得美和有趣。 真正宝物/ 设计感/ 实用/ 品质/ 不贵 真正的宝物,不在于贵,也不再于精致的品牌,而是产品本身的美 爱搜宝挖掘美和有趣人人都买的起的宝物,让平常人都能感受到生活之美 爱搜宝-发现生活的美和有趣。 ------------------------------------------------------ 【关注我们】 * 微博:@爱搜宝购物 * 官网:www.asobao.com
  11. 水果爆裂

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    水果爆裂是一款玩法独特的按要求快速切除水果的游戏,考验的是玩家的手眼配合度,比的是看谁能在 最短的时间闯过所有关卡。它分为3个难度等级,从第二个难度起水果会随时发生变化,而第三个难度则随时会在没有水果的位置产生水果。。。这是有趣,新颖又很考验人的游戏,来试试吧!
  12. 萌萌欢乐消

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  13. 圣诞老人大战外星人 Santa Rockstar vs Aliens

    555人安装 16.59MB
    Play the newest FREE top down shooter / shooting game for Christmas. Merry Christmas everyone!
    "Santa is all pumped up......its a lot of fun" - CoronaGeek
    "Get in the Christmas spirit with a little alien destruction" - RedFerret
    "Help Santa, Save Christmas and Enjoy!" - AppReviewExpert
    "..you can enjoy it if you want a time killer." - TechCookies
    Santa Rockstar has been abducted by aliens the night before Christmas. Its your chance to get him back and save Christmas. In this game, you take on the role of Santa Rockstar as you battle aliens on their own alien worlds.
    This is an action packed top down shooter game, where the aliens come thick and fast. Help Santa Rockstar defeat the aliens on 5 worlds. As you play on each alien world, you help Santa Rockstar earn gifts to will unlock the other worlds.In this game, Santa has access to 3 different guns. The rifle has unlimited ammo, where as the machine gun and bazooka have limited ammo. The machine gun has rapid fire capabilities, whereas the bazooka inflicts more damage to the aliens. The bazooka seems to be everyone's favorite. So go boom boom bazooka. Kill the aliens that appear from all directions.
    This could be only chance to save Christmas, by shooting aliens, in an amazing top down shooter game. Bring back Santa Claus so he can see the new Star Wars.
    - 3 types of aliens to be defeat.
    - 3 types of guns to utilize.
    - Collect gifts to unlock new worlds. A total of 5 alien worlds to play on.
    - Keep a track of your highscore on each alien world.
    Don't shoot bubbles. Don't make war. Don't drive like crazy. Aim for the stars. Go BOOM BOOM on the crazy aliens. Feel the rush in this game!
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/digitaltreegames
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/D3Games
    “圣诞老人都抽了......它有很多乐趣” - CoronaGeek
    “获取在圣诞节的精神与小外星人毁灭” - RedFerret
    “帮助圣诞老人,拯救圣诞节和享受!” - AppReviewExpert
    “如果你想有一个时间杀手..你可以享受它。” - TechCookies
    - 3种类型的外国人要失败。
    - 3种类型的枪利用。
    - 收集礼物来解锁新的世界。共有5外星世界上播放。
    - 保持对每一个外星世界的轨道你的高分的。
    别开枪气泡。不要让战争。不要开车像疯了似的。瞄准星星。去BOOM BOOM就疯狂的外星人。感受抢在这个游戏!
  14. 驮盐的驴子

    555人安装 13.03MB




    ► 品牌介绍:
    AppleTreeBooks™ 给您带来崭新的阅读体验!
    用心做中国最好的数字图书 !

    AppleTreeBooks 是国内优秀的多媒体数字儿童有声电子书的企业。我们邀请世界各地优秀的插画艺术家为我们创作故事绘本,我们精心挑选各种故事内容,有大家熟知的经典童话故事,也有全新的原创故事,把精彩的故事生动地呈现给您,带给您崭新的阅读体验!我们还会不断更新书本到我们的在线书架,让你可以随时关注到我们出版的绘本故事。AppleTreeBooks™将为你带来全新的阅读体验和乐趣!

    ► 功能特点:
    ★ 双语朗读:支持中英繁三种字体,搭配中英双语朗读,随时切换语言频道,为孩子提供双语阅读环境。
    ★ 绘本阅读:精彩的故事内容,搭配高品质的原创插画,优美的视觉效果值得收藏。
    ★ 录音模式:小朋友或家长在阅读过程中可自己为故事配音,增加阅读趣味,参与故事互动。
    ★ 睡眠模式:温馨有爱的故事,伴随柔和的音乐,让宝宝进入甜美的梦乡吧!
    ★ 在线书架:书架功能让您随时可以看到即将发布和已经发布的新书。
    ★ 翻页功能:具备“自动翻页”和“手动翻页”两种翻页功能。

    ► 加入我们:
    AppleTreeBooks™ 正与全球的众多知名出版商进行合作,是AppStore上数字图书出版的先锋行者。如果您也是一名出版商,插画家或作家,我们诚心邀请您的加入,这将是您在AppStore上取得成功最简单快捷的方式!

    Visit us: www.appletreebook.com
    Contact us: support@appletreeapp.com

  15. 无尽宝石-猎魔人的复仇

    555人安装 27.3MB
  16. Cute Stars

    659人安装 4.62MB
    不同的主题 - (粉,绿,白,金)
    - 背景亮度
    - 粒子动画
    - 星动画
    - 撤消最后一步
    - 多层次
    - reseting水平
    - 存储在手机的结果
    享受游戏,如果您有任何建议,不要犹豫写 kasurdev(AT)gmail.com。